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Paul Anderson IGN Interview

IGN FilmForce recently went to Prague to visit the set of Alien vs Predator the movie and has published an interview with none other than the Alien vs Predator movie director, Paul Anderson. IGN said they’ll be adding more info on their trip to Prague throughout the week but for now have a look at this quote from Paul Anderson:

“One of the things that make Alien and Aliens and the first Predator movie work so well is that fact that the filmmakers deliberately held back the creatures for as long as possible. Whether intentionally or not, that’s what they did and that’s why I think those movies work so well. You don’t see a Predator until 58 minutes into the first movie. You get a hint of Predator-vision but you don’t see one until about an hour into the film. The same with Alien. You don’t see the face hugger come out of the egg until 45 minutes into the film. In the Director’s Cut of Aliens, you don’t have that big battle until an hour and 10 minutes into the film. I think those movies benefited from the fact that they just made the audience wait a little bit.

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