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AvP Featurette 3 is Out!!!

Well, Fox is really giving us a treat with yet another featurette released. This one covers the cast and characters with plenty of new footage and I will post screenshots in a couple of hours but for now, enjoy the featurette:

20040428 AvP Featurette 3 is Out!!!

Update: I’ve now uploaded 35 screenshots including the Queen Alien and a great shot of a predator on fire. You can also download the third featurette at by save target as.

Download: 27.3MB at

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  1. Commander Kruge
    I think it'll be alright, whether or not its considered 'canon' or 'goes along with' the rest of the films, and whatever everyone considers what actually happens is up to us, and the writers of AvP.   Though Paul Anderson hasnt made badass films, though Event Horizon was weird but it was also pretty cool for special effects, set design, etc. etc. I have complete confidence in him that this movie will turn out alright.  I think the majority of everyone going to see it in the theaters will just be everyday people who've seen some or all of the movies that arent die hard fanatics of the two franchises, so it wont matter really to them. Regardless of how it turns out, there will be atleast some kickass special effects, and some hardcore fighting.  We'll all have to wait and see how it goes, from the pictures and featurette's, I think I'll be satisified.
  2. Marvellous_Marv
    I think the director is gonna f**k this film up like he did with resident evil which was lame;   i think he is gonna make a film which is nothing lik the aliens nor the predator films; its just gonna b a hollywood cheap rip off of another good story line.  but wot i want to c in the film is the aliens and predators moving using todays latest technology;  plus i wanna c a predalien.
  3. Zorxagg
    Howdydilliho once again.  I have to say, that I agree with avpmaster13 that, in keeping with the first two movies and the original concept (which also began as pure horror), the aliens should indeed kill the predators and everyone else (with lucky and plucky survivors of course) with little trouble on their part. I do find it a little ridiculous that a pred with bladed weapons could somehow go toe to toe with an alien, and come off best. But we'll see; if the preds are actually effective against them (as they seem to be), then this could reduce some of the scare-impact of the film. These things are meant to be able to rend-steel with their talons (remember how Dallas died in 'Alien', originally [the awlfull book based on the screen-play] after being pulled through a gaping hole torn in the side of the air-duct), exist on another level of metabolism entirely (can evade super-sonic projectiles such as bullets to a degree), are armoured and have hydrolic bio-mechanical strength; so surely they would go right-through at least the lightly-armoured parts of a predators body like butter, and would easily overpower it.  I also just thought of a theory for the four long spines along an aliens back; actually an observation which I just clicked to. In Cameron's film, they seemed to be used to suspend the aliens body away from walls and tunnels, giving them an amazing ability to roll, rotate and run at any angle in confined spaces without hurting themselves (not likely anyway), which would also make sense; considering their mobility, and intelligence,  is what makes their steath that much more effective, and creepier.  They seem to follow, in Aliens and other later films at least, the Japanese asthetic for horror, where you can tell evil by the way it moves (even though they aren't evil, they just need to be killed and avoided, if you have that option). Would I join the USMC were this vision of the future to exist?  No, but i'd like to be recycled as fertilizer. Oh yeah; one silicon-based life form at least that I know of does exist-plankton.  But these things (no not plankton, silly) clearly could not have evolved; they must be some kind of bio-weapon for some perhaps long-forgotten alien war. A weapon of genocide maybe, or designed primarily for combat aboard starships (could you even afford to kill just one? Acid wouldn't just burn through the hull potentially, but also life-support, essential ship systems, masses of electronics, wireing and cables e.t.c).
  4. Growler
    Ha! and i didn't even hear the commentary.  I'll have to when i get back from this deployment.  I left Alien back home in the states   ???  
  5. Morgoth
    to Growler:  Thanx! You said it absolutely right. Scott tells the World on his Audiocommentaries, what the Jockey is all about and thats the way it should be.  .......and not like some crazy people want it to be!
  6. Growler
    to Morgoth:: As a pred fan myself, I don't think the jockey had anything to do with transporting eggs for the Preds.  I go with the idea that the jokey was transporting them for his own species.  That the ship was a battle ship that deploys those eggs to their enemy planet.  Something like the humans wanted to do, but Ripley fought against because she knew Aliens can't be controlled as biological weapons.  Something the Jockey sadly figured out during his last moment of life.
