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Exclusive AVP Prop Photo!

I have recently recieved the following photograph from an anonymous source:

20040309_2 Exclusive AVP Prop Photo!

According to the source the Alien head is infact the Grid Alien which will be featured in AVP and the Predator design is an early sketch of the Scar Predator which will also be in the film. Keep in mind that the source is anonymous so the info could be false. But they look pretty genuine to me people. :grin:

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  1. The Real Predator
    These props are proven authentic as they are in the trailer. i was one of the few to see the trailer because apparently they took it off the net because it was causing overloads cose so many people wanted to see it! darkness knows
  2. predatorfan2004
    The deal with the alien's "grid" head is that in the movie, a predator pegs it with one of its nets from its netgun. The alien gets out later, but the net scars its head.
  3. dvice
      >:D   that pic is bull because in the extra footage in alien ressurection for the quadrilogy that alien head is the model they used for the aliens in ressurection... and that pred looks pretty wak too i liek the original one better looks more aggresive and that one looks like a roach or sumthing
  4. The Real Predator
    just to clear things up. someone said that these props may not be authentic. the trailer however shows both the new helmet and the acid grid alien very clearly and i think they look great. the new helmet is the helmet of the lead predator, the other 4 predators in the movie have the original helmets.
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