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Three AvP Production Stills!!!

IGN Filmforce have just published a three-page interview with Alien vs Predator director, Paul Anderson and have also published three exclusive high-resolution production stills. The one below features the most clearest shot of a predator from AvP to date:

20040320_01 Three AvP Production Stills!!!

Paul Anderson talks about how post-production is going and some of the difficult scenes involved as well as how the predator vision will look:

“Predator hunts mainly in thermal mode when he’s hunting for humans, obviously he has to shift modes as he did. In Predator 2 you could see that he would shift modes when he was looking for different things, so when he’s in that meat locker and he’s looking for the lights he shifts to infrared. It’s already been established that the Predator can shift to different vision modes and obviously he needs a different vision mode when he’s hunting Aliens than when he’s hunting humans. Aliens are cold-blooded, so they don’t give off the same kind of heat signature that a human does. So we’ve got lots of different levels of Predator-vision.”

Click Read More to see the other two production stills and to hear more about a fire that swept through the set. >>>

20040320_02 Three AvP Production Stills!!!

IGNFF: You guys had a sizeable fire on the set too, didn’t you? ANDERSON: Um, yeah it was a controlled fire, it got a bit big, a bit bigger than it was supposed to be. I have a very good special effects crew, this German crew who also did Resident Evil for me. They kept saying, ‘Well how big do you want the explosion?’ I’d say ‘Really big.’ They’d come back and go, ‘You mean really, really big?’ [and] I said, ‘Really, really, really big.’ Then we did the explosion and it was f***ing humongous. I mean you could see it all the way across Prague…

20040320_03 Three AvP Production Stills!!!

