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Paul Anderson Interview

On Friday, Paul Anderson was interviewed by Howard Stern on his radio show (I haven’t a clue who he is but apparently he’s very well-known in America) and had a conversation about Alien vs Predator and Anderson’s girlfriend Milla Jovovich. Nothing new was discussed although a lot of the questions were about who’s going to win – Aliens or Predators while one caller gave Paul Anderson more than he bargained for but he apparently handled the situation pretty well. Here’s a quote from a fan-site:

“He said he has a budget of less than $100 million but more than $100. He didn’t want to say exactly what it was though.”

Well, that’s more than what I thought the budget was but for more info about the interview, check out the fan-site

Update: Interview audio clip can be downloaded at GameGossip (7.5MB).

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Comments: 32
  1. Growler
    At the very beginning i was extremely upset that Anderson got command of the project.  But as he's proved his passion for the franchises and also feels the pressure from other passionate fans, I'm convinced he'll go above and beyond all his previous projects.  If the movie doesn't top all the other movies this summer, i can still see it hanging in the top 5 at least.  In other words, it won't suck.  If it hits #1 and holds it's spot, bravo to Anderson. Just think, if that happened, the pressure he'd get wouldn't be "please don't make the movie suck" but instead, "please make another one!" Let's see how he does.
  2. kysgr
    If Lance Henrikson (Charles Bishop Weyland) is confident this movie is in line with the aliens movie he did. then i'm completely confident that i'll enjoy this movie no matter who the director/screen writer is!   :)     8)  
    I agree wih cookie why would anderson not say the buget of his film   ;)  ,is it because paul thinks hes done kind of a bad movie   :)  ,i dont know people,i dont know what to think,he says in the interveiw "that we need to do a realy realy good movie or people will be upset",so aleast he is aware of  his responsibility towards this film.Man ooh man,i mean....could  you just imagine going to the thearters,seeing this film and it ends up being just LIKE RESIDENT EVIL,bad acting,corny action scenes, my god i dont want to think of that,but maybe i will feel 100% of something when i see his next 4-5 min trailer.....................................    >:D  .................hey.
  4. kysgr
    El Diablo vino por Ellos...In my book H.R. GIGER  is the Creator of the 1st concept of the alien, alien egg, & the face hugger with the help later by Stan Winston. remember giger drew the first concept art & built the first suit for ALIEN. H.R. GIGER deserves more credit than what he has seen in the past. Hands Down!!!    ;D  
  5. AdamJZ
    Like I said, they started pre production, which means the script, the storyboards, the producing, in early 2003, they started filming in september 2003, they finished in january, and until june they will be in post production.
  6. cookies
    WTF filming doesnt take a year but the whole thing only spent a year?  music, sound effects, editing, special effects.  Thats little time. i personally never heard a movie taking overall a year.  Plus its less then a year becuase they dont finish right before it gets released.
  7. hardcorenort
    the budget was said to be $70 million but if paul need ed more fox were gonna give it to him or so i read. but why wouldnt they this movie is gonna make phenomenal amounts of money thru merchandise and dvd and video and cinema takings of course fox were gonna give anderson as much as he needed to make this movie there has been no corners cut or expense spared on the website so why should the film be any different. so i think u r wrong on that one cookie dont worry about the budget people
  8. Killer_Kakashi
    Filming never really takes more than a year, It's the whole adding of the special effects that takes time. that's why some movies take so lon got be realesed, like three years or whatever. it's because they spend a hell of a long time working on the special effects.
  9. AdamJZ
    I think its just you, and i think youre just stupid,  Almost all action movies, even blockbusters say like jurassic park, take about a year to make. all of the alien films did. and AVP hasnt only started the middle of last year.  pre-production began early 2003 and then filming began in late 2003/early 2004.  obviously you dont know too much about movies.   8)  
  10. cookies
    is it just me or do you guys worry when he says he started the movie in the middle of last year.  That means they spent only 1 year total on the movie! thats to little for my tast.  Anyway also when hes scared of saying the budget becuase it will make him look bad if its a bad movie, dont you think thats strange becuase that makes him think twice.
  11. izzet
    event horizon wonderful? all of andersons movies are crap, but with avp there is a sense of optimism and from what i've heard and seen it should be an entertaining thrill ride like it's being made to be. the alien and predator films will never be as good as the originals because there is'nt any outstanding concepts to take the films further. so noone expect it to be as good as alien,aliens and pred1, it would good to be truley astounded though and avp becomes an oscar winner. plus paul andersons a good bloke and fifth or sixth time around he'll make agood movie in avp.
