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Paul Anderson Q&A on XD

As scheduled, the ‘Ask The Director A Question’ feature in the AvP Xtreme Desktop has been updated with two new question and answers from Paul Anderson. The first goes over the pyramids and a lot of it revolves around what the director said in the first featurette but the second goes onto Alien 5 and Predator 3:

“AVP is designed as a stand-alone franchise. It’s not designed to replace the PREDATOR or the ALIEN movies. As a fan I’d very much like to see ALIEN 5. I’d like to see another ALIEN movie with Sigourney Weaver. I’d also love to see another PREDATOR movie with Arnie. And this movie doesn’t stop either of those from being made!”

The new questions can be read in full on the next page…

Here’s the new information:

2004-07-14 – Kirk from New Zealand

Q) In ascertaining the setting where all 3 races would meet, did you take into account any ancient mythology as using a pyramid for the setting may suggest?

A) Well, something that’s always fascinated me is the work of Erich Von Daniken, who wrote CHARIOTS OF THE GODS and lots of other books, who talks about the similarities between Egyptian pyramids, Cambodian pyramids, Aztec pyramids, three separate cultures that really have nothing to do with one another, that should never have seen each other, should have had no communication, but they ended up building, pyramids that look surprisingly similar.

And of course Daniken’s answer was that aliens built the pyramids, or humans built the pyramids with alien help. And, of course, we agree with him! The backbone of our story is that the movie starts five thousand years ago in Cambodia, three thousand B.C., and you see aliens and predators on the earth. And the idea is the predators use the earth for their manhood rituals, and, what happens is every thousand years, because predators have a very long life cycle, they drop, five teenage predators at a pyramid, and they have to fight for their survival. They fight aliens. And if they survive the battle against aliens they become predator adults.

2004-07-13 – markaussie99 from Winnipeg, Canada

Q) Do you see your movie as remaining true to the Alien and Predator history or are you going to set a new direction for the 2 characters?

A) Well AVP is, a sequel to the PREDATOR movies and a prequel to the ALIEN movies. It ties into both because, it’s the predators hunting on earth as, as you’ve seen in the PREDATOR movies and, you get the indication of Weyland-Yutani and their link to the aliens as in the ALIEN movies. But AVP is designed as a stand-alone franchise. It’s not designed to replace the PREDATOR or the ALIEN movies. As a fan I’d very much like to see ALIEN 5. I’d like to see another ALIEN movie with Sigourney Weaver. I’d also love to see another PREDATOR movie with Arnie. And this movie doesn’t stop either of those from being made!

