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New Scenes in Featurette!!!!!

Well, this is a turn up for the books. New scenes have been added to the featurette which show some clips from the film and interviews with creature effects guy, Alec Gillis. Not to be missed. I’m currently watching it so I’ll report back soon with some screenshots.

Download: 32.3MB – Submitted by Xenoforge

Update: I’ve now watched the new featurette and there are some great shots in there. Refer back to the original news post for screenshots.

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  1. Aliens Rule!
    I think the way the facehugger attacked it's host in the first Alien was awesome!  Very fast and badass!   And I also like the way they scurried in Aliens.  Like a quick spider.  I would really like to see that in this new film.  That shot of the facehugger moving very slowly in the new trailor was still cool though.  I guess it felt unthreatened because the host seemed to be unconscious.  Can someone answer this:  If the facehugger could penetrate Kane's helmet unharmed, then how could the EEV lifepod glass in Alien 3 cut the facehugger.
  2. shakermakerman
    i hated the game predalien i  think it should look the same as it would as comin out of a human but just bulkyer( bigger built) maybe a  a pred like mouth but NO DREAD LOCKS lol or maybe garila like
  3. pred
    thanks shakermaker that has really made my day    ;D   does anyone know what the predalien is going to look like. is it going to look like the one from the comics or the game or is there a new version of this creture
  4. Bringer of Death
    2 Hardass Predator,I ve read your entry and have come to the conclusion that you are with the few that DON'T know what your talking about.First you say that the the detail of the heads in Aliens was to much and bogus!? then you say that the alien res. is the best design? I think not.   >:D  WORST ALIEN DESIGN EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!.It's just sad that they are using almost the same molds in this movie for the alien.I do how ever agree with your Predator remarks in that I to would like to see some Predator disemboweling and guts spilling.Also I agree with....Blow me Bride!!!!!!!!!! you Beeeeeyatchhhhhhh!   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  5. Hardass Predator
    i forgot to add one more thing, i am really looking forward to seeing what effect alien blood has on the predators, like what they use in their med packs to prevent further burning or just to see what it would look like for a predators skin to melt, or if were lucky we will get to see what is inside a predator, weve seen the insides of humans, aliens, but only blood from the predator, only time will tell  oh yea and BRIDE..........blow me bitch
  6. Hardass Predator
    Beleive it or not i actually read all 1000 entries. i have come to the conclusion that some of you know what you are talking about and some don't. And i know that every one is entilted to their own opinion, i would just like to share my thoughts on it. first off i was pleased with what anderson is doing, i think that he will bring alot to the franchise. I dont understand why everyone wants to bash the pred in Pred 2, granted the MOVIE wasnt better than the first but you have to understand that with a whole new predator you get a whole new personality, with that said, i beleive the 1st predator is more of a hardass,where pred 2 is more of a badass. and pred 2 looked like he had a smartass attitude to him as the 1st seemed to be like "what the f**k is wrong with you dont you know that i am bigger than you?". but the new preds look great i like the fact that one of them is a mammoth, it just shows the different types of predators there are, in a huge pack of hunters there will always be that hammer,that might not be agile or fast but packs one hell of a punch. and on the alien note, i am glad they dont have the look of Aliens, it just looked bogus to me, there was just too much detail in the head but the body was really cool. but in my opinion i would have to say the best looking alien was in alien res, sorry but i really beleive it But I did not like the color of it,and dont get me wrong alien res blows monkey balls, i just like the sleek cheetah look to it, it had a feel of speed and agility(now all i am talking about is the look not the movie not the movements it had in the movie) but thats all i have to say.  oh yea and BRIDE.........blow me bitch  and adam jz keep up the good work.                          take it easy
  7. shakermakerman
    thanks for the creddit Bringer Of Death mate   ;D   pred i think there will be a predaline for the simple fact every alien sequil had something different, aliens= queen,alien 3= dog alien or beast like alien, alien res= newborn. so i think there will be a predalien

