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New AvP Featurette Released!

Yes, that’s right. I just got my Fox newsletter telling me about the Featurette. The 2-minute featurette has now been posted by Apple and covers the creatures in enough detail to leave you wanting more. There’s stuff ranging from the new predator mask to the alien animatronics.

20040407_01 New AvP Featurette Released!

>>> Stream: Small, Medium, Large
Download: 5.71MB – Submitted by Brian

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Also thanks to TheStorm and Adam Zeller for the update.

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  1. Growler
    to Dallas:: well, the obvious answer to your question is of course Aliens.  They simply have no mercey for anyone or anything.   To STAR WARS fans:: read what ALIENS said.  Your movie is like a damn circus.  Full of colors, lights, fancy looking creatures, and a lot of faggoty acrobatics.  It's a cute little story... for kids.
  2. pred
    the aliens in this movie looks better than the aliens in the previous 4 alien films. the predator looks better than the other two. so this is going to be better than the other aliens and predator films put together      :-\  
    Let me tell you something ALiminator star war fans are abounch of pussies,if they are watching alien films they should stop because i wouldnt want them to have any nightmares,THE wHOLE WORLD OF AVP is adult entertainment,not for kids to watch and cheer at,you need to have a certain taste,and a eye to watch a alien/predator film and truly understand it,and i can tell you star war fans dont have it,and ill tell you why, star war is the is a candy land version of evil and darkness put in veiw where evil a slap in the face,and aliens/predator film is the heart of darkness where the KILLER of killers live to blow your head off.......................... ....get the point?   8)  
  4. PredatorDragon
    Hi @ Sanit man..  Thanks for your replys. Interesting yes hmmm. But just a few points to get some clearing up. Hmmmm. "Besides, the first Predator spent the majority of the film simply picking off his targets in the distance using sniping tactics. I don't think he was honorable at all. He may have disarmed himself (still had the wrist-blades) but that could also be a sign of arrogance." Then.... " but like I said, the first Predator spent the "majority" of the movie using those tactics, I didn't say that was all he did". The old switchy tactic,,, haaaaa.... Majority of his time spent was not sniping. Count them when you watch the movie. It actually does not fall under majority of time of kills heeeeee... Hmmmmm.......  Also  "Personally, I agree somewhat with Anderson's outlook on the two Predators, being novices because they haven't earned the right to hunt Aliens." Which 2 Predators, if your are including the 2nd one P2 also. Hmmmmmm didnt he have an Alien trophy on his walll....... Hmmmmmmm..... "The Predators in AVP are passed the human hunting phase" Hmmmmm Then the one in P2 is going backwards in his skills regarding andersons and your theory. Wowwwww.  Anyone noticed the Queens teeth in the internet trailer???????? Anyone????????????????????    :)     8) 

    Has anyone seen the facehugger crawling on the Predator. It looks real great !!!!  They also stated something about the Queen at the end.  This movie will have some great bits. Andersons is showing himself commented. But why leave Stan Winston out oh mannnn... Even Giger????????? But big cannons???????  Hey Quick Questions. If the humans did not go down their. What would the Predators use as hosts. Many be anderson may show us or not. Oh I know penguins. Wow Penguins aliens. Image sliding on the ice and  they would be one of the most cutiest monsters around. eeeeeeeeeeh.       ??? 
  5. izzet
    Bringer of death and Dallas, i salute you. I too think the Alien is the most ruthel and deadliest killing machine in the alien/pred universe. What i hate the most about Alien resurrection is the fact the Aliens are so inferior, one shot and youve got a lot of acid, at least in the first and third there is a hint of indestructability. Aliens is just taking the piss (it's still a masterpeice though!) and spiderman2... imagine spiderman v alien, it would be battle of the cocconing (have i spelt that wrong?)   ;D 
  6. Dallas
    Hahaha, you are great Bringer of Death, but you are right too. I like the first three Star Wars Episodes. I mean Star Wars, Empire..and Return..that should be clear. The "new" Episodes suck in anyway. Bad Effects, and horrible Actors. I think the young Anakin in Attack of the Clowns  ...ehm..Clones, look like a gay Boygroupmember. You also on the right way with the deadliest Badass in Space. Thats realy a matter of the Situation but from the hostile Point, the Alien make the Race.  Look, a Pred dont care about weak or maybe ill Persons. He dont Kill Children or impregnated Woman. So if you gonna meet a Pred with no weapons, he will kick you away because thats no chalenge for him. An Alien dont give a f**k abaout that all. It kills everything, no matter how old or something. And it would never Team up with Humans ;-) because its to simple in its existence. Killing and Breeding thats all. A Pred can choose the Way of his hunt. But an Alien is like a programmed Weapon. And that is the Reason for me to say the Alien is by far more dangerous as a Pred. Its not bcause iam Alienfan some of my Predloverfriends think in the same way. No one must agree with me in this point. Its my opinion but i think its a very logical one.
