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Lance Henriksen Interview Clip

In response to the AvP Is Delayed Rumour, managed to speak to Lance Henriksen at the YU-GI-OH! movie premiere at Graumans Chinese Theater.

“He stated that the film will be done in time for its release date of August 13th but the director, Paul Anderson, is a perfectionist and he is still tweaking the final version of the film. When asked who wins in AVP and he replied, “we lose.”

Download: Video Interview (3.1MB) (Right-click and save target as)

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Comments: 26
  1. HellAlien
    Yu Gi Oh ??????????????? PFFFFFFFFAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AH man, what the hell is he doin there ?????? AT least yugioh is better than pokemon i guess.  AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yugioh. well ok he has the right to love what he wants. its ok, or maybe was he there with his lil childs and all.   Anyway, its great to c a guy as old as he is still doin movies like avp. He is still in damn good shape. You have my thumbs up Lance !  I love him, i think that he is a great actor, and with replies like " we lose ", you have to love that guy.  anyway, 4 days !!! 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  poor UKers, i will bring juicy spoilers just for ya.
  2. Variable
    This guy is 64! And he has the same birthady as me! I just checked it out on IMBd. But I wasnt born in the 40's. He has aged. He's a good actor and I hope to see more of him though.
  3. G-Dog
    LOL!  yeah man, he's old now man, hell he was like what? 40 (?) when he did Aliens!  maybe a little exaggerated, but you know what I mean.....  Can't wait for AVP2.........!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Predalienstrike
    I think he also reads comments of the other fans and upon that maybe he redoes some effects to make the other fans also happy.Or he is adding acid or blood to some scenes. I dont know. But i have to wait till 28th october for the movie. Im very curious. Saw the HBO special to. Was looking really great.
  5. predguy22
    It may not give us that much information, but I personally appreciate a confirmation from Lance himself that the movie will premier as scheduled. In fact, I think many here will appreciate that fact.
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