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PlanetAvP Featurette Analysis

Over at PlanetAvP, they’ve made an interesting article about the second featurette. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting read. Here’s a paragraph:

“The master behind it all is none other than Tom Woodruff, who has promised the hard-core fans a few little eye-candy goodies to look out for. Alien fans will be a little disappointed to hear that the hydraulic version of their Alien will only appear in 6 shots of the movie, but each one will absolutely own.”

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  1. E.T.
      :)   The movie sounds like a pice of art, i wonder how animatronic effect's will be in the movie. this time Stan Winston studios are'nt working on the movie with their animatronics effect's.

    The aliens have a muche faster body than the predator's, but then again the predators have advaced technology who is their strongest side. but with aut all that technology will they then deffeat the flecsible, srong aliens wich could be in a larger number

    Is their some kind of life out their, I want respons from you alien predator fans. Transmission end    ;) 
  2. Necronomicon
    I agree with you kysgr . The heads look more like the ressurection\'s where the jaw was smaller. Interesting though. looking at the featurette i do notice 2 different kinds of alien heads so i wonder if they are working for 1 being a drone & one being something like a royal guard or something. I can\'t wait for the movie   :)  
  3. hwuefushdufhasduf
    anyone catch the human hanging upside down behind one of the predators? i hope the predators dont start hunting humans, cuz why would the humans know the predators are there. the predators are there to kill the aliens and survive. i can understand if the predators hang the "new billy" guy for attacking a predator. i dont know, maybe it makes the hunt harder if they are hunted as well.   i also think they should somehow incorrperate an idea that the predator mask helps protect from facehuggers. i figure if the predators can cloak from the aliens then it will be easy.
  4. kysgr
    what we don't know  is how many shots/scenes there are to make up this movie.   is it just me or does it look like Tom Woodruff's team's hydraulic alien look like his jaw shrunk? even the toung is smaller...hym... I wonder why the cross between alien, aliens, & alien ressurection? Ressurection's aliens just looked like a big poop monster.  hym...
  5. izzet
    Calm down, it's ONLY six shots of the hydraulic Alien, there will be plenty of 'guy in a suit' Aliens and some special effects containing Aliens    ;D  
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