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Two more question and answers have been added to the AvP Xtreme Desktop this evening. And no, unfortunately, Paul Anderson either wasn’t available to comment or just didn’t want to comment on the film’s certificate. Instead, the first question is about the film’s score while the second is about how the creature sound effects were made for both the alien and the predator:

“All Predator and Alien sounds were gathered especially for AVP using the latest digital recording technology. A specially developed tungsten carbide microphone was built for our sound designers that could deal with the high level of noise each of the species made and ensured a high degree of protection from various acidic fluids they excreted. Most of the Alien recordings were made early in the morning in the open usually from one of the various reinforced compounds they were kept in during filming.”

The questions answered in full are on the next page.
Thanks to TheOutcast for the news.

2004-07-15 – Aliens rule in the end! from Delaware

Q) One of the things that I feel the 3rd and 4th Alien films lacked was some of the original score from both Alien and Aliens. Will this film have the classic tunes from Alien, Aliens, and Predator as well as some new score material?

A) We are not re-using score from Alien, Aliens and Predator but we are heavily influenced by them. The score for AVP will fuse the desolation and sparseness of the original Alien, with the kick ass feel of the action cues from Aliens and Predator 1.

2004-07-15 – breezedude from Rialto, California

Q) The sound effects for the predator and alien are incredible. How were the predator linguistics and sound effects for the alien created?

A) Recording sound for AVP:
All Predator and Alien sounds were gathered especially for AVP using the latest digital recording technology. A specially developed tungsten carbide microphone was built for our sound designers that could deal with the high level of noise each of the species made and ensured a high degree of protection from various acidic fluids they excreted. Most of the Alien recordings were made early in the morning in the open usually from one of the various reinforced compounds they were kept in during filming. Essentially Aliens are more dangerous at night, so recording them in the early morning sun allowed a degree of safety for the sound designers as the Aliens were at their least active period. In order to get the full range of vocal noises Aliens produce, the microphone was hidden inside a turkey and swung from a boom arm 20ft above the compound. Turkeys are the Alien equivalent of our bar snacks, and they become very animated and vocal when one was swung out of reach above their heads. After a couple of weeks enough material was gathered for the film and could be sent back to the sound rooms for further sonic enhancement.

The queen proved to be a tricky customer for additional sound work, as she needed to be kept at low temperatures in an industrial freezer, which unfortunately was too noisy to make any recordings. Fortunately, she took an instant dislike to our German editor who kept running dangerously close to her eggs during rehearsals allowing us to get plenty of new growls and roars.

Predators need to be decloaked for any recordings to take place, which presented one huge problem if anyone came near them with a microphone as they immediately cloak into attack mode making recording futile. Fortunately a Predator spear left on this planet several years ago had a radio microphone hidden inside it and tactfully left near a predator ship. The spear was taken on board by one of the Predators and noises picked up by the spear were burnt onto CD at the satellite receiving station used in the movie.

How to make an Alien cry:

Alien growls and roars are made from a wide selection of sounds. The main element in any alien cry is generally a pig squeal. Depending on what an alien is doing a variety of other sounds can be added to this. The palette of sound used on AVP included snakes, zebras, monkeys, horses, the human voice, and even a rabbit. All these sounds were synthesised together and the pitch and length were altered to fit the picture. Further processing was used to disguise the characteristic of the original sound. Depending on the situation low frequency or sub-bass sounds were added to give power to the sound. These were made mainly from slowed down human noises recorded by the sound team which were combined with pitch shifted animal calls. At any point a choice of three different sounds could be drawn upon to create the necessary power required for the shot.

How to make a predator purr:

Predator sounds were recreated from scratch, but had to retain the recognizable language of purrs and clicks defined by previous films with a more updated feel. The distinctive clicking sound is created when someone vibrates their throat whilst trying to immatate a cat purr, or gargling. To enhance this sound recordings were made with various liquids in the sound teams mouths to give different tonal qualities. After this process, the sounds were changed in pitch and length then enhanced using a sonic resonator, which made them bright enough to cut through in the mix. These calls were then merged with a variety of animal sounds such as Tigers, Lions and Elephant roars which gave them a more bassier warrior type of sound.

