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Paul Anderson Interview

On Friday, Paul Anderson was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio show (I haven’t a clue who he is but apparently he’s very well-known in America) and had a conversation about Alien vs Predator and Anderson’s girlfriend Milla Jovovich. Nothing new was discussed although a lot of the questions were about who’s going to win – Aliens or Predators while one caller gave Paul Anderson more than he bargained for but he apparently handled the situation pretty well. Here’s a quote from a fan-site:

“He said he has a budget of less than $100 million but more than $100. He didn’t want to say exactly what it was though.”

Well, that’s more than what I thought the budget was but for more info about the interview, check out the fan-site

Update: Interview audio clip can be downloaded at GameGossip (7.5MB).

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