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    hhhhhh man i just want to see that F___kin movie,do you know the pages and pages that i been writing about this SH--t  and its only been 1 month MY GOD.... 5 more of the longest months i think i will ever wait hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .   :-\  
  2. Avp RULES!
    u forget one thing... ALIENS EVOLVE! they evolve to suit the target species EX. if the hive encounters a deadly marine squad that is whooping them pheromones will be emitted by the queen that sends the hives strongest warriors into a molting process..the result in this case would an alien who has a hardened exoskeleton to help with the nasty bullets...and with the predator self-destruct-aliens often spread quickly in the form of a young queen or an alien scout(to search for hosts) in far away areas like ants and bees do in real life so at least ONE alien will live in the movies the humans won cuz duh HELLO its a movie made by guess wat? HUMANS...and the preds have a weakness they bound themselves by honor and that pride could be their downfall cuz but for the movie's sake...YES the preds will win! lol       oh and aliens take out the most powerful vessels first too ( in aliens an alien mounts and disables the dropship) and often facehuggers have the nasty tendency to sneak aboard interspacial aircraft(aliens to alien 3) but in pure honesty the predators will win...they just blow up the dam planet...>_<   :-\  LOL
    people face it in real life,.......we all know what real life is....... right? dont anwser that,anyways the preds would win,people come on they have guns,they have weapons,they know hand to hand combat and tactics that even the best elite tactical teams that are out there in the spec warfare buisness dont even know,preds are not just 10 times smarter than the aliens,when its come even in fighting and advanced tech,but just as strong as the aliens,i mean come on! all a predator has to do is jump in a aliens hive where the queen is and use his self distruct weapon, trust me, the preds have the balls to kill themselfs for there kind,the only REAL reason why some of us want the aliens to win,is because  the aliens movies have been around longer, so we all grew  up to love the aliens more than the preds,we all grew up on the alien film first not the predator films,so some people want the aliens to win, i want the aliens to win,but in real life the preds would win,trust me,its there brains not there bronz that will make them the victors in this war.The only thing that the aliens have on there side is the face huggers,because that can cause world wide infection,but that can all be stoped by the predators self distruct system,the aliens have strength,but the the flaw of the aliens is that they dont think smart enough in wina war,they just go into a room or planet and kill hopless people  with out thought,i mean in the first one the alien kills the crew because they didnt have good weapons,a flame gun,no thats not going to cutt it,but ripley won,aliens 2 ok the marines got killed, because they where ambushed ,but in the end humans won but at a very high cost,ill give that to the aliens ,aliens 3 guys with no weapons but their "brains" killed a alien,humans won again!,aliens 4 ok again they killed some people on a space ship  again,but in the end guess what humans won again!people the aliens might of won a battle but they have not yet won a war,in all of the films the alien films they lost .Now the preds they lost because the films where just un realistic,come oN! a alien that smart  with high tec weapons,i dont think so people, the elite team in predator  movie,would have lost in real life,think about it now,the pred is cloaked you cant see it in day time what makes you think you wll see him in night, all the predator had to do was sneak up on them at night,trust me he would  see the traps that the guys made and killed them all in one big ass blast of light,and the ones who survived would be in  in mass confusion,by one big shoulder canon blast, im not going to get into predator 2,that was just........... wow,a cop that took on a predator and killed it,they cant even take on the gangs in LA let alone a predator,lololol come on people wake UP!.THE PREDSssssssssssssssssssss, P. R .E .D .A .T .O .R. S .will win. and if they dont ,it will be because some people like to live in the the "dream world land", like Paul anderson,and maybe some of you guys.
  4. Avp RULES!
    also predators and humans alike have a weakness...they have to LEARN to fight but aliens are born with this instinct the preds have probably had years of training but most aliens will most likely be like a few days old but if the older aliens combined with their ability to learn will make a hell of an individual warrior havin learned the best ways to attack particular prey however these are educated guesses from facts i have gathered from games, movies and other even more die hard fans so i could be wrong...   :-\  
  5. Avp RULES!
    yo i think yall r bein to quick to judge that the preds will win...after all if youve seen the alien movies u know the aliens are highly adaptive beings capable of learning excedingly quickly and they use stealth so no matter how good a pred plasmacaster is he cant kill wat he cant see comin but any way i am a hardcore fan of both an i have really no idea who could win...guess il wait till the movie hope they dont f***k up the aliens and make em look like dumb animals   >:D  that would screw the whole movie up but its looking pretty good up till now   :)  
  6. predator's rock
    predators are better than alien because alien has no chance.people only like alien better because he looks scaryer but predator has got lots weapons. I AM THE BIGGEST FAN OF ALIENS AND PREDATOR and can not be better than me.   8)     ;D  
  7. smithy
    I think predator is much way better than alien because predator is too hard to kill and alien you can kill easy because alien is shit predator will kick aliens ass anytime anywhere because I am the best predator fan ever and alien and cant wait in till avp movie comes out.
  8. Cheat predator
    I think that AVP will be a hit but it'll do better with guys with guns, the PredAliens, a final showdown with Predator Vs a Eperess and Arnie so thats My idears
  9. Alucard
    By the looks of it, i'd say film will do fine. Xcept for two parts, one is that in which a pred allies with humans...that's crap.    >:D  And second one, i really hope that they will keep their promise and not let any human live, I'm tired of super-human Glovers and Arnolds. Besides that, tis cool.    8)  
  10. sebelton