  7. Galmorzu
    Anderson didn't write the script (at least not in a very large capacity), so that's a plus.  If he has even a decent script to work with, the movie should be pretty good since as a director I think he's actually fairly good.  He past movies have been mediocre just because of weak scripts, but they looked good.
  8. aliasp
    Hmmm ... seems everyone is keen on thinking that keeping the aliens and preds looking legit will make this film a winner. Look back at the original Alien and Aliens ... the best bits were the story remember :) ... hopefully Anderson leaves more to the imagination rather than full on CGI, etc ... I believe the less we see of the alien and keep em in the shadows (like the original alien) the more creepier it will be.  So far from what I have seen I am extremely excited. It has a very Aliens feel to it ... and remember Cameron made Aliens on a modest $15million budget.  Anyway lets pray that the story will absolutely kick ass! I am firm believer that less is more sometimes.
  9. Galmorzu
    I don't know about that.  It would be really easy to have that statement make sense, since it could be said that once they company found out about the alien they proceded to try and discount any proof and eyewitness accounts Ripley may have had, just to keep others from believing her.  Heck, they had her taking therapy, which alone would make her seem like she was crazy.    That's really not a plot hole if you look at it, in fact what's done at that meeting is exactly what I would expect them to do even if they did know about the aliens.  Like I said, once they get confirmation about the alien's existence they'll do all they can to keep anyone from believing her.
  10. Oh Gosh
    During the meeting in Aliens where Ripley defends why she had destroyed the star ship etc.  and explained her story, we hear one woman say, "a creature that has not been described in over a hundred surveyed worlds".  Well if the Aliens were obviously on earth fighting preds and humans prior to this, the statement does not make sense.  There is no continuity.  I think the downfall of this movie will be the tremendous plot holes.
  11. Morgoth
    onemore thing::::::: its nothing wrong with the old predthing, i like it. But the most of his fans are realy unfair and want the pred to be that what i said above.
  12. Morgoth
    @Bringer of Death:  about the Jockeything......some of the predfans want to see the Jockey as a predrelated creature who carries the eggs for them........And iam as Alienfan are very disapointed on that stupid idea. the pred become to be a intruder to the aliencult and suck out everything whats based on it.  all what comes from alien should stay there. dont get me wrong but i think this avp thing is the end of a cool franchise and went to be a  movie for kids, who see the pred as a Superman! I hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. avpmaster132004
    my names avpmaster13 and i think that everyone thinks predators will kill aliens way to easy but i know that aliens will kill the predators with minor inconvienyence dont mind if i spelled that wrong
  14. Zorxagg
    To real-pred. It's good to hear such soothing words, but you actually beat me to the computer, as I am not so down on Anderson as you may think. Firstly, most artists, in any medium, make life easy for them selves and focus on a style or execution that is already within their grasp; hence one reason for the overwhelming amount of kitsch in any medium; painting, music, film or otherwise.  Anderson may not yet have a track-record to inspire confidence, but what certainly does are his thought processes that have had some light shed on them in an interview (IGN; on here).  The fact that he realises the immensity of the task he is up against, with regard to the two genius directors who have successfully preceded him, and yet, whilst in awe, is still prepared to learn from these masters in a deep and challenging way is inspiring and a neccesity.  What made the Impressionists so good? The fact that they all trained under the Naturalists, who in turn were classically trained. Picasso and the early modernists? They could paint as well as any Impressionist, because they were also their mentors. Schumacher? Well, he learnt from Senna didn't he e.t.c.  Arrogant artists doomed to be second-rate think they have all the answers; those who attain first-rank status know to reference the past, and to learn from only the best in history that has preceded you and is relevent; not merely that which is near to hand or more easily understood.  