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New AvP Xtreme Desktop

The Official AvP Website has been updated with a new Xtreme Desktop for Alien vs Predator. The ‘interactive desktop environment’ features a lot of cool stuff – all the trailers and featurettes can be accessed from your desktop and a lot of new wallpapers will be released in these coming weeks. You may also remember the Alien Quadrilogy and Alien Director’s Cut Desktops released last year from Xtreme Desktops.

Download: AvP Extreme Desktop (13MB)

20040711 New AvP Xtreme Desktop

Thanks to Jeff and Izzet for the news.

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Comments: 39
  1. AlienHive UK
    Disgruntled. your system may not conform to the 'minimum requirements'. it's too bad cause you're missing out on a super cool interactive download environment for AVP. My suggestion to you is to go over to a friend's house and download it. Check out what it is you're missing out on. If you want it bad enough, you should probably clean out your system and reinstall your Windows XP operating system. Alot of people have skanky settings that mess up these installations. I'm a freelance computer technician and most of the time the problems I see clients complain about stem from people messing up their operating system somehow. As you're well aware. it's not hard to junk up the Windows operating system. good luck!
  2. Disgruntled
    I downloaded the AVP XD file, I recieved it via e-mail from Fox (I have subscribed to foxes mailing list so whenever theres updates on AVP I'll get them) I run the file to install the XD. After installation all I seem to get is the standard windows theme with a realy crappy Extreme Desktops wallpaper, when I meant retro wallpaper I meant as it was all blocky, with a lucida console type font saying "Extreme Desktops" Its apparently meant to install some kick arse theme but all I get is as I said, a normal windows theme with a crappy XD wallpaper.
  3. AlienHive Uk
    The Xtreme Desktop for Alien Quadrilogy can be gotten to through the AVP XD. if you click on the XD logo, and go to skins, you'll see all kind of goodies. If you have yet to download any XD, you can find the alien quadrilogy XD here...  Hey Disgruntled, you're not making much sense. I'd like to help but not sure what it is you're asking for.  Good luck!
  4. Disgruntled :<
    Nice to see everyone has there Extreme Desktop working. I get an official mail from fox about it (subscribed) and it installs fine, giving me wait, a lovely retro oldschool commodore 64 wallpaper advertising Extreme Desktops. Can some please let us in on what we're doing wrong or is this illegal false advertising? Wow cool...AVP desktop....Oh damn, fals 8 8bit pixel wallpaper. I'm using Windows XP Prof with SP2 if that helps. Please, someone must know a solution, I'm sure theres lots of us out there who would love to but can get it to work.
  5. Nik
    ok i was lookin at the questions and anwser to paul anderson and the 1st question was what has your history been with these characters? and paul anderson replied exactly what he sayd in the behind the seens video.
  6. Jonatron
    Wow, this XD is great !!!!!!!!!!!! Especially the little movie sequences when you change the Desktop ;) To Good Vibration: Aliens live forever?!
    I can not connect to the internet with this XTREME Desktop...somebody else got the same problem!?!?  I can't watch the trailers and all the stuff...please help!!
  8. AvP_Predator_7
    This is so kool. I can't wait for the movie,really i hav ebeen waitin for this movie like all of my life.            GO PREDATOR'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hell Alien
    ... this is the coolest thing you could get on ya PC!!!!!!!!!!  AVP RULE !!!!!!!!!!  its so damn cool, i will look at it again and again. oooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaah.
  10. Ermac
    "You can ask PA questions on monday night, that gives a lot of us the chance to voice our opinion on the certificate." -izzet.  What's this??? Where will this be? Explain, please.
  11. predguy22
    I've used the Alien Quadrilogy Xtreme Desktop and I enjoyed it a lot. It slowed my system down a little bit, but it gives you an option to turn off the animations. I haven't installed this one since I'm at work so I don't know if this one has a similar option.  I can't wait to get back home and try this desktop right away!
  12. izzet
    Wow this is so f*king cool, You can ask PA questions on monday night, that gives a lot of us the chance to voice our opinion on the certificate. I've E-mailed Darkness again too, telling him he'll be well impressed with this website. Anderson may even visit!
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