    predalien i read somewhere that the predators were about to wipe out some alien species but they created the aliens to kill the biological weapons but they killed them and that predators put alien eggs on planets wheres there no worthy creatures to hunt
  11. Predalien
    Wouldn't it be a nice theory that the predators are the ones that created the aliens, after all, the preds use the aliens for their rituals.
  12. sebelton
    sorry for the errors in my last one im not the best typest i dont think they will put a predalien in it but it would be a good idea for a sequel   8)  
  13. sebelton
    i cant wait for the film to be released i like both the alien and the predato but the predators are so much cooler but how could u impregnate a predator when they where the masks to hunt?
  14. ALIENS
    There are afew rules that a director must follow by if they were to make a good aliens or predator film.Dont get me wrong you should always brake the rules like what they did with the matrix, but there are rules that you must obey or else your film will suck ass just like the other ones  anderson did, resident evil .Who ever thought resident evil was a good movie is hands down not a true RE fan,only a real fan would see that movie and say that "it didnt reach its true state of form" not like like the video games reached.I am i huge aliens and predator fan and if anderson does not follow these rules which i hope he did,it wont  matter what you people think, avp movie will SUCK,remember these rules because if anderson brakes anyone of them,guess what the film will suck,trust me, when you all go and watch the film and he brake just one of these 7 rules i made,you will remember that ALIENS was right.SO here are the 7 rules ,"the formmula lol for making a good avp movie"    1) it must not have a good cast,but a GREAT cast! 2) complex and interresting characters. 3)VERY DARK,and scary,not dark as in "lighting",i mean dark as in the setting of the film,the flow of it,the energy of the story and how its revealed in the film. 4) It must have great action and scary music in it,trust me, music is ONE! of the most important elements in any film,if you dont have good music in your film,it will suck. 5) A shockying ending or a realy big action packed ending,all of the aliens and predator movies all had one of those two at the end. 6) IF the action scenes and effects dont surpass the last films we saw,guess what,IT WILL SUCK! 7)last one,this is avp people, this film must not be low budget,it needs to have BIg sets! and not small ones,alien one had big sets,aliens 2 REALY had big sets,aliens 3 took place in a big jail alot of chase scenes were in it,and aliens 4 was big all over the place when it came to the computer 3d sets they made,This is aliens ,its a big story that needs big sets because    aliens and predator is huge world not a small one   :D     ;D   and i just know that anderson has broken just one of them heheheheheheheh 5 months people 5 months.
  15. Predalien Leader
    WTF i think there will be a predalien in the movie cause it would be so cool to see a predator to be facehuged!. I donno What you people are talkin about but the movie is gonna rock!PS.When is the movie coming out for canada?  >:D  
    id have to say, i agree with Z on everything accept the Alien/Predator hybrid..... regardless of following trends, i believe strongly that anderson will inject a hybrid into the story.
  17. Predator fan.
    The Predator is the MAN! (even though he aint a man) but still... you know  BILLY: "Theres something out there waiting for us, and it aint no man"
  18. Predator fan.
    Im with the predator all the way! i just love the concept of the predator! THIS MOVIE GONNA ROCK! and for you who doesnt agree. go watch teletubbies or whatever. PS: in the game AVP2, why is it so easy to kill a predator? its totally f**ked, the predator is a mighty being!  full respect!    8)     8)     8)     8)  
  19. Hunter
    anyone got any idea for the budget of this movie and how much it should target to make in the US? because alien4 was made for something like $80million and made nearer $50million!!!! i know it did o.k elsewhere but if it does crap in the US that would harm any chance of a sequel.   :-\  
  20. Z
    All this is all nice and all, but most of your stories don't make much sense... I know they're what you could call "Quick works", but there are so many holes in them that they lose all credibility...  The idea that Dutch would come from nowhere and ally himself with Wayland is just silly... First of all, he would probably be pretty traumatised from his previous encounter with the pred, he lost all his comrades and he almost got killed... Plus, what the heck would he be doing there ( why would he be there, in the middle of nowhere? ). I know there are already some commandos there to protect the scientists, but he's on a team that was specialized in 'rescue missions', and there, they're supposed to do research... Also, Dutch probably hates the preds as all his team / friends got killed by one. So, there would be no reason for him to ally with the preds... even if there was an alien 'overrun'.  I don't think that Dutch would just decide to go kill the Alien Queen with the preds, as he doesn't really care for trophies and sport. He would probably be more concerned about getting every human out and then having the place nuked or something... as he probably knows that he wouldn't be much help to the preds. It's also not like he's likely to trust them!  Putting very well known actors in the movie would also probably only 'divert' the attention from the more important part of the story, which is the actual ALIEN vs PREDATOR part... humans are supposed to have a secondary role in all this, no need for superstars. The humans are only there to offer a P.O.V. that is more easy for us to relate to and to be able to understand a bit better the story.  Concerning the Predalien, I know that it's been mentionned in one of the earlier interview that there was a 'box' on which there was written something like "hybrid"... but seriously, I kinda doubt that there's going to be a predalien in the movie and I'll tell you why:  First of all, if there were a predalien, it would 'take away' some importance from the 'Alien vs Predator' part, as most people are there to see those 2 battle it out... come on, it's the first movie! It would be stupid of them to put all the 'juicy' and fun stuff in this film! I know it would be amazing to actually see a predalien on film, but I think it should be kept for the second movie ( it would be a good reason to make an AvP2 ). For now, it would satisfy me to see the battle between Aliens and Preds as well as seeing how they will deal with the situation, the environment, the queen and the presence of humans... that's a lot! Don't you think that adding anything more would only force Paul to sacrifice quality for quantity? I think that with all the elements that we have now, we have enough to make an amazing movie!  