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  1. Variable
    J, some of Singers other work was the Usual Suspects. He added a sence of mystery and suspence to that movie which won it some awards. I also just got word that he is doing the new Superman movie. I dont know how that will turn out. Antone Fuqua who dircted Tears of the Sun & Training Day would also be a good choice. As for the pred alin queen I have never seen one but the idea sounds cool and it would be bad ass man.
  2. J
    Thanks guys for the information, it would be very cool to see how Yutani come into the fold, just to add more revelation about the company ( maybe in some future instalment )  who knows !!!!!
  3. Growler
    A Penguin Alien? Are you serious?  Dude... lol  Well why not a Hampster Alien?  What if in Aliens, they captured the hampster Hudson found in the movie, caccooned it, and now you've got a little miniature alien.  All it wants to do is take little bites of people and run around on the wheel.  or better yet....  how about....   NOT!
  4. papercrouton
    Bringer of Death, I\'d like to know where you read that they\'re reusing the Queen\'s head from Aliens.  It\'s my understanding that PA constructed a totally new and slightly redesigned Queen.  As far as I know, the Queen\'s head was only reused once, and that was for Alien: Resurrection (as mentioned in the Bob Burns documentary).  Perhaps you got your information mixed up?
  5. Hell Alien
    Hey bringer, about the queens head, i still think thats its lil different from the Aliens one. Look at it when she breaks free, you see that there is some new designs on the crown. The head itself is the same. but the crown is different. And about the aliens, true they r mostly AR design, but again with more differences that you say. Like the tail is not the same, it doesnt have that fish look like in AR. Its more like in Aliens. And the head is not exactly the same. The mouth is kinda smaller and the aliens doesnt seems to have that big chin they had in AR. the waist seems different too. I might be wrong, but they made some lil modifycations here and there. Anyway you might be right there bro but im sure that i have some points here   ;)    and for the directors thing. Quentin Tarantino all the way man!!!! you want gore, HERES YOUR GORE!!!    8)     ;D   Eh eh, nah seriously, for P3, i would put the same who did P1, i forgot his name sorry. But he did a damn good job. As for A5, i really dunno. There is not alot of directors that can deliver for that kind of movie. Ridley, James, Spielberg maybe      lol, but who knows he might do something good.    :D   and fuqua seem indeed a good choice, but could he bring the horror in it? action is great but we need horror too.  And J, Weylan and yutani r indeed 2 diff ppl, its a conjoint company. Yutani must be helping Weyland as for the technology is concerned. Japanese or chinese r very far in technology. They invented the first walkin robots. So since weyland is so much in robotics, its no surprise that a japanese/chinese company is there with him. And the weapons r never real far when you talk about techs. So...   :D  
  6. Growler
    For an Alien 5, Predator 3, or even AvP future director, I'd personally go with  Guillermo Del Toro (Blade 2)  or  Antone Fuqua (Tears of the Sun)  They both know action, and they both are not affraid to get gorey.  Their differences, Del Toro seems to go along with a comic book vision to his films that's far from cheesey.  Antone would go for a more realistic feel.  Having the most accurate marine proceedures and combat action.  I'm just curious how they would portray any of the 3 franchises.  I highly doubt that it would be anything close to bad.
  7. papercrouton
    It is a shame, I'm quite fond of Alien3 as well.  And Weyland and Yutani are separate people.  I don't think AvP will go into any detail on Yutani, but I believe he (or maybe she?) is the head of a rival Japanese company that later merges with Weyland Industries in the future.
  8. J
    Shame that    :-\   but I don't think that he should ignore this film, it is infact really good, and MUCH darker than the 1st movie,( the dog seen was abit disturbing, and newt's death had up set afew people, BUT STILL MEZMORISING TO WATCH!!).  O, and can ANYONE answer my question on Weyland and Yutani? ( no. 81)   :D  
  9. papercrouton
    IRT J...  Danny Boyle was originally in the running for directing Alien: Resurrection, but dropped out for one reason or another (unfortunately).  And for all of you wondering why Fincher didn't take part in the Quadrilogy, you'd understand if you knew half the crap he put up with from Fox while making Alien3.  He quit before post-production began and disowned the film (but due to some court settlement he's still credited as the director.  Rumour has it he was even pushing for an Alan Smithee credit).  In fact, he doesn't even acknowlege that he had anything to do with it anymore.  He considers his first feature film to be Seven.  Here's something he said that I think sums it up nicely: "A lot of people hate Alien3, but no one hates it more than I do."
  10. J
    Nice Variable, Bryan Singer has that level of action, but could he deliver terror? apart from X-men I've not seen enough of his films to give a proper comment.( still cool idea)  HA! HA! HA! G-Dog , your a joker my man,  John Woo's good, BUT AN ALIEN MOVIE???   saying that though, his going to direct a metroid movie ( fell in love with the game) so he could easily deliver.
  11. Variable
    Yes I agree with the multiple alien types. That would be cool. Be interesting to.  Hey J I would like to see Bryan Singer direct it. He has a "zaz" to his movies which realy fix's up a movie.Yea.
  12. G-Dog
    Oh yeah, about the director............... John Woo!!!!!!!!! or David Fincher!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just kidding people!!!    ???   God if that happened..........
  13. J
    I got a question for all you IF there was a number 5, who do you think WOULD be suitable to direct the next alien movie ( and not the obivous 2)  PLUS : are Weyland and Yuntani the same person or separate people, ( am confused)    ???  
  14. Bringer of Death