Also, any great artist must posses a rare and acute sensitivity to beauty; and the fact that he recognises the heirarchy of the first two Alien films being the chief influences followed by the first predator movie (set in the Alien universe), on top of the fact that he understands the huge impact the pacing made in these films, gives ample room for hope. I also think Event Horizon was a straight A (if not A+) movie that was underrated, or at the least under-publicized. However, all great artists also know the importance of restraint; and yet I get the impression that Mr. Anderson will not be able to help himself with regard to slow-mo, and other assorted and flashy video-game inspired camera work. Such things may be trendy and 'cool' (as in coveted by 13 year olds and the Idol following crowd), and suit Mortal Kombat or even 'Predator', but the Alien universe when it worked was a bleak and realistic one; can you imagine the chestburster scene in Alien happening in slow-mo? If that's not grating enough then just add in some techno (as I'm sure he would never do, but I'm just trying to make a point here) and the result should be "yearch". Even the APC on fire and crashing around in Aliens would have been grating done like this; the realism, thus immersion and heart-pounding fear would have been gone, or at least compromised.  Remember; trendy or cool and other such of-our-time transiant things don't matter; what matters is timelessness, and for this the movie has to be as immersive as possible. The face-hugger in slo-mo could really work though. If Anderson wants some free street-cred and publicity, instead of inappropraite slo-mo or gyrating camera work (like the horrible grenade sequence in Resurrection), why doesn't he just have a 30-second bonus "Alien vs prod-action Osama" at the end; replete with Osama, alone, and his walking stick in a cave somewhere. Just a thought..he he. This brings me to another kitsch give-away and pit-fall to be aware of (art-theory was my major by the way; just so you know I'm not completely speaking out my arse); and that is that, besides the choosing of an easily-digestable style (Resurrection/Hollywood), kitsch-artists also typically choose colours and effects merely because they are pretty; such as a strong colour just because it looks nice. The point here is that everything should serve the whole; whether colours or choice of camera work. Slow-motion could work brilliantly if used to give an impression, from the Aliens perspective, of it's existance on a higher level of metabolism altogether, but other than that? Restraint is my point; not everything from videogames is good, or relevent. Hell; slow-mo in my view wrecks every game i've played with it anyway, as the real-time gameplay is of neccesity either too-easy, or far too difficult. Imagine how Golden-eye or Halo would be screwed. Other views such as first-person that he mentions on the other hand, fit the bleak realistic Alien universe and could really add to the experiance. In any case i'll put my head on the line and say that I think this film will be much better than Alien 3, miles better than tyhe horrible Resurrection, but Aliens, and especially Alien, are very, very hard acts to follow.  But if he doesn't attain those kind of heights, I for one won't blame him; and so long as he keeps doing the right things, this movie can't be bad. "One can only stand on the top of a precipice for so long; eventually you become dizzy and have to step down". Zorxagg.
  15. Predgirl
    Yes I was wrong so send a Predator after me why don't you.  If the women are not armed in anyway or the children because it dishonorable and their killing an innocent than someone who is armed to kill someone else.  Also for the same way with the woman in the movie 2 even though she was armed and found out she was pregnant he would be dishonorable because he is killing an innocent unborned child who did nothing to him in anyway of manner.
  16. Growler
    to THE REAL PREDATOR:: Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you man... haha.  I'm hoping the Peter Briggs script could be intergrated into an AVP sequal.  I've read most of it myself (with some pages missing from it unfortunately), but I think using his script in AVP2, setting it in the future, could work.  to la jungla se los llevo:: Predator kills women.  He killed a couple women on that subway train in Pred2.  I believe the reason why he doesn't kill a women who is pregnant is because it's dishonorable in a way.  The mother may be armed, but the unborn child isn't.  If he kills the mother, then the unborn child dies with her.  That's my opinion.
  17. Predgirl
    Hello there yeah I heard that there was a new screenshot on the site, but the other one was not replaced its still there because I notice the new screenshot yesterday when I went on.  To The Real Predator I hope your the real insider because if not some people will be really mad just to let you know. To Bringer of Death you should make a website on deviantart which you can submit any artwork you want plus you might interesting people.