  7. Bringer of Death
    Thats a hard question to answer there DALLAS but I think I would have to say the ALIENS because of there ability to adapt to any environment and there unpredictability as a creature is what makes them so strong and deadly.Don't get me wrong though I love the Preds, there a kick ass monster and very high tec indeedbut if you have a queen anywere there is sure to be a large and growing hive to follow.Now in terms of a one on one fight between the 3 species, us,aliens and preds that all depends on the surrounding and sercumstances.If you in a wide open area that gives advantages to Predator smart weaponsand human firearms, if your in tight confinements the Aliens quick and vicious mentality I think would have the advantage there.All in all its a tough one so prob. the only right answer is whoever your fav is I guess.To the Star Wars remark,I think Star Wars is f**kin lame!!!!!,mabey the fist couple are all right but the more they keep making the suckier they get.Now that statment my piss a few people iff so thats just my opinion not fact all you jedi freeks out there.    ;D  
  8. Dallas
    @Bringer of Death: we are in the same boat :-) @ izzet:  Thats the reason why i love them :D @Vekin: Right. But believe me, even the AR Aliens are not that bad.(Sure, nothing can compare with the Gigerstyle!). ADI made a big mistake and put to much slime over their creatures. Even the hated newborn looks much cooler in some of the making of scenes or maquettes, but it sucks in the most scenes of the finished film.  What do you guys think of who is the deadliest species in the univerese? I have a very logical answer to that but i wanna hear your statements first. Greetz to all Dallas.
  9. Bringer of Death
    To DALLAS, Your right again my friend about the PREDATORS hunting the ALIENS because there are extremely tough and challenging.The Predators strive on hunting only the most strongest and dangerous prey in the universe.The ALIENS are just that and more especialy when in large numbers.I'm sure we'll see lots of PREDATOR death in AVP because the ALIENS are no pussies, they are a very dangerous and ferocious beasts that are programed to destroy anything they find as a threat to them or there colony/hive   ;D  
  10. Dallas
    Thanks and Greetz to all. Finaly some People who agree with me ;-)  @Bringer of Death: -..its to say you love girls but you hate sex. -  Hehehehe absolutly brilliant speech. Thats exactly what i mean.    And this is for all the Babys who say that the Aliens are weak and stupid. If they be like this...why would a Pred hunt them?  He only take care of the biggest chalenge and look for the ultimate Thrill. A stupid and weak Prey means nothing to him! Think about it..... if you can ;-P
    hello all, im back yet again.  i agree, im a far bigger Predator fan than i am Aliens, but we gotta respect the Alien franchise, the first to alien movies are spectacular.  you seem to be well informed fans of BOTH franchises, i salute you all!!!! lol  well, im off, just thought id throw a comment in while i was checking my email.  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat........-real pred
  12. Bringer of Death
    If your talkin about the one in the AVP movie,thats the idea.It escaped from the net after its blood ate through it and thats why its scared that way with all the criss cross design.I'm d loading it right now even though its takin forever   >:D  
  13. Bringer of Death
    Damn right, they better not just be for show.Plus in the new 'featurette' right in the begining of it there is a whole body cast of someone wich I believe will be getting pretty messed up and I don't think PG-13 would have some guy strung upside down ready to be skinned or decapitated or both, unless its going to be a fade to black kind of shot were you just hear the guy scream his last scream befor he dies and don't actualy see it.But seriously I dont think Paul Anderson would be macking this film if it isnt going to be rated R, just listen to how much the guy swears.He's has to incorperate that in his movies and lots of violence   ;D  
  14. izzet
    Good point Bringer of Death, more evidence it wont be PG-13 is the 2nd featurette. why would they make the Preds wrist blade 4 times longer if he's not going to use it?
