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Three New AvP Clips

Three new clips from Alien vs Predator have been posted on IGN FilmForce – the first shows Weyland talking about the expedition, then the second clip is a compilation of scenes but the new one is seeing Adele Rousseau facehugged. Finally, the third shows Verheiden fall down a hole, breaks is leg and encounters an Alien.

20040811_12 Three New AvP Clips

Download: Seven Days Ago… | Did You Hear That? | Get Me Out Of Here

The quality of these clips is not so good but you can find screenshots of all the new scenes on the next page. Thanks to CelticPredator for the news.

Seven Days Ago…

20040811_01 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_02 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_03 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_04 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_05 Three New AvP Clips

Did You Hear That?

20040811_06 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_07 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_08 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_09 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_10 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_11 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_12 Three New AvP Clips

Get Me Out Of Here

20040811_13 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_14 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_15 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_16 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_17 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_18 Three New AvP Clips

20040811_19 Three New AvP Clips


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    man they must really like that weapon,those guys are all carrying the g36 assult rifles with a mock laser site with a folding stock ,i believe its a 5.56 mm by 45,and that was really stupid that they gave them the desert eagles,they should have gave them more of a spec ops type of pistol like the usp socom or another differrent type of weapon that real armed forces carry with them on real missions, but it still looks good.   ;D  
  2. Variable
    G-Dog dont listen to ByJove. The book states the weapons are MP5's (which are the rifles) and Desert Eagle ( which is mosly as pistols. Yes only 48 hours. I have to watch all the alien and the pred movies by then. Now for some badnews. I am going to the Egyption Movie Theater in Maryland for the premeir and I will be away form home until tuesday. I wont have an early report you guys.    :-\   I have to check if my cell phone can get onto this site. If anyone lives in the Maryland area and wants to meet me at the theater go to the midnight screening in the first theater its playing at. I will be sitting in the back.
  3. Heavy Metal Spike
    I've got to the point where I don't dare look at anything other than headlines here now - too worried that I'll have no surprises left when I see the actual movie!  Great job though darkness - keep up the good work - I'll watch the blimmin' things AFTER Friday afternoon!  ................. 48 hours (exactly) to go    ;D     ;D  
  4. ByJove
    The guns are M-16 type 2s rifles, developed for the US Airborne/Paras (am a Brit so don't know your military that well). Pistol looks like a Smith and Western. Anyone know what date the film is out in the UK please? Thanks!
  5. thinkugotachance
    well the thing about the novel is that you see the preds/aliens fighting right off the bat...although pa has already stated that you wont see them til about halfway into the film or so because of "character development" but the novel kept me glued to it, i couldnt put the damn thing down and read it cover to cover in one session
  6. sexualpredator
    i agree the sob line is ok bein said to an alien.  No One has had anything positive to say about the novel! Does it just suck? Will the movie suck if it is exactly the same? Are there even enough creature scenes in the movie or have we already seen a little of everything? Also, someone come up with an answer on what kind of firepower the team has
  7. Jack244
    Also I can really accept him saying Ugly SOB because he's saying it to an Alien while Ugly mother f**ker is a trade mark line to a Predator, which he is not facing.
  8. El Demonio Cazador
    Does anybody agree that hte line "You ugly son of a bitch" doesn't sound as lame in the clip as it does in the trailer? I think part of the proble is that it's oout of context and edited so it looks like he is thinking what to say  but in the clip looks more natural....  Just a thought
  9. Pvt Hudson
    i think hecklers or something of the sort! you get a really good one of max stafford (colin salmon) holding one in some behind the scenes footage during the hbo special!
  10. J
    You are right Dogman. Its alright for all you folk who are about to see it soon but for the rest of us its a different matter. After the films finished am worried that SO many of the fans are going to say alot about the movie, letting out KEY information. NOW DON'T GET ME WRONG, I want to hear from the rest to know how it pans out, its probably more the video clips here and there that are becoming abit to much.   I'm just anxious to see it thats all, the waiting part is so hard ...    ... so   blasted hard.
  11. sexualpredator
    well, that will definitely satisfy me

    hey, i havent seen a very good pic of the weapons the security team uses. anyone kno what kinda guns they have?
  12. G-Dog
    I think they're showing us too much to tell you all the truth. I mean, the book didn't have that many fight scenes and by what I've seen, the clips that they have shown us are EXACTLY as in the what does that tell you? Hope the movie is not like the book because if it is, then we pretty much seem a good deal, although short clips of the good shit. At the same time though, I have a feeling that there are a couple of surprises in store for us. The queen, there's not much action with her besides he chasing the people in the book, so hopefully they (FOX or whoever) didn't write the novelization exactly as the movie is going to be...........that would suck because for those that have it, we know everything now. In an interview, somone said that ".....there are at least 7-8 minute fights in the movie."  Now, I took that as: there are 7-8 fights that are 1 minute long??? or there are fights (qty?) that are 7-8 minutes long! Anyone have anything to add to this??
  13. sexualpredator
    hope we're not all ruining it for ourselves. hope theres still plenty of surprises in store to awe us. i'll be completely content if the preds just get enough screen time!
  14. thinkugotachance
    paul saved some cash by doin more practical things rather than cgi, i bet that bastard had been so busy with all that he forgot all about cgi so hes pushin it the last couple weeks to get it done! but ah well, its lookin pretty damn good from what ive seen. these clips follow the novel exactly, has anyone heard anything about the whole movie doing the same thing?
  15. Variable
    I dont know if you guys relize this but this is the first time the Predator has been on the big screen in almost 14 years! Look how much they  changed. They move alot faster the cloak is better looking. The alien was on the screen in 97 and earler this year with the Alien DC rereleased in theaters but this movie makes them both look great.
  16. sexualpredator
    PA wouldnt have used shitty CGI in this movie cuz he didnt wanna F it up