    P.S the newborn never should of had eyes or a nose,make it more scarey, it looked like pumpkin head, oh and yes what a silly effin speach before and after it was born by that doctor very cheesy very comic book, but loved the rest of the film
  8. pred
    does any one 100%know if there is going to be the alien/predator hybrid known as the predalien in this movie. if so get back to me... peace out   8)  
  9. starwars blows
    you know that the jockey is fossilized, meaning that beacon must have been going for thousands maybe millions of years, i think another 57 years, actually more like 27 years more and the beacon gave out? plausible but as immpossible as possible.
  10. Growler
    to Aliens Rule!:: I agree with you.  I myself hope that the PredAlien doesn't look too much like the Predator.  Maybe just be bulkier and have the same kind of mouth as the Predator, but everything else would resemble Alien in it's beauty.  If anything else that could be different, perhaps it's killing patterns?  Kill only the ones who are armed and take who ever's not armed back to the eggs.  I don't think it should hunt other hunt the other Aliens like the "Newborn" killing the Queen for whatever damn reason.  It should be part of the colony.  I mean, if Predators were the only hosts the the facehuggers could find, then you wouldn't have a breed of PredAliens hunting down the Queen.  They got to help the colony thrive and bring the queen whatever hosts they can find.  That's just how i see it.  Who knows if Anderson sees it the same way.
  11. izzet
    For those of you who dont like the Alien design, PA wanted to return to the earlier tradition of the films and not reveal the creature too much, i personally think the design looks quite good though
  12. NECRO
    Mindfreak19: the batman movie you are talking about is batman: dead end, a short film where batman hunts down the escaped joker only to be confronted with the aliens & predators. approx. 8mins long and can be picked up on ebay with lots of great extra features.
  13. Mindfreak19
    Hey, here is something to get people talking. I picked up a copy of MovieFX Magazine Issue 8. It has the creature feature for AVP in it. However, there is another feature (not related to AVP Movie) called A Directors Vision PT 2. Part 1 is from Issue 7. This shows the making of a movie or short film involving Alien, Predator, and Batman. It is interesting to watch. Just wanted to let you people out there know about it.    ;D    I would also like to say that I had my doubts before about this movie but like most of you out there I've wated a long @$$ time for this. Personally, I like what I see. It was even mentioned in the set reports that when you see the costumes they suck, but on screen and lit the right way they are F***in' bad ass. I think it is ok to modify the creatures a little bit. When you go dear hunting you don't take a bb gun you take a bigger gun. There is not any way that Paul Anderson can please even damn person out there. It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!! He is a fan of both of these movies, and from what I've heard so are most of the crew members. Give the man a chance. Some of us see something out of place and immediately think that it is wrong. Like stated above you don't need giger or winston (while I'm a fan of both) to have amazing designs. Other movies have been made that had monsters in it, that people liked. Winston no doubt is a mastermind at what he does, just like Ridley Scott and Cameron. I feel that Paul Anderson will not leave the fans dissappointed. I'm just glad that this movie is out of pre-production hell and is finally happening. Being a fan of both franchises it is a dream come true.   Later Everyone
  14. NECRO
    Again some very good points. i could not have said it better my self. I'm still giving the story a chance but the alien monster design is depressing to see. so basicly i'm looking at this being to me as a 3rd installment of a predator movie.
  15. Aliens Rule!
    I am hearing a lot about an alien/pred hybrid.  But if you think about it, the hybrid could destroy series continuity if they make it look like some super monster we have never seen before.  If you think about it, the only thing that changed on the dog alien was the hind legs and the way it walked.  the actual physical appearance did not change drastically.  A predator is similar to a human in that it's physical form and movements are the same as a human.  It walks upright on two legs etc.  Does anyone get what I'm trying to say?  I dunno maybe they could make the hybrid bigger and bulkier or something.  The trailer looks good, but i am disappointed not to see the HR giger design.  That design was the creepiest.  Even Jims version, which was still actually HRs design, was good because all he did was remove the dome.  If I were Paul, I would have had Jim's and Ridley's aliens in the movie.  The dome headed would protect the queen and the warriors would go out and gather for face huggers.  I would also use the tubes on the aliens backs to secrete resin to imprison hosts.  I think the aliens in AVP look just like the AR aliens.  I also think the mouths need more animation; lips curling up etc.  These aliens mouths look like pez dispensers.  Well that's all i have to say.  I am still going to give the movie a chance as it doesn't look all that bad.
  16. shakermakerman
    BEEKO cus they prob sent the colinist there to to find it wile they didnt know. they may of lost the signol from the jocky and they didnt have the grid ref for the ship till they found ripley as it was recored in the ships log,cus in aliens S I the jocky ship look a bit more batterd so it may have lost the signol, that what i think

    BEEKO plus it was 57 years till they found ripley so yes i think they lost the signol,
  17. BEEKO
    this might be a stupid question , but ive always wanted to know if the company new there were aliens on lv426 why were the colinists there for 20 years before they where sent to the ship were the space jockey was??
  18. shakermakerman
    cheers for izzet i hope they bring out a new patch then for a v p 2 with new levels for multi player it would be great if they did the temple and ship and out side antartica   ;D   but i think im hoping
  19. shakermakerman
    yup and the elder can kick ass cus hes strongest and the best..but it can tell u this richie from reading the books the predators young and old love to hunt and i think thats what it boils dont to the buzz .. do any one know if they are bringing a new pc game out for alien vs predator????????????