Remember Mortal Kombat 2? They made that exact mistake in it... they wanted to put SO MUCH stuff in it ( to please everyone ) that they ended up with... well, you know what :P  The more characters you put in, the harder it is to give each of them unique, deep and interesting backgrounds, etc. I'm not saying that I want the Predalien to have a story all by itself, but I think it would be cool to give it an important role and have it be a real challenge to each species... something that would be of a different 'order' than the Queen. Heck, there could be only 1 throughout all the movie, but maybe it could be sneeky and hard to kill... and also massive! :D  *Note: About the Space Jokeys story... I think that some of you give WAY to much importance to those guys... they were only there to show how scattered / widespread in the universe the Aliens are and what they are capable of. Also, it makes the story more misterious, as they got a 'distress signal' and when they arrived, everyone was dead...  Also, the Space Jokeys DID NOT create the Aliens ( and that is a FACT ), they are but mere victims on the long list of the Aliens. Otherwise, they would've propably have come up with something more efficient to control them... they probably simply discovered them on a planet or something and eventually got killed by their finding!  Long live Z and k!
  21. the one
    i am on dutchs side on where he says that it shit that the predators team up with the humans cause thats SHUT i what to see the humans to be on there own and the predators be on there own cause it would make this movie so cool but i hate where dutch says that it would not be a good idea to have a predalien on the movie because it would be soooooooooo cool to see a predalien on the big screen and i would like to see the predators face a predalien or two or three etc.  ps: they better have a predalien on that movie because the aliens are finally making a movie with predators and it would just be cool to show a predalien on the movie and cause i would like to see one in a movie.    ;D  
    i agree,dont bash the movie, we are simply giving our opinion on the stills..... anderson said he has the same crew that worked on R.E. however, i didnt think the "licker" if that what its called, at the end of R.E looked all that great. this movie needs good special effects
  23. Dutch
    this movie looks fecking brilliant i cant wait 2 c it but i think the idea of a predalien is bad its a big gamble but who knows but i really hope its not some cheesey sh**t where the predators team up with humans and they fall for eachother that wil b pure horse dung but apart from that it looks awesome
  24. Hunter
    i think the stills look awesome and am confident Anderson will finally deliver, iv'e seen the teasers and short featurette and read all his interveiws and his ideas are dark and entertaining like Ridley scotts or James cameron, and bloody october!!! i aint waitin that long unless someone can offer me a lift to the usa for the august release date. Aliens are better than predators too, predators are puffs.
  25. gaz
    gaz   ;D   it looks really cool doesn't it - i had heard that Alan Silvestri was doing the score. It's a shame he's not doing it but as long as it's orchestral then coolio!...I'm in the UK but I'll be in the US in Aug at the time of release so.......I'll be there!!!!!!!  I hope it's as great as it looks in the promo pics!!!
  26. PrEdMan
    This movie will be so good that you will watch it as many timesin a day as possible and buy it the day it comes out it will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo awsome i waited for T3 loved it i have all alien movies and the comics and i dont care if it sucks or not i love it more than anymovie ever made soooooooo SHUT UP WITH the movie is going to suck cause of the pics the pics the pics who cares stupid wanna be alien or pred fans
  27. Aliminator
    Z and K, we meet again at last my friends!!!! how be you both!?!!! these pictures do look great alright eh? i really do hope anderson justifies this matchup, its been too long rumoured and in the works for it to be damned! - ILL BE BACK    ;)  
  29. Aliminator
    If any of you thinks alien own predator, you are wrong!!! aliens can screw themselves with their tails! predators own aliens with spear and shoulder plasma cannon!!
  30. bob
    Alien and Predator Rules!!!!!! They are the coolest Moviecreatures of all Time. I think Fox will not destroy the Cult of the two, because they know  if the Fans dont like this one they dont need to continue with Alien5 and Predator3!!! And that means: No Money in the Future! hehehehe.
  31. sabin1981
    Ooops, just one more thing... I was seriously gonna give this a miss because I was worried about CGI <   >:D   > ala; Resurrection and The Hulk... however, in an intervied with Anderson, he has promised to keep CGI to a minimum! w00t!    ;)  
  32. Sabin1981
      :)     ;D     :D     8)    OMGOMGOMGOMG! I don't care WHO is directing this film, it combines the greatest warriors in movie/comic history! It'll rock!!!!  Although I'm an Alien fan all the way, they kick screeching ass!   :)  
  33. Dark Angel
    Well I guess that the guy in the first pic is dead in about 2 sec. That guy must have done something very stupid in the movie and know tries to make it good by fighting the predator.    ???  
  34. beeko
      ;D   1st time in the forum the stills look great least in his interview he mentions the best 2 alien films in alien & aliens, he could be on a winner
  35. hardcorenort
    i too was sceptical about paul anderson directing this movie i am a huge fan of aliens and predator. any 1 who is worried shouldnt be the main thing that would have f***ed this film up is cheesy cgi shots like in resurrection, however there will be hardly any in the film the trailer is awesome and fills me with confidence that this film will b legendary. all the people involved r huge fans of the both franchises and they will give us what we want to see stop worrying people this film will blow us away if u read the ign interview they spent 2 months doing a 3-4 minute fight scene thats called commitment to making a film work.
  36. Nik
    DimensionW the man with the wep does die because look at the other pics u can see a the pred standing by a dead body, and to aliens are looking at a man by the mans body.
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