    Hell Alien actualy bud im right about them using the actual 'aliens ' queen head from the aliens from the now owner Bob Burns, this guy has so much amazing stuff from the alien movies it blows my mind.You can see all his stuff if you own the Alien Quadrilogy and watch the last features disc. Now Anderson and crew just the added plaster and stuff to add scarring and wounds on the head piece, but they re - created the body to resemble what Cammeron originaly had designed for her.  Darkness I was wondering if you would post for us which of our questions your using and mabey whos they are.  Again Hell alien , man the aliens in avp are almost exactly the same as resurection except they have new hands straight legs black color.The head is the same mabey the inner jaws are alittle diff , the shity looking shoulders are the same, the ribs r the same, the tubes on there backs r the same and the tails r the same.  I do aggree with Jand G-dog man you guys r  totaly right they should have put all three types of the aliens in this film, the drones from alien 1 the warriors from aliens and have a 'runner' like in alien 3 or even to have recreated a new alien design from this one.
  15. G-Dog
    I preferered the 1st version that they had with Alien 3. This is the version that has the cow scene in it instead of the damn dog, the "uncut" version in the quadrilogy. After seeing that version, I actually liked 3 a lot more. About the queen been bigger than a t-rex!!!?? are you f___ing serious?  J, I take this book being the same movie novel that ElTiburon was talking about the other day?? I got to find this mother....... book.
  16. Hell Alien
    Yea me too !! a trex is 18 feet tall, she is about 16, so yup she could be bigger than a trex, but who knows, she is mabe bigger than 16 feet    ;)   Anyway, she will kick ass. Dumb the way she " die "  but eh the bad guys wont ever win.
  17. J
    I in book the compare the Queen Alien to being BIGGER than the size of a T-rex, SHE WOULD HAVE TO BE  F***ing GIGANTIC!!!  Boy I hope thats true!   ;D  
  18. Hell Alien
    OK J, I just wanted to be sure there. Well about that alien look, I think that they did take the model of AR but with changes in it. The head is not the same at all, the waist and tail either, so its not that much of the same thing. The legs seemed bit different too from AR, but not that much. So overall, I think that pa did take Ar design and had putted some new lil things of the Alien design. Im bit deceived of the result but dont forget that avp was not allowed a that big budget, so for the movie to be spectacular, they had to cut to some places. And time is a big factor too, they got alot on the new pred design but maybe that the alien suffered from it. Who knows. There alot of things that could had happened in tha studios. I just hope that in the sequel if there is one, they will have the money and time to do the alien like PA really wanted it to be. The queen has been made to PA taste, he decided to do the lil changes on her wich seems cool. But Im intrigued in the look that grid will have. The novel says that he is bigger and all, but will he be like so in the movie?  Wel c.   And about Fincher, i wasa very disapointed of him not being in the quadrilogy. I guest he didnt want to face the fans. When i saw that on the dvd, I almost felt like he wanted this movie to fail. Killing everyone that we loved, saying that the movie was on earth when he wasnt, make 1 alien when he knew that Aliens was the best cuz of the many aliens that were in it. Putting the action in a place that doesnt have any weapons etc...  I felt betrayed by him at that moment. I would had loved to see him explain WHY!   Anyway, PA disurv a chance here. I think that he could do something good out of this.   But something that i would loved to know is what role did the comics had on this movie. It seems that alot of it have been took out of the comics.
  19. J
    Do you think he could do another one again the way he wanted to, and do you BELIEVE he could do it right this time round?   It would be one HELL of a challenage.
  20. Macbeth
    J I think you will find that David Fincher got the run around from the studio, as it says in the various making of features on the DVD.  Tis often a problem that a director has a "vision" and the suits from the studio who want to make money tame the vision into a more commercial product.  Hence the problems with AvP, Superman Returns, and MI3.  I would like Paul Anderson to answer why / who he got the project off the ground after soo long and if he honestly thinks he has done it justice ?
  21. J
    Both G-Dog & papercrouton hit the nail squarely on the Alien's temple. To show ALL the different styles of the Aliens would have been special to say the least, ( the 2nd and 3rd one especially).  Maybe they could do it in the sequel, WHO KNOWS!!  As for David Fincher ......... its not that I was annoyed at the guy for the 3rd it was WHY did he feel he should take on the job if he had such a hard task at doing it. Then, to add more insult to injury DOESN'T take part in the Alien Quadrillogy viewing. It would have been good and interesting to have heard his thoughts on the movie,HIS version of events.  IF he couldn't have done it then WHY take the responsibity on making it? ( BUT I have in time grown to love the movie)   ;D  
  22. papercrouton
    To me, the Alien design in this film looks like a cross between the Alien: Resurrection guys and the one from the original.  Personally, I thought the Alien looked its best in the third film -- when they weren't using that rod puppet thing.  It's too bad David Fincher didn't stick around for post-production, he would have never let that turn out so badly.
  23. G-Dog
    I think the Aliens should of looked like the aliens in Alien 2. Actually, youk know what, it would of been nice if all 3, not 4, but three of the alien desings were in this movie, each with their own special 'job'.
  24. J
    O, Hell Alien, I just kinder wanted your thoughts on what you think of the look of the Aliens in this movie, thats all ( and to anyone else who wants to answer)  I was just agreeing with what Bringer of Death was saying about how the design look of the model aliens look to reminsisent to that of the previous Alien films.  I think they should have started from scratch, it would have given a more FRESHER look to the Aliens.   :D  
  25. AvP_Predator_7
    Screw Alien movies their is all ready 4 of them. Their is onnly 2 Predator movies.I think they need to make a new Predator movie before a nother Alien movie.
  26. Venenoso
    Wow really uninteresting, we just got repeated what pretty much already knew, we can only blame those idiots who's handling the questions and forwarding them to PA, this is not what we wanted to hear about    >:D  
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