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  1. topman
    paul anderson will not answer any questions about the rating because he really cant answer the question. the best way would if you meet him on a one on one bases. i wathched terimnator 3 last night( i live in the UK) and they said the f**k word a couple times and it is a 12 certificate! weird. our rating system is much more easier than the ones in USA. im still confused about the rating for AVP. will it be a 15 certificate in the UK?
  2. J
    Bringa of Death, theres only so much he can give about this movie without giving EVERYTHING AWAY!!   ???      he'll let us know in time everything about this film, soon.
    i always wonder what kind of sounds they used for the aliens and predators. but the question is why didnt paul anderson explain that he was doing a PG-13 and i agree with everyone on this site. i heard also that the exorcist prequel is gonna get an NC-17 or R rating. also this new movie coming out next month called Open Water and it has a R rating and to me that movie doesnt even look like a R movie it looks more like a PG-13 but our movie that we Alien and Predator fans been waiting for years is gonna be a PG-13 and it should been either a strong R or a NC-17. i think AVP would been really awesome for it being NC-17 but i am still going to see AVP to see the 2 most deadly species in the universe fighting each other.    ;D     8)  
  4. Galmorzu
    While I agree that it would have been better to get some of the questions we are all wanting to see get answered, I'm not suprised that this is what we get.  It's standard premovie release stuff for the average person interested in it.  We'll probably get more detailed things eventually though.
  5. Bringer of Death
    I dont mean to sound like a Cookies or nothing but what lame questions and of no real signifigence, and whos to know if this is even anderson himself answering these, for all we know it could be his uncles brothers, best friends gay lovers dog that answers these things.Im sorry but reading that was pretty retarded to say the least, sure its done in a comedic aproach, but thats not what i want right know.In the illustrius words of Red Foreman,..........  " what a dumb ass! ".These questions are even being answered like there intended for a freaking pg 13 year old.I was expecting good knowlegable questions and more so the answers after seeing the profesionalism of that sweet looking behind the scenes book thats coming out, but instead got pointless questions with rediculous answers, ya its kinda cool to find out how some of the noices were made but who realy gives a sh!t about that stuff when theres more important questions to be asked like....................................   how long could you say the movie will be  do you have a sequel in mind if this ones a hit and if so do you already have ideas for it if you will be involved in the 2nd one  will there be a few surprises in store that we havnt seen or read about in the trailers/featurettes and the novel  does the novel come close to the actual movie in being a scene for scene telling  why did you go with the alien res designs when you kept saying that the design for the aliens in this would be inspiered by the Giger/Scott alien design  what kind of new weapons will we see in this othere than the throwing stars  will the older weapons be in this like the old throwing disk, wrist cannon, etc.  and a slew of other way more important questions should have been asked and answered for us
  6. Baseman
    Set up for disappointment:  You know, I think it can be a good thing to think that this movie will suck, because then you will not have your expectations too high (b/c no matter who made this movie, where, when, why how, us true AVP fans know that it can never be as good as the one we have already written and directed in our heads).  And when we see the movie, and it is half-way decent, we will walk out the theater like this   :)    But then again, don't bash the movie so much that even if the movie is good, you are still going to hate it just b/c of the rating and/or the director/producer.  Whatever.
  7. HellAlien
    Well these r not primordial questions but they r still interesting to read and funny .  I would love to see that guy gettin to the eggs while the queen is lookin at him saying " you will die soon, believe me you will " Ahahaha. It was great from PA. He has humour. Its cool to know how they did the sounds. cool info.   This will be great, i would love to c him answer better questions but we will not hear from that rating and its better that way. We will c The truth in the movie, and we will not be disapointed Im sure.
  8. Setiana
    Sweet. I always wanted to know how they did the alien and predator sounds. And I think it was pretty funny how he introduced it. Good for him. At least he's taking the time to read letters and answer fan questions.   So what if he's avoiding a rating question? What does the rating really matter? It'll probably be gorier then we think. There's a lot of PG-13 movies out there that have a surprising amount of gore and violence, and scary moments. LotR is a good example for violence and freaky moments, but it isn't a gore fest. PG-13 doesn't automatically mean kiddy movie.   I'm just happy they made AvP, and so far, it doesn't look completely retarded. Sure there are a few things that make me cringe, and yes I do consider myself a big fan, but... it's just a movie. You can love it, you can hate it. It's just his interpretation of AvP. Everyone sees it differently. I wish people would stop thinking Anderson took the job just to piss people off...  I think if he'd had control, it'd be R for sure. But let's remember, it's Fox who's in charge. They want money, just like every other stupid Hollywood company. Money money money. Pg-13 means more people can go see it. They want to rake in as much cash as they can. They don't care about the fans or PA's desire to make it gory and true to the other movies. They just want as much money as they can possibly squeeze out of it.   I do wish they'd thought of a better plot though.  Wish they'd done it in the Aliens time frame. Maybe the sequel. I want to see MARINES darn it, with pulse rifles. Not silly scientists and clumsy security team people.   Oh well... I'm just happy they made a movie at all.
    Theres still a chance,AVP has a chance for being a classic gold mine for the future of Aliens and Predator,thanks god hes putting in god music,i own the alien 2 and 3 soundtrack,and the score is great,music is very important to a film,music can evoke a strong mood thank god hes not putting in rock music! hearing Korn in the back round awhile a predator shoots up the place hahahahahah,that would be very stupid,good thing he is using good classic music. Music is one of the most important elements to a film,and the sound effects too.
  10. J
    U know it makes sense Dogman    ;D   theres only so much the man can answer.  Don't worry, am sure when the RIGHT time ocurrs he'll answer ALL the questions people been curious about.   8)  
  11. Galmorzu
    G-Dog:  Yeah, but I just couldn't help but make that Dana reference (Church Lady).  It just seemd like the perfect opportunity.     ;D    Wasn't the first one rated NC-17, though?  Or maybe it was the last one?  I saw a couple of the in-between ones and they weren't that bad at all (pretty tame actually)
  12. G-Dog
    A man's got to take a hit sometime bro. J, got me on that one dawg. Just curiosity bittin' at me you know? its all good though. And CelticPredator, screw you....  just playing, all good man, we'll back off your homie, its not like he did a fuc-ed up job with the movie. We'll see the outcome of it.