  15. Bringer of Death
    Meaning what that there still going for a PG-13 rating? and just feeding us this to make us loose track of the real issue at hand, 'IT NOT BEING RATED R'.I think it will be just by seeing all the teasers and the fact that all the Preds weapons have been beefed up.I dont think they wouldn't do that if there not going to show them in action slicing and dicing through Alien/Human carcass as well as blasting holes through there chests.Then again I prey I'm right and it's not PG-13,that would really SUCK.For IZZET, when I was describing the Alien as 'sexy' I was decribing it's sleek and smooth feartures and its humanesk attributes, like lips and what not.Not that I think it's hot and want to give it a hot beef injection or somthing ya sicko! just crakin I know what your sayin.Peace
  16. izzet
    I further agree with Bringer of death and dallas, the alien in the original was an elegant and smooth (yet terrifying) creature, then again i didnt find it sexy (only jokin, i know what u guys meant unless u prefer a differant species to men and women)   ;D   + FOR ANY BRITONS, IF U R A BIG AVP FAN, PAUL ANDERSONS EVENT HORIZON IS ON BBC1 TONIGHT (A CHANCE TO SEE HIS EARLIER WORK AND SEE IF HE CAN CRANCK UP THE SCARES AND TENSION FOR AVP!!)

    Anyone notice the excitement of the second featurrete has stopped us complaining about the PG-13 certificate? perhaps FOX have deliberatley released it to side track our attentions.... sneaky b******ds
  17. Bringer of Death
    I hope people are still around reading this,I live in Canada and the time is 2:30pm.This is to DALLAS and IZZET,I totaly agree with what you guys say.Predator prob. most likely would not even exist if it weren't for the release of ALIEN back in 79 to pave the way for SCI-FI-HORROR films.I love the Predator character/design but it all started for me when I was 7-8 years old and snuck a peek at ALIEN.I was hooked ever since,it wasn't until 88-89 when my Dad showed me ALIENS he said it was his fav. movie at the time and he also showed me a little movie staring the Gov. of Cali Mr. Schwarzenegger.PREDATOR.After seeing both those films hundreds of times I became obsessed,all I would do is draw/make comics/stories of these 2 superstars of sci-fi horror.Now for people to like only 1 of these creatures and not they other is to say you love girls but you hate sex,I mean they go hand in hand with each other so how can you not like both.Ok you might have a fav. but to not give credit where credit is due is just wrong.   >:D 

    @DALLAS, You put it absolutely right on the money when you described the ALIEN to be an "elegant, kind of sexy monster".I couldnt have said it better myself, and I think that was GIGER's original intention for his creation to be very scary yet sexy,mysterious at the same time.@SHAKERMAKER,I'm not to familiar with 'divx'.What is it and were do I get it because I would like to see these fan films you have suggested,especialy to see BATMAN get the shit kicked out of him by the more dominent species P.S are you talking about the GRID HEAD ALIEN in AVP?   ??? 
  18. Dallas
    @Psychomorph: Yeah thats no proplem ;-) for me its the Alien, but hey...everybody have its favorite. I like the Weapons and the style of the Pred very much. But i like the Monsterthing more. And the Alien is a very elegant, kind of sexy Monster. A realy beautyful Nightmare-creature........Never seen befor...and never see again!!!!
  19. shakermakerman
    to BRINGER OF DEATH i only got the trailer for the anime its hard to get    >:D     >:D   but i here theres colonial marines elite force film u can down load but u need divx for it have you seen batman dead end? thats not a bad fan film thats easy to get hold of all u need is quicktime.PS the aliens will look better on film have faith but....GIGER ROCKS... I think its the alien sholders that give it away   >:D   but on film they will look fantastic PS PS it look like on one alien head that he gets court in a pred net bless him ahhhhhhhh
  20. Dallas
    Nice to have someone in here who understand what its all about the Alien and the Predator ;-)  I mean not all of the Fans are like i said before. I have some Friends, Predfans and Alienfans.  The Predfans have all the Alienmovies and the Alienfans have all the Predmovies too. I mean there is not so much difference between the quality of them that someone can say i like the Predators but i hate Aliens. Of course this Kind of Kiddies do exist (Lol) but for me its absolutely Bullshit!  For me the Alien is more a Classic, and the Pred is a realy cool Badass.
  21. izzet
    Exactly Dallas, im a big fan of Predator too, but i wish pred fans showed more respect for the Aliens. Predator might not even existed if it wasnt for the success of Aliens released a year before Predator. Alien kickstarted the sci-fi/horror genre and Fox made Predator because they knew this genre was successful.
