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  1. hitman
    from what i can see he is going to be attacked by an alien. a predator would not attack unless he has a wepon because in number one he said that it did not attack her because she wasn't armed, no sport
  2. Mr Blue Vein
    I see no resemblence to Jack!   ;)    It kinda reminds me of the scene in 'Alien' where Lambert is confronted by the Alien. She is scared stiff of it. I bet something sexual is about to go down!
  3. Rusty Nails
    I think that he's mad at Sebastian, who's trying to get it on with Lex. If my memory serves me correctly, then he and Lex have had a previous relationship.  But maybe he spots a predator, who knows? :)  -Rusty Nails
  4. predator2004
    doesn't seem to be intimidated by what he is looking at you can tell that he's a little scared(a lot) by the look of his eyes.

    Ha Ha it's just so funny how he is clinging onto the pillar/wall scared silly just look at his face he's trying to hide his fear.
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