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Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Yes, that’s right. Thanks to a thread in the forum, I’ve finally discovered some new conceptual artwork for Alien vs Predator including the PredAlien (or the PredAlien Chestburster). For further information, you can check out Tatopoulos Studios and look through the flash until you get to the Alien vs Predator section. But for now, you can check out the seven conceptual artworks on the next page.

20040602_01 Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Update: I found this paragraph on the original site:
“Patrick had originally been asked for production design this film, but eventually had to pass on it because of his commitment to I, Robot. Patrick worked early with Director Paul Anderson to present concept designs for the film’s environments to 20th Century Fox, which helped green-light the project.”

Pyramid buried under South Pole Ice Cap Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Pyramid buried under South Pole Ice Cap

Predators worshipped by the ancient Mayan people Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Predators worshipped by the ancient Mayan people

First sketch of the Alien Queen chained in the pyramid Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

First sketch of the Alien Queen chained in the pyramid

Final rendering of the Alien Queen chained in the pyramid Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Final rendering of the Alien Queen chained in the pyramid

First sketch of the Alien Queen chasing out heroes Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

First sketch of the Alien Queen chasing out heroes

Final rendering of the Alien Queen chasing our heroes Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

Final rendering of the Alien Queen chasing our heroes

The Ultimate Threat - Alien and Predator mixed into one Predalien Concept Artwork!!!!!