  22. Dallas
    @Bringer Of Death: Thats a brilliant Idea....i mean your thoughts with the Alien Dome. I wish they would take this to the Movies.  There is another Point wich make me a litlle bit angry. Iam a big Predfriend too, but iam really pissed off about some Predfans who allways keep the Alienrespect down. I mean all that AvP-Stuff, Games Comics ect. is based on ALIEN. Even the whole Plot of the upcomming Movie is more a Alienorientated thing. John McTiernan shows his respect for the Alien on the Predator-SE and he is the Maker of the ultimate Huntermovie.  So i wish that the Fans show a little more respect to each other. This Movie is for Both sides.
  23. Growler
    Damn, this is a long debate about honor, helmets, and Alien comparisons. It's pretty much all a matter of opinion or best guesses when it comes to these issuses.  So i'll offer mine for poops and giggles.    Honor and Predators:  I don't think it matters as to how we look at them.  It's what the Predators think of themselves.  They prefer to hunt with some tactics we find pathetic, while other methods you might say admirable.  For they're not so prized targets, they seem to go with the element of surprise.  Snipering from a distance or jumping into a moving subway train or slaughter house while it's all dark and everyon'e confused. Then he gets man to man, and that's when it gets honorable.  When he fights someone or something that won't give up the fight till either one of them falls. They honor themselves with pride.  The trophy cases speak for themselves. Now the end of Predator 2 is debatible.  You could say the dragging of the dead pred was in some honorable ceremonial fashion.  But you could also say that well, maybe those 2 that carried the body away were close friends of the fallen.   We can't really know until we actually see what goes on in a Predator society.  Predator Helmets: It could be an indication of rank, could also be a self esteem boost.  They might think, "well my mask is better cause it stunned this many people i was killing than yours did."  Ha yeah right.  Well there's definately an indication that some Predators can be creative, probably designing their own masks if they just wanted to.  I mean how many of you guys try to alter their appearance if all of you were wearing the same damn thing as everybody else?  So it could just very well be the Predators are their own individuals, and the masks distinctly shows it.  Aliens:  They never stay with the same design thru the years do they?    You know, it doesn't really bother me how much they change, just as long as they remain scary.       Aliens and Predator both go for the element of surprise.  That's what makes these 2 creatures worth watching.  You know they're there.  You know they want to kill you.  You just don't know when they'll strike.
  24. Saint Sinner
    Another good example of Predators being somewhat modeled after the samurai, is suicide. Commiting "seppuku" as it is known.  Disgrace and defeat were atoned by committing hara-kiri or seppuku in the samurai culture, among other things, and even though the Predators don't stab themselves (which was their form of self destruction) the Predator does so in a literal sense of those two words, but can take his enemy with him. A kind of, "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me." It serves as different mechanisms of defeat, but the general idea is there.
  25. Aliminator
    i think predators DO HAVE code of honor, i mean in the first predator movie, very last scene, when the predator fought Dutch without high-tech weapons. JUST HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT.  also, he previously used high-tech weapons to HUNT, I MEAN HELLO!!!!! THERE IS NO HONOR IN HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN WHO NOW WOULD HUNT A LION OR AN ELEPHANT WITH FISTS, SPEAR, AXE, ETC....  just my opnion   ;D  .......peace, every avp fan.
  26. Bringer of Death
    To SHAKERMAKER I agree with Preds having diff. helmets for rank.My opinion is that the larger and more extravagant the armarment the higher 'rank' or 'seniority' the Pred has in the clan.Like in PRED 2 the clan Leader/Elder had lots of skulls/trophies strung all over his upper body and his Plasm Caster was much larger and more off-set than the others, also his laser guide was set on the caster rather than on his helmet.The LEAD Pred in AVP seems to be going with a 'LARGER Plasma caster than the others, it almost looks as if he has 2 of them on his back unless this is just the " LARGEST OF THE 'LASER' CANNONS" that Tom Woodruff talks about in the featurette.We'll have to wait and see I guess.   ;D     ;D     ;D 

    @Dallas....You are 100% right with everything you said up there,I couldn't agree more about the design of the Aliens in AVP.They are just a modified version of the shity designed ALIEN RESURECTION models, wich 'licked ball sac'.Gigers is by far the superior version of them all but I also really like Camerons idea to remove the transparent 'dome' off of the heads of the Alien.It really looks bad-ass and freakier I think when you see there bony membrain like heads rather than there smooth ones.I believe that they loose there 'domes' after a certain time when there are done maturing,It acts like a 'helmet of some sorts to protect there membrain underneath until mature enough.Thats just my opinion not fact.To SHAKERMAKER do you know if those movies are still downloadable on Kazza?   ??? 