    i felt i had to return to set a few more things straight. by now many of you will know i am an insider on this movie and that my source in Fox is reliable as i have proven. i just want to shed some light on a few issues  1> firstly, i knw the beginning, middle and end of the movie, i know all the present information and more.  2>the movie, will NOT be PG-13, ive clarified this many times.   3>the scene with lex in the room where the men are cocooned has NOT been removed from the movie, the movie has not even began editing yet as the special effects are not yet complete.  4> although, many rough cuts of the film have been completed, Paul Anderson has assured that the movie will remain faithful to both franchises and its content(scary) so its just common sense that whoever, over on planetAvP suggested that the scene was cut because it was too scary, obviously possesses the intellect rivalled by that of a cornflake.  5> what many of you seem to be forgeting is that Paul Anderson himself LOVES both of these franchises, he is a fan making a movie that he has wanted to make for over 10 years. he will NOT let it go to the dogs. i dont know about you guys, but from what ive seen, bonus material on my part, the film is shaping up nicely, i KNOW that the dialogue is fantastic as i have a copy of the script. i also have a copy of the original Peter Biggs script that was basically an adaptation of the comic books but manifested into a movie, which sadly never materialized as it was and is a riveting script and storyline.   i have also seen the shot of the 3, last standing predators that are standing aloft the pryramid, however the special effects have not yet been added and it is merely 3 predators, swinging calculated and awesome moves all over the place. the 3 predators in this particular shot are martial artists and let me tell you, move like em too. it looks fabulous..  i can only imagine that the only reason for the mass worry about this movie, is not because of the actuality, but because of the director. in that if Jim Cameron was directing it, eveyone would be a little less on on edge, but let me ASSURE you, as a long time and dedicated fan, that Anderson had taken a leaf out of the book of greats, and judging only from what ive seen already, has created a masterpiece.  - i wish to let you know that i have to get permission from my source to make any comment about the movie from now on as i have publically announced that i am an insider, however if you have questions, ask me and i will try to answer tham as best i can.  For now however....  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat..............-real pred
  19. Bringer of Death
    Have you guys read that bull#hit about the cacooned body picture being switched because it's 2 violent or whatever?! thats BS and almost throws that PG-13 rating right in our faces! F that.Lets just pray thats not the real reason or were gonna be screwed on this movie.To MORGOTH whats this about the Space Jockey being Pred related?Also I agree w/your superhero thing I personaly dont think Lex should be teaming up with a Pred at all and yes I think they are starting to get a little to humanlike if they start that crap.But hay I could be wrong, lets hope so
  20. Galmorzu
    Whether or not you like The Lord of the Rings, my point is that Peter Jackson wasn't terribly successful with many of his earlier movies, and then finally made the trilogy which was met with outstanding, widespread critical acclaim, made muchos money, and received countless awards.  He suprised lots of people by turning out something that successful, so it's not impossible that Anderson could suprise us and come out with a movie that's suprisingly good, considering his past lack of success.
  21. Morgoth
    i think the avp movie will maybe destroy the alien mythos. more than AR!  The movie will be good for the predfans because the pred become more and more a superheroe style .......which is realy stupid i think. what want the predfans next? a flying pred or what?  this is going out of hand. Dont get me wrong but this becomes to be rubbish! its not realistic. the early meaning of the alien was a nearly indestructibale biomechanical killing machine. the pred is a hunter with awesome weapons but if you take alook at the bodys, the pred have a humanlike fleshy body while the alien have bonelike armoured skin. a pred only should kill an alien from the distance like a marine. but faster and more effective of course. a fight hand at hand should go on the alien's side. and then this rumors about the jockey.... Man, if the jockey become some kind of Predcreature or something in that will SUCK !!!!!  I realy hope FOX isnt that stupid. they should not take hand on this what Scott and Giger created. But we will see.........
  22. shakermakerman
    p.s i thought lord of the rings was over rated, who would sit and watch all that over and over again yawwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn bored of the rings i could go on al day about how i thought i was crap but i aint i cant bee botherd
  23. shakermakerman
    can i just say that alien worriors can change in to queens if there queen has died just like ants do some may be the one in alie was about to change in to a queen cus as i read the the they said whats then next stage from the humon form alien and its in aliens earth hive about a worrior changing into a queen, just like a chestburster in to worrior, as for alien 3 i thought is was good then the directors cut came out and that was brilliant just like the first 2 so any of yoou that slags alien 3 off get the directors cut on dvd and see how it was ment to be,not like the one in the ceinema that the producers made fincher cut to peaces.....if you or wondering how much longer is put back in alien 3 its 30 minutes!