    i think the Face Off clip probably demonstrates the level of effects used in this film
  17. G-Dog
    This is NO Alien Ressurection!!! The CGI in this movie far surpasses that of all the Alien and Pred movies! damn people stop bitchin'. The CGI in this movie was well done for what I have seen.........
  18. Variable
    "Do you want a peice of me you ugly son of a bitch?" lol that was great. From what Ive seen there is some good acting in this movie. I keep reading its 1h 40m minutes. I checked my local listings when I ordered my tickets to the midnight screening at the Egyption Theater. I'll time it but I dont think it will be less than that. Me if you are right than its just under 2 hours. That would be good.
  19. hunterkiller
    it's going to be awesome. feel for u guys that have to another month or so. Bad cg? Alien Ressurection had bad cg. I hope this is no A:R
  20. Fresh Alien Terds
    Yes this movie has plot points that directly resemble other movies: Hiring help for the journey: Jurassic PArk Shifting Pyramid: 13 Ghosts Aliens attack Verheiden from front and sides: Velociraptors  Gill Pred gets killed:  Aliens But so what.  I don't care about this.  The only thing I hate are plot holes, weirdness(like Gedimen in AR), and bad CGI.
  21. LyricalPharaoh
    more spoilers.  ok this time i thought the "you ugly sonofa..." line was humorous.  sorry but Lathan is so over the top in the "seven days" scene. i just think some of these scenes shouldnt be scene without the complete movie.  im afraid this movie isnt going to be so enjoyable after seeing so much of the movie. i think by just seeing the clips you can ascertain just about every conclusion in this movie. oh well. shouldnt have taken a look,i really doubt this movie, but im actually glad this movie is running off schedule-more time to fine tune.  this movie still needs ALan Sylvestri's Predator THemes though.
  22. G-Dog
    Cool shit. Two more days for the movie; and tomorrow is the AVP FOX special at 8pm!!!!!!!  and bad CGI?? are you f-king serious????? god........
  23. DaveAVP
    i want this film to be good more than anything but certain things are looking bad for the film.  1 - are reporting 1 hour 27 mins run time (too short to get any depth to the story) 2 - The novel of the movie was very basic and shallow with a rushed feeling which will possibly carry to the film 3 - All this talk of over editing and the film not being ready for the premier + the PG 13 certificate are all negative. we can only hope that they dont mess it up
  24. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Grifth, I'm still gonna see this movie and I'm really hyped for it, but I hope this "glitch" is fixed. I want perfection with this movie    ;)     ;D     :D  
  25. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Somebody, I do hope this is not the final editing. With looking frame by frame at it, the clamping part goes too fast. In 1 frame it still flies in front of her, the next frame it's already completely attached (and looks like bad CGI imo). I thought all the fingers were symmetrical, which is not realistic enough for me.
  26. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    343: "I do not agree, Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs. I thought it looked wonderfull! Topnoth CGI. And it's just a part of it." Just look at the part where the facehugger flies in front of Adele (camera behind the facehugger) and it clamps itself on her face, FRAME BY FRAME. That looks like some bad CGI imo.    ;)  
  27. WB
    Great clips.    I love Lex's fear, especially since at that point she probably knows full well what the Aliens are capable of.  Also, the clips are low quality.  We even see parts that are included in the Gill Predator getting impaled, and the Quicktime versions of those scenes are so beautiful.  It is great seeing early scenes go through revisions with CGI being added and wires removed.
  28. C4RN4G3
    Only watched the first and the last one, second one Ill watch  later, btw, the line that Verheiden says when he sees the aliens, didn't he says that to a predator in the trailer or something? Or is it just me    :)   great clips btw, like you guys said, great acting especially in the third.
    that facehugger is pretty sweet    once they get the darker lighting on it it will look perfect  the slime used on the aliens on this movie is much more improved from ar  it is much less runny and clings to the alien like the slime used on the queen in aliens
  30. Somebody
    In the clip where Verheiden falls, and shit, that's good acting, with the screaming and stuff.  Also, I don't really know what to say about Adele getting facehugged.  It looked "not real"...dunno.....I dreank too much coffe, sorry guys    ;D    Other than that, AWESOME
  31. 343
    I do not agree, Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs. I thought it looked wonderfull! Topnoth CGI. And it's just a part of it. (See the picture.) The rest of the facehugger (90 %) is the real deal.   I didn't see it was CGI till you brought it up, landgenoot.
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