  27. ALIENS
    i hope the predator use more hand to hand combat with the aliens in the movie,i want to see a predator pick up a alien a throw it through a F___king wall!, i want to see some heavy duty action in this film DAMMIT!   >:D  
  28. Dallas
    I agree with you IZZET, and i think the Alien is the best designed movie monster of all time. Even ways better than the pred! BUT: on all the avp pictures the predator is a little bit  more detailed than the alien and he look better than the alien here. its a little bit sad that ADI doesnt change the look of the xenos from Resurrection and take it to AvP. They should go back to the first ultimate Gigerstyle!!!
  29. shakermakerman
    yes bringer of death, theres a fan film made of aliens vs predator i got the trailer of kazaa . but i read something on planetavp that the fan got some bother off fox about it.. i just seen batman dead end wich has aliens and predators in it i thought it was ok... and theres an other fan made film of a v p coming out wich is based on the film.. but any way the creatures look fantastic in this.. ps i think the predators look better and the different helmets are for rank, we dont want them all to look the same do we.. that bloke in the pred suits a big lad aint he lol
  30. Bringer of Death
    I agree with you again there PSYCHOMORPH, the original helmets do look stranger more alienesk but I also liked a lot of the more complex and articulate masks the Preds were wearing in the second film and in AVP it shows they have different tastes and characteristic to seperate one from the other, wich in hand shows that there thinking is alot more diverse and creative than just having bloodlust and 'trophies'on there minds.They might actualy have a sense of style   :)  
  31. Ninja
    Lasting impression from this featurette:  "Holy crap!  Preds have EYEBROWS!!"    :)   Anderson wasn't kidding when he said that the faces of the predators were going to be better articulated
  32. Psychomorph
    Bringer of Death wrote: "I believe that they are also ADRENALIN JUNKIES, thats why they fiend to hunt the prey that will offer up the most challenge and risk."  Absolutely, as in the first predator movie said: "they come of the thrill of the hunt". It
  33. Bringer of Death
    Is there an actual animated movie of AVP?if so I wouldn't mind having that for my collection.For all you guys arguing over the 'HONOR' thing I think they have some kind of honor code that depends on the type,size,physicality and threat of the prey at hand.Now to compare them to the Samurai culture isnt really the most correct thing to compare them to,I agree with PSYCHOMORPH when he compared there honor code with more barbarian like characteristics and to even go as far as to say there ways are almost perverted like in nature(spine ripping and skull collecting).But I also agree with THE REAL PREDATOR when he says they derive EXTREAM pleasure from there kills.I believe that they are also ADRENALIN JUNKIES, thats why they fiend to hunt the prey that will offer up the most challenge and risk.Thats also why they pass up the "weaker" less dangerous prey(little kids,pregnant women,unarmed people-prey).You also see this theory made to fact in the upcoming AVP movie, how they modified the Predator vision so that they can see 'into' there prey to see if they are even worthy enough to be killed(seeing there insides-organs-muscles how physicaly advanced they are).If they don't meet there hunting standards they will prob. be passed up.   ???  P.S to Izzet I'm glad you didnt take my comments offensive or personal and I also agree with you in that the ALIEN  is by far the better looking and designed.But I also Love the look and style if the PREDATOR AND LOVE TO DRAW BOTH CHARACTERS LIKE THE GODS THEY ARE   ;D     ;D  
  34. Izzet
    Just for anyone that thinks the predator is a better designed creature than the Alien, Look in Empire magazine wheir the Alien was voted 3rd best monster in the movies, while Predator did'nt make the top ten... (I think the predators cool by the way but im i the only fan rooting for the Alien in this movie!??)
  35. shakermakerman
      ???   whats all this talk about the dna from the space jocky the ,ship was carrying the eggs as weapons. he died from a chest burster yes  but the eggs was allready there, it was a bio war ship witch ridley scott wants to put in the next alien for a v p iv been waiting over 10 years for this film and it wont be crap(suck to the americans) anderson knows his stuff look at eventhorizen long live a v p   ;D     ;D 
  36. Psychomorph
    I wrote: "P.S. in many ways predators are too humanlike in the movies."  Damn, I meant "in many ways predators are too humanlike in the COMICS".