  24. Zorxagg.
    Howdy once again. In reply to Galmorzu's comments about Alien warriors turning people into eggs, in the book (and cut from the film), that's what happened, or was happening to Dallas. I think I also got this from the book, but don't quote me on it, and that's that these eggs only have a life-cycle of a few months, rather than the few thousand or whatnot of the queen. Also, it's a slow process in the book, as Dallas (and Lambert) slowly turn into something else. To the guy who hasn't mowed his Red-Beard; Fincher did Fight Club!! One of the greatest films of our time!!! That's right; so what the hell went wrong???  And Jeunet's film credits reads like a list of masterpieces and those that are pretty damn close, so Why does Resurrection have all that hollywood cheese dripping from it then??? A loud and annoying comedy sidekick general, dreadfull LOUD (not to be confused with good) music, and all those horrible cheesy camera shots, such as the rolling grenade, that just seem to be there for no other reason than to show that they can do it.  That movie did do one thing right however, and that was to give the aliens some real depth. With regard to Peter Jackson, and it's almost blasphemy in this country to say this, but I think with LOTR he did the best he could, as it is philosophically impossible to match a great book; as you have no choice but to play to everyone's imagination, plus you live with the book which is mainly a work of naturalism, wereas the movie out of neccesity had to be a 'greatest hits' compilation, therefore, in places cheesy. It was also overall lacking most of the subtlety, as, take away the fantasy, and LOTR is basically a work of rural and wild naturalism by Thomas Hardy; the most English of English writers. But he is beyond blame, as these things just can't be avoided; the mediums don't translate in these ways except abstractly.  Anywho, that said his best film has got to be his first one that he made whilst a teenager; 'Bad Taste'. I think I laughed even harder at that than for anything by Monty Python.  Anywho, for his first big-budget film 'The Frighteners', he admitted that he did it, and gave up alot of creativity in the process, just so he could keep all the effects equipment acquired; so perhaps that's what Jeunet did, which would also explain the stamp of hollywood that's all over it. Mr.Z
  25. Shadow of FUS
    tell me....has anyone ever thought that their are also female predators also rather than males.Be intesting to see a female pred B-)
  26. Galmorzu
    Actually, I couldn't really get into any of Peter Jackson's earlier movies, many of which I thought were horrible, but then out of the blue he came along and did the Lord of the Rings.  I guess anything's possible.     :)  
  27. AdamJZ
    Dude, you cannot even compare Paul Anderson to Jeian Paul (Whatever his french name is).  the French guy is a terrible director, I dont care what any of you say about his other so called 'good' films, but he ruined the alien franchise, and for that he should perish in flames.  Anderson however has made all pretty good to really good movies, with the exception of MK, I think his best movie so far is Soldier, and Event Horizon, also Resident Evil kicked ass, and seriously man, nothing can be worse then alien ressurection, and just because paul hasent made a classic so far donsent mean he is not cappable of one, he has lots of experience now, and also lets not forget that James Cameron's first film was Pirana 2: the Spawning which SUCKED, alll directors have really bad films and really good films, and let me promise you this, that AVP will be Pauls best top date, also It will be a Sci Fi classic, I cant say if it will beat predator, alien, or aliens, but I am sure hoping so.
