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Yes, you heard right people. The official AvP website will be updated this weekend but IGN have got an exclusive sneak peek at the new site. Here’s the login information supplied by IGN: User Name: avp
Password: weyland

There, you’ll find new production stills, conceptual art and some very cool desktop wallpapers. What’s more is that a new featurette is coming out very soon so go check out this swish new flash site…

As usual, click read more to see all the new images…
Thanks to “TheStorm” and Maurice for the news.

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Comments: 28
  1. papawhiskey
    It seems everyone is too caught up in the look of the creatures. The look is important to be sure, but remember there is a very heavy plot and story line that director anderson must be faithful to. It seems that by having egomaniac eccentric billionaire thomas bishop weyland as a character, he accomplishes much of this in one move. Nice play. And it shows the pred in predator II has accomplished the right of passage AVP will be about. Perfect place for the predators to pick. A desolated place on an otherwise heavily populated planet.  They can battle the aliens, then play as they choose with 'humans'. This movie will be entertaining to say the least. But remember it must also appeal to more than just the die hard fans of both alien and predator, but the GP as well. Many people wouldn't understand what was going on if it were only inside suggestions and innuendos.  Anderson has taken a huge bite, so we'll have to wait until August to see if he was able to chew it as well.  Don't forget, the story of AVP could show itself anywhere in space. Earth is a small paragraph in a huge book for these killers of the galaxy.
  2. Sensay
    The looping movies ARE scenes from previous movies. Predator 2 and Alien Resurrection.  Someone should screen cap that flash of the Pred with the new mask at the beginning so we can study it a little better!
  3. DeezRock
      ;D   I agree, what an amazing site! I have faith again. in this sea of crappy movie sites, finally someone got it right. NOW, I'm looking forward to the movie. This site is by far the best movie flash site! I keep clicking around on it. It feels very deep and immersive with all the sounds, graphics, video. I can't believe this is a web site I'm surfing. I'm just glad they paid attention to the details and gave AVP fans a blockbuster site like we deserve. I can't wait for the movie. It's going to kick major ASS! Paul Anderson did his homework this time around.   :)  
  4. Veedox
    Andrew David: Couldn't have said it better myself!  I agree totally about Woodruff and Gillis ruining the Alien design just to make it their own. It really pissed me off when I found out those two were doing the AVP movie creatures. Why this need to change the design every movie??? You can chart the de-evolution of the elegant, mechanical Alien design to slimey, meat-crap, cockroach that is in Alien Resurrection. You just watch, there will be some interview where they will tout that these aliens in AVP are "more vicious, aggressive than ever" as if they've never said that before!  I'm totally SHOCKED that they didn't F-UP the Predator design in this one.  They actually left it alone to an extent.
  5. Alex Villalobos
      ???   Damn I just visited the AvP site and man what an experience it was. Ive bin waiting for this movie ever since I was five years old and the Kenner line of AvP action figures came out in 1992 after the Alien 3 movie release im 17 now but I am so happy and exited that this movie is coming out I can not wait for this big event    ;D  
    Your right cookie if i see that little girl kill the queen with that stupid spear i will walk out of the theater,and cry when i walking just like a little girl,because people come ON! this AVP were talkin about,a girl fighting a alien hand to hand COME ON! this isnt star ship troopers! come on!......................................... ...............COME ON! lol.   >:D  
  7. RichardK
    OMG! Nice to see a cool flash site, love the music! and the wallpaper. Man i wish we could get a XP Dekstop theme to go with these wallpapers    ;D  
    That is not an ALien/Predator hybrid in the last backround, this is a predator sculpture that is on the wall of the temple in one of the earlier screen captures  im becoming more and more optomistic
  9. Demonicus666
      ???    I think this movie is going to be great!!  The only thing I hold back on is the design of the Aliens, looks to much like the alien from resurcection.  I dont like it, Anderson should have stuck with the ALIENS design.  I think it would have looked more menacing in the film!
  10. Broken Tusk
    NOOO!!! Lex will kill the Queen and join the Predator Clan! That's a terrible ending!  Other than that, the site kicks ass. I'm sorry I doubted you, my dear Anderson.
  11. Roar Kveseth
    To me it is all about the Predator. The Alien movies are very cool, but the Predator rules. And the reason is the way Kevin Peter Hall "was" the Predator. His movements and grace was so great. I hope he will be pleased with this one. Peace with you Kevin.
  12. cookies
    the alien looks the worse in aliens?  OMG i cant believe how poeple have such different tasts... shitty tast IMO.  Anyway i think its stupid how Lex is fighting the alien queen becuase now it already shows that the movie has some hero bull crap.  Some chick which would crap her pants in real life stand and FOR SURE kills the alien queen in hand to hand combat.  OMG movie is over!  I swear if a pred or something doesnt help her out ill walk out of the theater if she kills the alien queen.
  13. Hunter
    seen the site 4myself now and it looks very impressive, as ALIENS said those 5 months is going to be hard to wait, but if it is half decent i'll be prepared to wait. i said alien resurrections aliens looked awful but their identical in this film! their were shots of them that looked good & scary i spose.    :)  
  14. ALIENS
    who ever has read my comments,i think for once in my life that ,paul is going to do a good job . these pictures look very good,this movie might be a very good aliens and predator film,cant wait 5 months people 5 of the longest months you people will ever wait.   8)  
  15. Hunter or izzet
    The aliens unarguabley look the best in the first film, look shite in the second, the dog/ox alien from the 3rd looks o.k and resurrections are awful! the chins are too pointy and are far too slimy on the bodys. but big thanks to avp galaxy for the news on the new website, avpgalaxy is by far the best!!! + aliens rule, predators suck!   ;D  
  16. Chase
    Did you guys notice in the conceptual drawings of the queen it looks like that's Lex with a spear...that should be interesting in the movie, plus it's cool how it looks like the preds used an alien tail for the tip of the spear
  17. Cookies
    Yes having it come from their mouth is fine but their body is not supposed to be a wet look.  They have endoskeletons.  Man i hate how they design aliens in the new movies.  They look like crap
  18. Andrew David
    It all looks rather camp to me. The posters are awful, just unimaginative photoshop romps. I'd rather have one good poster than a bunch of average ones. The Alien is looking disturbingly close to the ones used in Resurrection
  19. Darkness
    In Reply to Cookies: Yes, there are another set of wallpapers for people with 1280x1024 resolutions but I didn\'t include the links here.  In Reply to Z: The flash of the predator at the beginning is the one with the new mask.
  20. Pvt Hudson
    actually they are supposed to be wet, remember alien and aliens whenever wed get a close up of the alien it would always be dripping wet like aloooooooot! just back then they didnt have the capabilities to keep them wet even in normal shots so they were only wet in the close ups!
  21. Cookies
    LOL  u guys looking at the video of the one where theres a explosion and he shoots his shoulder cannon thing?  Isnt that from predator 2?
  22. Cookies
    WOw i like that pic of the chained up alien queen!  now im really getting excited.  And whats with these resalutions on wallpapers?  who uses 800x600.  Shit man wheres the 1600x1200!  get with the times!   Oh and i think the aliens looks like crap.  Aliens has the best looking ones and they need to be kept that way!!  thats how they should look.  They are not supposed be wet.
  23. Z
    Great update! It really looks like the movie is going to be great and dark... Paul Anderson seems to have given his all for this film and it really looks like he knows what he's going.  In one of the backgrounds on the site with a pred holding his combi stick, it really looks like the one they have in the comics, which means that Paul really did his homework!  P.S.: When you enter the site, there's a small 'flash' of the Scar Pred, look for it... it's so cool!  Long live Z and k!
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