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IGN Interview With Henriksen

IGN FilmForce have published a ‘new’ interview with Lance Henriksen which covers a range of topics but most importantly what happens to his character in the film:

***Spoiler Below***

IGN: You’ve been killed onscreen by a Terminator and an Alien. Does the Predator complete the circle in this film?

Henriksen: Yeah, but I don’t go down easy. The thing about this is you have, again, the advances. It’s like going through the looking glass backwards here because now we’re going back in time to before Alien. What’s happened, though, is because of the way he structured the script has such logic to it all and makes such sense. We know those movies before and we’re not denying that you know them, and so when you see this movie you’re going to see something completely different. But it’s got those genres in it. So he’s a very clever dog, he really is.

***Spoiler Over***

Anybody who visits AvPGalaxy would have known anyway what happens to Henriksen’s character but for those who didn’t, there you go. When I say this is a new IGN interview, a lot of the answers have been taken from the CHUD interview last Christmas. Thanks to Pvt Hudson for the news.

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  1. Shaneus
    Dear AVP overlord im so sorry i have a life outside of movies and that god forbid i should not remember that lance henrikson was in a movie that i saw about 8 years ago and never rewatched due to the fact i didnt find it very good.
  2. Alimiantor
    Geez, why so many people talk about batman and terminator here...gosh, talk sabout something else. l KNOW!!! how about, does aliens or pred only have one gender, or which planet they come from?
  3. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    BobCat, I said it, because sooner or later someone would have said it again, and now I tried let it stay on topic, by saying not to go offtopic. Even the article makes a note about Terminator, so sooner or later someone would have said it...  Batman Dead End was good, but I did think the Aliens and Predators didn't fit in the story. And Batman takes down a Predator way too easy.  You see, now it's going offtopic about Terminator and Batman.
  4. AustrAlien
    At the end of Alien 3 you see the weyland symbol on the side of the pouring platform, the weyland symbol I think is in most alien films(maybe not 1st and last)
  5. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    lol, my old comment was that both Lance Hendriksen and Bill Paxton are killed by an Alien, a Predator and a Terminator. And then everybody got offtopic, so now let's try to stay on topic ;)
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