  12. El Diablo vino por Ellos
    I don't really understand the people that criticize Paul.... to be honest Event Horizon Is a wonderful movie, great concept, scary moments, great cast and overall one of my favorites, Regarding Resident Evil, ok it's not the same story from the Game but it's a Sci-Fi Masterpiece.....great action, great effects, a lot of zombies, visualy outstanding, the people that criticize him is just a bunch of losers who think they know how to do things... I really think this is going to be a great action-packed-scary-chilling movie, I'm not expecting nothing better thna Predator, Alien or Aliens...that would be's like expecting too much from the new Star Wars films, as a lot of people did.... The classics will never be surpassed....simply enjoy the fresh concepts... The only thing I don't like about the AvP is that neither H.R. Giger or Stan Winston are involved...pity...after all, they created the creatures.... But, just relax people, and enjoy the ride!!
  13. Dallas
    Hmmmm .....its not so good if one is the winner and one is the loser.  i think you cant call it like that anyway. if all the Aliens die at the end of the movie , maybe by a big explosion and only one Pred survives.......then i dont call the aliens losers because in all movies the Aliens have died at the end and no one call them losers. They are the pure Evil and must be destroyd at the end......and they dont lose because they allways come back !
  14. Olopolip
    I think it's pretty obvious who wins. I'm sure that one human will live whatever (probably Lex), and I bet she does that with the help of a Predator. I think they do a lot of Alien fighting and then the final Predator and Lex escape, with a kind of "Alliance of survival" thing going on. I bet that something goes terribly wrong, and thats why so many Preds and humans die and why I think they'll team up.    ;D  
  15. Orochi Avlis
    Cookies, I think Resident Evil is one of the better zombie movies out there. I loved the scene when they are on top of the pipe and the zombies are all crawling over each other. How would you like zombies to act in that situation? The smell and taste of blood drives them mad. The zombie acting was every good.
  16. cookies
    Well freddy vs is jason is... freddy vs jason. Alien vs predator is a spieces vs another species so really they stil alive and the spieces may win the fight but not the war.  Plus theres alot more aliens then pred and humans in the movie so its not fair.  Personally if it was a war, predators would win all the way.  You cant beat a speices that has technology and physical strength, then the other only has 1 of those.
  17. DimensionW
    I believe that in this situation, that actually having the Preds win IS respectful towards the Alien fans too. I beleive the Alien would like to point out that if any Aliens DID survive this film then it would screw up the Alien Quadrilogy. I'm sure that Alien fans would be HOPING the Aliens loose. ;) Its not the winning that counts in the end, its the fight itself. Lets be sportsman like!
  18. Killer_Kakashi
    See the thing with Freddy vs Jason was, despite Jason cutting Freddy's head off, Freddy was still alive. He winks at the very end of the film at you. This was basically a stale mate ending, nobody really won. I personally thought that wasn't so bad, I mean if you choose one to win the funs of the other guy will get all upset. However, I like the idea of the preds or aliens winning, and not a stale mate. I hope it's the preds.
  19. Cookeez
    He does.   Personally, I'd be jealous of the guy who's banging Mila Yokovich! Lucky bastard.   Anyway, I feel sorry for Anderson too. That caller not only acted immaturely, but like a complete retard. Freedom of speech, okay, but there was no need to be so nasty. This movie will be great and when it does, I hope that caller kills him/herself for being such a coward.
  20. cookies
    LOL thats the stern show man he always talks about sex life with his guests. stern being jealous!?  LOL oh man thats great.   Also personally i think resident evil is the worst movie i ever saw.  Acting is soo bad, zoombies look so stupid and act even worse!  scense with the zoombies reaching them ontop of those pipes looks sooo bad that i thought it was a film made by high school students on no budget.
  21. Orochi Avlis
    Poor Paul. He is getting dumped on by so many people. But he does have good ideas. I don't know why people are so picky about his movies. Mortal Kombat : Good movie Event Horizon : Very creepy Resident Evil: Pretty cool movie
  22. abdul
    yeah man...i think he can definitely pull this off. i am juss glad they decided to at least make an attempt at this movie. Paul seems very cool on how he keeps things to himself...Stern has no business knowing about his sex life..that perverted piece of S**&!!
  23. Killer_Kakashi
    Jeez, after reading that interview I feel real bad for Paul, so many people don't think he can pull this off. I personally think it's gonna be fine, a great movie, but it seems so many other people are really edgey on this. Kinda sad really...
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