The Ultimate Threat – Alien and Predator mixed into one

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  1. Terhou
    Hear ya Tyrant.Aliens and Predator survival horror game would be cool.Aliens would be normal enemies and Predator would be like Nemesis in RE 3 he would show up when u don`t espect him and would be strong as hell!
  2. Jerrod the Expert
    I agree with Tyrant. A Survival horror game would be pretty cool.As for the question about the aliens in the pyramid put forth so long ago, the Predators brought them first, then they left, or died, or whatever. So, pretty much ancient aliens
  3. Tyrant
    Hey, I know it's off the point a little, but who reckons that the games really spoilt the films?  The games were action more than horror.  I'm quite surprised nobody's thought of bringing out a 'survival horror' game instead (which would get people into the right frame of mind when facing the aliens.  Instead of 'come get some!', it would be 'holy ****, w-what was that??    :-\  ')    ;D  
  4. Tyrant
    Hey, jus seen the trailer n it looks pretty damn cool!  Ive played both games, seen all the films til now and owned a few of the books.  Many people think that AVP would completely spoil things because of the different storylines, but it doesn't really.  I mean, in Pred 2, there was an alien queen's head so they must hav met before.  Does anyone know if the weird elephant-like aliens are gonna b in this one?(apparently this race created the aliens as a bioweapon during a civil war, but they evolved and got out of control)
  5. battousai
      ;D   the trailer last night kicked ass.and i didn't have to look @ little jon's funky head for too long.i hate mtv,but they finally did something halfway decent
  6. Hell Alien   >:D   You would not have comments like this if you had more respect about the name man. And I ****** dont care if you saw the movie before me or not, the fact is that you have a name that sucks.  Anywa, why call yourself like that?
  7. Dogz_KidCreation
    Actually, the 5 preds is more like 3, and there on a pyramid in the BEGINING fighting off way more aliens than they can handle. They start to lose and self destruct taking the entire mayan civilization with them. Then in flashes to the present and thats how it starts    :)  
  8. PRED Council 1
    Predator Hemroid, do you know what happens to a pred if the council finds you guilty...of dishonoring the pred name   >:D     >:D     >:D  
  9. Hell Alien
    Pred Hemroid, man just change your name!! Its a dishonor to the pred!!   ;)   Ahahahahah! anyway for that end thing, it is rumord that the pyramid is only a flashback thing and not the real thing. I hope it is cuz the others ending were better than that.
  10. Predator Hemroid
    i heard that at the end its like 5 predators against millions of aliens, the predators eventually self destruct .............and it all goes to hell!!!!
  11. Movie Dude
    I was just being an Idiot you where probably not talking to me   ???    Darkness if you need anything  just submit it here and i will hook you up with some cool pics. My computer crashed so im having troubles with e-mail. Darkness your the king you keep this place pimpin.                                                 Live Lovely                                           Alexander Schnar                                            AKA Movie Dude
  12. Movie Dude
    AJ are you talking to me    :-\     :-\   Because Im really busy with my job and im really just doing this out of the kidness of my heart
  13. Hell Alien
    Hey Punisher, why dont you let us our illusions man   ;D     ;D   Ah, if only they were real, I could see aliens and predators AH! so desesperate   :)  
  14. Hell Alien
    Indeed, its not real clear. But they are trying to proove it with science and logical facts but since the alien is as well has been well known is also alot more unknown. We cannot really tell how it is working for the alien. So I`ll keep reading the hole thing till I find something but I dont really think I will since its not that clear indeed
  15. Alien Emperor
    Ok, click on the left 'DNA' then read THE HOST AND EMBRYO and THE INVASION. But they don't have a real clear answer too about the Xenomrph and adapts to it's host DNA.
  16. Sin
    if any1 plays AvP Gold over gamespy look for me(obnoxious_potato) an my ingame name is Sin i also play Jedi Academy and counter-strike so come find me and i'll prove to you how much Predator is better than Alien   8)  
  17. Sin
    Predator is way better than Alien and he's clearly going to kick aliens ass so there isn't really a point in making the movie although it will be one hell of a movie   :)     ;D     ;)     ???     :D     ???     8)     >:D     :)     :-\  
  18. Hell Alien
    Well its late and I`m a bit tired but reading the thing ( wich is really interesting and thaks for the link buddy)  Didnt actually told me that a face hugger on a pred wont create a predalien. Its all well wrote and all but I still think that a thing got by a facehugger will results as the thing altered clone. In wich you will still have some of the thing aspect as well of a overall alien look.But I`ll try to read this when I`m a bit more atentive. But If I missed something that would prooves your point, just tell me where it is in the text.
  19. Yarah
    I ages ago had this Picture of a "Hugged" Predator, I'm kicking myself for not being able to find it.  I never was able to tell if it was reall or not..  If I find it, I may send it to Darkness... if he wants..  - Yarah
  20. {XoG}ArchAngel{K}
    Good day to you all, I am {XoG}ArchAngel{K}   8)  . I have seen these sketches and I would have to say that I am VERY impressed. I really like the sketches of the Queen chained up to the pillars. It makes her look even more menacing than she already is. It makes you think "Man, if that queen looks THIS horrific chained up, then imagine what she is like when she is free!" Sends chills down my spine! I think that this scene should be introduced the same way the queen was introduced in ALIENS. You know, with the lights behind her and the music. It all made that 1 scene really cool. The there is the predalien chestburster sketch. It looks cool for a chestburster, but hopefully it will have changed a bit when it's full grown. Hopefully, the full grown predalien will look like the 1 in "Alien Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt" (That's the PC video game incase you didn't know). Speaking of "Alien Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt", do any of you play it? It's a really cool game. I'm in a clan in that game. I'm 1 of the best alien players there is. People have even started disabling aliens in their servers because they know i might come to play. I am in the clan "XoG", it stands for "Xenomorphs of God". I made up the name. Anyway, if you play "Alien Vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt" you should try and find me. At least if you want to get your butt kicked. Ha ha ha, just kidding. I love dueling people, it's just so much fun. And dont worry, if you do manage to beat me, I'm not a sore loser. At least I dont think I am, since it's never happened before. LOL. I'm also an author, which is probably why this message is sooo long. It's kind of a bad habit for authors. I have already written 13 short stories, but that got boring after a while. So now, I'm working on my first novel. If you would like to read it, my AOL instant messanger screen name is: XoGArchAngelAGen. And my email address is: So unless we meet some other time, I bid you all adieu   8)  .
  21. Hell Alien
    A Emperor, What this is gonna teach me? since the site is offline. I wanna know what it is   :D    And A Emperor, dont send to much comments at the same time, Darkness could consider that as spamming. Just a lil suggestion buddy. Take care
  22. Alien Emperor
    Oops.. i meant: Maybe its gonna be a good story, But i hope it don't gets like Freddy vs. jason!!, Sorry its getting late, you know
  23. Alien Emperor
    No, Ok U don't have to appolgise Hell Alien. It doesn't mather...... Maybe its gonna be no weak story, like Freddy vs. Jason, I'ts gonna be a good story, but i hope they don't get it to rubbed in like Freddy vs. Jason. that's what i meant.   ;D  
  24. Hell Alien
    dont think I was insulting you there A Emperor. That was not my intention . But we can clearly see that in the featurettes, the bodies of the ppl who got  chestburst in the ceremonial chamber lookd pretty old. They were looking almost momyfied. I`m not saying that they are 3000 years old. I`m just saying that the preds took those fella a long time ago so that the aliens could develop there for the ceremony. As for the weak story, maybe that we are going to be surprised of it. Maybe better than you think.  And for that predalien thing, we dont know for sure if there is going to be one. I hope there will but Im not PA. And the only way a predalien could see the light, according to the movies, is with a facehugger.  But anyway the movie will answer our questions.  And Dogz, the empress queen your talking can be seen in one comic that I know. ALIENS EARTH WAR A BIG queen that is.
  25. Dogz_KidCreation
    If any of you guys have played alien vs predator extinction, you would know that there are 3 different types of alien queens. #1 type of queen-Large Bulky(made a debut in aliens) #2 type of queen-Extreamly bulky, mostly muscle, and is a hybrid of Predator and alien.(made a debut in alien extinction) #3 type of queen(aka alien empress)- BIG ASS MOFO, never seen, only in one book is it mentioned that this is the mother of all aliens, those pics up there i think are pics are the real deal, a real alien empress
  26. Alien Emperor
    OK, I quit about this, useless sh*t i'm worrying about something we all don't know 4 sure, right? Just wait to we see the movie. Pfffffffff
  27. Alien Emperor
    I Know but it's just a Action-movie only for the action, There is just a weak story, it's just a reason to see the Aliens and preds fight.
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