    Galmorzu, NO SHIT it deals with satan! I expected an R rating for Ex, to tell you the truth even though it deals with the above. That it is being rated NC-17 got me by surprise still. (don't as me why it just did damn it!    ???    )
  13. Galmorzu
    I have to say that I thought these questions were pretty interesting, too.  I love this kind of technical stuff, and so would the average person checking this out, I'd imagine.  The typical movie-goer isn't going to be looking up a Q&A and say, "Alright, now why didn't the bastard rate it R!  My life is ruined."  No, they want to know neat behind the scenes stuff, and this is just like what they did for the first Jurassic Park, and like I said, I love this type of behind-the-scenes information.  Also, I'm thinking Exorcist got an NC-17 rating because, oh I dunno, it deals with SATAN??  (Thank you Dana Carvey!)
  14. El Demonio Cazador
    I thought his answer was really funny... I'm still laughing!!'s a clvere way to avoid our true concerns.... PG 13... Come on Paul... Do you have the balls to accept that you did it more for the money and the credit  than for the fans?  I hope he doesn't answer: "Well...Fox turned the Alien Queen against me so I really didn't have a choice...besides... the Union of Preds almost went on strike because they didn't got to kill as many humans as they would've liked... so It was a though decision for me....."  Dumbass.....
  15. CelticPredator
    i wanted to know how they made a predator prr. he has no explation for the pg13 rating, plus he cant say that cuz the fox people wont let him, its not his desktop its fox's. paul rules, and we know it cuz he made this movie with respect. so stop trashing him.
  16. J
    What is it about ' fans ' that like trashing the guy for all sorts of reasons and then when any type of new footage is released your all phrasing him, licking his bottom out good and proper. YUK!  G-Dog, AM DEFINATELY SURPRISED AT YOU BRO! theres only so much P.A. can say about the film without releaseing too much information ( besides, thats why his doing that special on FOX )   Everything this guy says is upon this movie is news.  DAMN! HE MADE THIS MOVIE, ITS UP TO HIM WHAT HE WANTS TO SAY PRYER TO THE FILM!  ( don't worry bro, still respect ya,    ;D  )
  17. J
    This man mosdef. has his head screwed on correct. He seems to know this film inside out and knows EXACTLY how to produce the right pitch sounds.  Its even more fitting that he always kept using the influences of which the original movies were best at, simply great.  ALREADY I FEEL THAT THIS FILM HAS ' CLASSIC ' WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.   ;D    Now FOX, after the movies sucess don't let us have to wait years and YEARS for the sequel!
  18. G-Dog
    I think he is going to avoid that question. I hope not though,  I want to know what he has to say about it.  And WHO THE HELL CARES about how they made the sounds of the Predator or Alien damn it? Like there weren't any better questions than those?    >:D  
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