    hey u guys allso did you notice in both predator films when ever the predator came into combat with humans using just knives that was then the predator head taken there head? predator allso fight with honour. i love the way the predator started the duel with king willy
  20. Richie
    hey I have a question, why do you think there would be an "elder" predator on this mission with the young preds trying to become men. is he suppose to watch over them or something. even the toy of the "elder" predator looks old, so does any body have the faintest idea of what he is doing there. i thought thet was just really interesting.
  21. shakermakerman
    georgios they have been on about making this film for 13 years i know cus i got all the dark horse comics and in the first alien vs predator film they was gunna make ages ago it was set on a jungled planet but there was no humans in it, so it got binned cus ppl did not want to read subtitles for the preds, they have been on about making this movie for years there been loads of scrips for it but till now they got a good enough scriped from KING ANDERSON lol so yes it wwas a hint and thats why ripley was killed off cus s weaver did not like the idea of  A v P and didnt want to be in it... and to be honist im glad weaver aint in this one we needed a new hero.. ps i think us from the uk should sort a trip out to go see a v p in the us what u think?
  22. Georgios
  23. Bringer of Death
    They should make Preator 3 about the COLD WAR comic, and have the Rock as Schafer, but instead of being Arnold's brother have him be the child of Arnold and the woman from Pred .In the comic there are lots of Preds in it and a good story to.Also it would be cool to see them in a blizzard like inviro. even though AVP is in Antarctica there in the temple most of the time.Also the AVP series should have (1) sequel not many, that would ruin it.Have the film on the Predator home world or something sweet like that.We follow there ship back to there planet and crash land there then all hell breaks loose, also we could see how the Preds live and what they are like when not on the hunt.That last one was actually a comic I made about 2 years ago wich I thought kicked ass.Heres hoping that this movie will kick some surious tail    ;D  P.S I told ya GIGER is still alive and prob. pissed at how his creation has gone from amazing to poopy   ???  
  24. NECRO
    cookies>>> "That shot of the Pred about to kill that guy on the floor... doesn't it kinda contradict the Predator's hunting logic of not killing unarmed opponents? Or is that whole thing a fan assumption?"  To me I like to think that the humans have invaded a very importaint ritual site of the predators that has been kept secret for thousands of years. This is my reasion for killing an unarmed human.

    to: Saint Sinner>>>  Just got a reply form (I was wondering myself)... GIGER IS VERY MUCH ALIVE! and he runs his "MUSEUM HR GIGER ". Also GIGER just finished his bar that connects to the museum. Very much alive.

