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Production Notes on AvP Movie

The official AvP Movie Website has been updated with a Production Notes page where lots of aspects of the film have been documented. The incredibly long page goes over the storyline, how the alien and predator effects were done, and how Paul Anderson was approached by Fox to direct the film. Then it goes on to discuss the cast and crew in great detail – what they’ve done before AvP and a little about their character etc:

“According to Davis, it was essential to have a director who was plugged into the worlds of both the Aliens and Predators, and no one knew the films better than Anderson. “In addition to being a talented filmmaker, Paul is the ultimate Alien and Predator fan,” says the producer. “He’s seen the original ”˜Alien’ and ”˜Predator’ hundreds of times, and he can recite virtually every scene by memory. The way to make an exciting movie is to begin with a director who’s passionate about the material and has to do it. Paul had to make ALIEN VS. PREDATOR.”

Take a look because it is an interesting insight into Alien vs Predator.
Thanks to Jeff for the news.

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  1. HellAlien
    Well maybe fox did this one 13 to have more $ for gettin big guns on the sequel like cameron or scott or arnold. Who knows what fox will do next. This is a 70 million movie, its not that much at all. Almost a low budget. So fox is trying to put out a good one by gettin more money, then do the sequel that the FANS wants. R, gory, ketchup all over the place, a director that will bring confidence in this, maybe one big actor like arnold to go along with lex.  And i doubt that they will put the sequel far enough in the future for us to c the futuristic guns. Maybe prototypes that r almost like the ones we know.   And they will surely bring back the Aliens model. Or maybe both of the designs. Who knows. would be cool.
    i agree with you HELLALIEN about what you said about AVP. i hope AVP does very well and i hope for a sequel and fox better give the 2nd one a R rating and i want to see it take place after the events of aliens i want to see marines with their pulse rifles, smart guns and a load of weapons thats used in the PC video games of aliens vs predator that would be very cool. the other thing i also i like to see in the sequel the design from ALIENS. like from the comics and the video games.
  3. HellAlien
    MAN!!!!!!!!! Im blind now, but it was damn interesting. Eh eh. This will be goooooooood. That predship will be something to see. And those aliens and preds, man they will kick a$$. I hope that this will be as good as it seem. Cuz if it is, it will become my favorite movie of all time hands down. It will be the first movie that would have beaten Aliens wich in my book was the best sequel/movie of all time.
  4. Predgirl
    Hey thanks there ALIEN WARRIOR and about the time don't believe yahoo too much.  I checked my local theater on there website which is the cinemacenter and they show the movies how long they are.  I checked it out especialy the new movies that came out and the times that yahoo had was all wrong.  They were not correct from what the cinemacenter site had it was right.  So I wouldn't beileve yahoo about the length of the movie.
  5. shakermakerman
    paul is a cool gut but i think you will all agree that in the first behind the seens where he said you will be hard to find any one whos watched these movies as much as him i beg to differ.... cus im one of them and all you guys too
  6. Midian_After_Dark
    ok... My mind is selt a little more at ease. if Lance (Bishop in the AVP/Aliens movies) is confident about this movie then I am.   -Midian
  7. Cetanu
    Can anyone confirm the validity of the 134 min running time for AvP? Or, is it still an 1 hr and 27 min. It better not be that short, PG-13 wasn't a downer, but this movie needs to be two hours at least, nothing shorter than that.
  8. alienworshoper
    i read the novel and the movie sounds pretty kick ass 2 me. im seeig it opening day even though i disagree w/ the pg-13 rating. the book was good and im hoping that if this movie does well there could b a second. that would rule.
    i agree with you Predgirl. i think this movie is gonna be pretty good to see and also its good that the people behind both movies is on board on AVP. i hope AVP does very well at the box office and it does sound really good and lets all give AVP a chance we finally get to see the 2 deadliest species in the universe on the big screen for the first time in over a decade.    8)  
  10. Cthulhu
    Rivers of gore? We dont need another Alien Ressurection. Furthermore... the movie Alien and Aliens did not have "rivers of gore," and they were just fine. AVP is startin to sound true to the other movies before it, keepin a slow, mysterious pace untill the climatic encounter between the three species... just like Aliens.
  11. Predgirl
    Well I read the whole thing and almost killed my eyes.  For what I read this movie might pretty dawm good people.  Especially with people involved with the movie making it just read it and see what I mean.
  12. SFA
    I don't give a flying f**k about the lack of gore in AvP. But the synopsis clearly states 'from two of the scariest franchises ever' . Yes, and you've obviously f**ked it up, because scary films don't have a f**kING PG-13 RATING!!!!!!!
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