    psychomorph!- in all fairness, everything youve said can just as easily be said to justify the opposition to your argument, i appreciate that you havent replied to my comment in an attacking way and that you didnt take it up wrong by thinking that i wish to wage war upon you. but, it is all about honour, sure i agree with you that they derive EXTREME pleasure from the kills, no-ones debating that, the question is whether or not the predators attain an honour, and its as joe said above, is blatent "common knowledge" that they do.  you can go on and on in saying that there was no "fun" in killing a boy or in killing a pregnant woman, but i can just as easily say that there is no honour in it, so if you really think about it ya really havent furthered your previous statement in any way?!?! im all for people giving their opinions, and if you wish to believe that the predators really dont uphold any "honour" in what they do, then thats your own choice ya know, i aint gona ramb it down your throat, its just a commonly and well known FACT that the predators not only hunt for the joy and glory but with it comes the attachment of honour, and there is no joy in an unhonourable hunt, THAT IS the very apex of what we're talking about here.  -lets say what you propose is true then why, if a predator is injured do they end their own lives when unable to continue the hunt?-it surely isnt because at the end, they are thinking to themselves "oh well, now that im mamed to within an inch of my life, theres no fun in the hunt" - its simply because there is no HONOUR in, to them what would be a meaningless existance-its similar to the klingons in star trek. also, the samurai build their culture and fighting style around honour, and guess what, the predator concept was modelled on the samurai and ancient japenese warriors.-the physicality of such parallels is, to a degree, seen in the weapons of the predator.-which on SOME occasions are also modelled on samurai.-even taking the new film for example- the new throwing disk remarkably resembles the old chinese death stars..  i feel ive made my point, but i think to say that the predators dont have honour, is not only defying the logic of all that has been publicised and novelised, aswell as an abundant common knowledge, but is also like saying that President Bush is an intelligent man.  anyway, take care my friend, and remember, peace in the comment rooms! lol     ;)    Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.............-real pred
  38. Psychomorph
    Written by THE REAL PREDATOR: "Psycomorph- the WHOLE predator existance is built upon honour and pride, just because you dont wan to believe it doesnt make it untrue, you seem to implement the idea that Predators kill for joy, when this is in complete and utter contrast to ALL novelisations or publications about predator, ie, comics, novels and even the movies. if the predator killed for "the joy" as you put it, then why didnt he kill the unarmed anna in predator, also another example, we see that they arent mindless killers is in predator 2 when the predator doesnt kill the boy in the graveyard, even after noting that he had a hand held weapon, BUT even still the Predator analyised the gun to see if it was real because there would be no HONOUR in killing a young helpless boy.. you just buy the idea, which is a pity, because if we all thought the way you did, Predator would just be another movie, that had no way for the audience to relate to it, and thus would not be as successful. the whole concept that attracted audiences was the idea of an alian that was part human,(in the mind) and that we could at least empatize with the creature in the end.... open your mind my friend."    Well in the first movie trailer they said "It comes for the thrill of the hunt". If you see the first pred, he uses his shouldercannon the most, because it is his primal hunting weapon and it is not "unhonorable". and don
  39. izzet
    In reply to Bringer of death, i completley agree with what you have said, i actually meant to put down the Alien is the perfect organism matched only by it's own hostility (as stated by Ash). And you are right in saying the Alien does not multiply in seconds, even though with the right amount of hosts it's reproductive rate is preety fast, Just look at Aliens and what they did to them colonists. Probaly the point im trying to make is weather a Predator could kill an Alien with it's bare fists, instead of using all it's fancy technology, then again they were intelligent enough to come up with them.
  40. Growler
    Here's a fun tip. Go do a search on "Alien vs Predator R P-13" and see how many links put a PG-13 next to the AVP title and how many put an R.  I came across one article that talks about the majority of movies being made this year shooting for a PG-13 rating. The most interesting part of the article is this:    "Anyone who watches movies knows that what passes for a PG-13 movie these days likely would have been rated R just a few years ago. Just as soon as the FTC clamped down on marketing R-rated movies, the PG-13 rating almost simultaneously expanded to allow for more violence and even a little more sex, studio executives say.  Even with close-up battle scenes, each of the three "Lord of the Rings" movies was rated PG-13, and despite a barrage of double-entendres, every "Austin Powers" film was, as well. Although it, too, is rated PG-13, "Secret Window" includes a screwdriver jammed into (and extracted from) a human head, then stabbed into a leg."    Here's the rest of the Article.

    damn, my bad.  That's run a search for "Alien vs Predator R PG-13" not the P-13.  typical error, so cut my head off with a throwing disk will ya?
  41. Joe
    I'm a big predator fan, and they def. have a code of honor that they follow, its common knowlege. I kinda think of them as samurai like following a code like bushido....anyway the predator rocks, and the alien is cool too. By the way if the background story of the original predator movie is as melmac claims then why did the pred kill jim hopper and his crew b4 they could even prove their worth.
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