  25. Bringer of Death
    That Pred could also be pissed of and retaliating for the Pred that the humans might have killed/captured( the Pred you see in the net) and yes mabey this mo fo just don't give a fuc#.As to T3 I to think it was a poorly done film,I say again you need peolple in it from the originals like Cameron and Whats her name ther Sarah Coner AND they don't even have Eddy Furlong to play as JOHN CONNOR WHAT THE FUC$.i TO THINK alien 5-6 AND  pred 3 4 should be made,,but I have to leave for a bit and II'll tell you my ideas in a bit if anyone cares    ;D  
  26. Aliminator
    WHOA!!!!! SOME PEOPLE REALLY Don't WANT AVP!!!! THEY JUST WANT SEPERATE ALIEN OR PREDATOR MOVIE.......LAME!!!!!!!  I mean it will just be boring like lord of the ring without eleves,  dwarfves, trolls, spiders, only HUMAN AND ORCS!!!!!
  27. cookies
    That shot of the Pred about to kill that guy on the floor... doesn't it kinda contradict the Predator's hunting logic of not killing unarmed opponents? Or is that whole thing a fan assumption?
  28. Hicks UK
    Listen up OldEntish  Weyland will definately DIE in this movie for a fact. It's basically already out of the bag with the write ups, reviews, storylines etc.  It's been hinted at more and more if you've been keeping up to date with the progress.  Why keep a bedridden old timer for a potential AVP2 when they could be using his synthetic version/s?  You are also forgetting about the Wutani character who also starts of the company experimenting with the Xenomorphs.  There are plenty of ways the 'secret' of the pyramids could get back from Antarctica. And have you considered the possibility that the writer of the film wanted the whole thing kept secret from anyone at the end of this movie.   As for T3, its possibly the worst sequel I've ever seen. It's for childeren who don't give a shit about storyline or characters... more like geeks who want to see constant explosions and stupid OTT effects.
  29. El Diablo Cazador de Trofeos
    I've come to a wise conclusion.....(me wise...ha ha) Our ideas, expectations, conepts of what the movie should be really don't matter, I'm sure this guys are doing their best to deliver a great movie, but as always, somebody will liket it, somebody will love it, others will hate it.... as far as I'm concerned, cant' wait to watch it!!! I just hope it's not just a good intention project, like Spawn, man that really sucked....what disappoints me is that McFarlane is producing the AvP action figures...but you can't have it all... the Alien and Predator Movie Maniacs series really sucked.... wouldn't it be great to have AvP on IMAX!!!! Imagine the sixe of those MoFos!!!
  30. cookies
    yeah two aliens fighting each other that cant talk isnt a good movie.  Theres should not be a second avp movie forsure.  I rather see more aliens and pred movies.  I dont think alien should end at 5 but it wouldnt hurt that much if it did.  I think even if reply isnt in a 6th alien movie or whatever then it will be ok.  I do wanna see 5 on earth and 6 on alien home planet... i feel both need to be seen.  As for predator i really wanna see a couple of more movies since preds and humans are really advanced creatures in terms of technology.  Sure preds are more advanced but we will have more numbers.
  31. AdamJZ
    WTF!!!  T3 was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!  and by the way the queen alien in AR was the smae head from aliens, but they gutted it and put in new electronics.  but they are building an entiely new queen for AVP, the most advanced yet! and also I thought that Underworld was really cool, you guys have no taste! evreyone hated alien3, personally I thought that it was just as good as aliens.  The alien in the first movie was too bio organic, it looked like a robot, thank goodnes you only saw it for a little bit, the alien looked good in AR except for the color and the chin, which they have fixed in AVP, so prepare for a classic you STUPID MOTHER F***ERS!!!!!!  Just Kiddning, well the last part   :)  
  32. El Diablo Cazador de Trofeos
    I personally agree with bringer of Death, the alien is way too organic, what about the Biomechanic killing machine originally designed....but I'm sure they couldn't afford Giger,  oh and just for somebody that was making comments on the Alien Resurrection queen, that was the same used on Aliens, they just repainted it and gave it a little makeover.... Anyway, eventhough I like Anderson's work a lot, and I'm a huge fan of AvPand I'm sure the movie will rock! but I don't want to have extremely high expectations, that way if it's just OK I won't get disappointed he happened to me with Underworld, I was expecting so much of that movie that I got really dissapointed, that's just one of those movies that the best part is the Poster!!  Oh an I noticed some guys were talking about Guillermo del Toro, he's an excellent mexican director who originally directed a movie called Chronos about an Alchemist that developed an item that provides eternal life, it's very cool, chek it out, and it actually had Ron Perlman on the cast!  I was actually excited of wathcing Perlman in Alien Resurrection....that movie eventhough it sucks in general has very interesting details, like the designs of the ships, the SFX are very neat, overall the point is that the movie is on it's way!! right now a lot of people are involved and working hard to deliver us a fun watching, thrilling, chilling, espectacular movie, and I dont' care, it will make history no matter what!! and I'll watch it many times in the movie theater, because eventhough I agree that the sound may be better in a Home Theater, I prefer the movie theater experience, super huge Screen, popcorn and ambience!!  Sit back and enjoy the ride!!! Watch OUt!! The aliens and the Predators are almost here!!!
  33. OldEntish
    Wasn't "Bishop" an older model? If anything, he'd built Ash first, or a droid that looks completely different. Or perhaps that's where a twist might come in: a member of the team could be a Synthetic... maybe it's Lex, if she survives.
  34. shakermakerman
    well i aint gunna trust you d.m, cus im allready soprised at what i have seen and to me its just an other alien movie with predators in it....its just like other films with different aliens in. its like saying jarassic park wont work cus of the different dinosours in it.thats why humans are in this movie for the diolog. but hey you your opinion i have mine, but i cant see it not workin if fact it looks like its gelling well to me
  35. d.m of x-static prisoners
    Well im in favour of predator 3 and alien 5. Alien 5 should be called 'alien evolution'. Alien 5 should finish the series once and for all a good storyline, actors and keep it true to the original 'Alien'.   Predator 3 should be made but 'dont' leave it open for another, like in predator 2 at the end. Make it like the original, it will 'sell' but most important it will please the fans, as well as that a trilogy can be released, which would be good.......   I dont think they should make another avp movie. cause it aint gonna work (trust me)
  36. Emporio_Armani
    Hey guys I'm from Germany so I have to wait for this movie till November    >:D    But I'm very excited about this movie because I'm a very huge fan of both franchises!!!  I'm waiting for the Trailer and think that the Trailer would be realesed at the SciFI SHow West COnvertion these days!!!  Emporio from Germany!!!!    8)  
  37. izzet
    Hicks UK i agree with you that T3 sucked ass, it was aimed more at a kids audience. They need to avoid this with AVP, i've read countless times this is for the fans and thats why FOX put one in charge, Anderson. OldEntish, your point is a good one about the Weyland character and how he links in with the Alien franchise, put i cant see him surviving and perhaps he's already devoloped his super intelligent Android line before the Mission, he is a billionaire. And shakermaker, we wont be playing you next season cos you will be in DIV2 next season   ;D   (Nah, kinnear has done a good job with the trees)
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