  28. Predgirl
    To Bringer of Death I haven't recieved anything in my email or maybe you got it wrong just cleck my name just in case.  To Growler your welcome hope you get home soon too.  Your maybe right if it shows with Troy, but it seems odd to me to be with that movie even though there is action in it.  For being with Godescend I don't think so that is more thriller than horror to me and the movie AVP is more SCI-FI than horror to because well it has Aliens and most horror movies have dead people coming to life or something and chasing stupid teenagers all over the place.  I told a friend of mine about AVP movie and he said it will suck then I told him well I think it is a hell  a lot better than your stupid horror movie FreddyvsJason crap.  He thinks thats the best movie ever well I don't think so. Its the same thing over and over like the other ones there is a group of stupids teenagers being chased by one of them until there is one remaining and then Jason or Freddy is dead and the funny thing is they keep making movies of the same concept. I'm getting a little pived here I guess. Well we will see I guess, but for the most part it probably be on the internet soon enough for all of us to view as many times as we want.   8)  
  29. shakermakerman
    movies r all so about money remember resident evil had had no money really but i liked it any how i think this will blow paul anderson is a up and coming director and this is his bug break we will soon see
  30. Red_Beard
    To: zorxagg  While Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection are not superior films when compared to the original two films, the same can not be said about the comparrison between the directors.  I personally think Scott is the most talented director, he is at his best when he is helming big productions, while Cameron is the best at makeing more well rounded SciFi-action blockbusters, and Fincher (alien 3) has a dark kind of noir style that is magnificent when he can find a good project, as for Jeunet (Alien Resurrection) he definately has a talent for viual flare which he uses to create quirky, delicious, ideologic masterpieces.  I am afraid i cannot give has much praise to Anderson ( all i can say is that event horizon was kind of freaky and the laser defense scene in resident evil was pretty cool.)  Here is a list of some of their better known films:  Ridley Scott: Alien, The Duelists, Blde Runner, Thelma and Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down  James Cameron: Aliens, The Terminator, The Abyss, True Lies, Terminator 2, Titanic  David Fincher: Alien 3, The Game, Seven, Fight Club, Panic Room  Jean-Pierre Juenet: Alien Resurrection, Delicatessen, City of lost Children, Le Manege, Amelie  Paul Anderson: Alien vs. Predator, Mortal Kombat, Event Horizon, Soldier, Resident Evil
  31. Galmorzu
    I don't think it'll be better than Alien or Aliens just because of the plot and writing.  Anderson tends to focus more on the action and the way a movie looks, which is great on its own and can be a lot of fun, but people will probably enjoy the first two alien movies overall for their strong character development and emotional themes.  And again, that's not bad, just because AvP will be a different type of movie.  It doesn't mean it won't be a lot of fun to watch.
  32. shakermakerman
    just came back from the cinema shop they have a poster of alien vs predator on there window,  i just like to tell u all that most ppl that seen it was going wow thats gunna be good i even seen one girl get excited and she said aliens will win lol i mean this is grown ups , its getting really really exciting and i cant wait
  33. Galmorzu
    I don't think the fact about Aliens turning people into eggs is canon, actually.  If that's how eggs are made, then there's no need for the Queen.  BTW, I love those killer clowns.  I just saw that recently, and no matter how bad that movie was I still find those damn things scary as hell after all these years.     ;D  
  34. zorxagg
    Interesting Growler, perhaps right (he he), but may I add that you can alledgedly sail ships through those sewers-lots of hiding places, as well as the 'fact' that these things, in the rubbish book of the first film anyway (wriitten after the film), can rend steel with their talons. In fact that's how Dallas gets killed, by the Alien punching a whole THROUGH the airduct beside him, and pulling him through. Also, they leave no blood and no trace of their crimes, so many people would most likely dissapear before anyone really wised up to something; and that's just from one of these things. Each Alien can make an egg from a captured living host, so...not too good. And then theres the possibilty of a queen coming sooner or later, and all these infinate hiding places. Still, at least the States has alot of guns (good, er..); if it happened in New Zealand, we'd all be f...ed. I like your idea about teen-slashers; throw in a killer clown or two, freddy, batman and an,....hmmm.  Nevermind...
  35. Growler
    to Mr.Z:: New York's a tough town bro, i don't think an Alien would last long there.  NYPD, military, even the community would take a shot at killing it.  Sure some of the city would be in fear, but the majority doesn't put up with any B.S.  Put an Alien in a suburban neighborhood, then you've got a menace.  Although an Alien in a suburban neighborhood, to me, sounds like one of those cheesey teen horror movie scenerios like I know What You Did Last Summer.  Bunch of kids getting chased into a dark alley only to find a dead end and they're screwed.
  36. Growler
    to Predgirl:: Thanks girl.  My deployment is almost up though.  I'll be back in the states either the first week of june or the middle of june.  I've been here in the western part of the former Soviet Union since the middle of February.  Anyways, about the trailer issue:: the trailer might come out with the Movie Troy on May 14th if it's not attached wioth Van Helsing.  I figure Troy because it's an action movie, maybe Godsend because it's said to be a horro / thriller movie.  That's if you're expecting it to come out soon.  If it doesn't come with those films, then Galmorzu may absolutely be right about his prediction.   ???  
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