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Predalien Chestburster Art

I must have missed this yesterday but the picture of the Predalien yesterday was in fact conceptual artwork for the Predalien chestburster. There’s a lot of bigger pictures on the site and there’s one that shows the Chestburster in full-frame. Look on the next page to see the full-version…

Update: I noticed afterwards that all the artworks say they were made in 2002 but “For Paul Anderson”. This means that production on AvP started long before it was officially announced.

 Predalien Chestburster Art

Predalien Chestburster

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  1. AVP Rules!!!!
    oh by way plz dont combine the totally supernatural with sci-fi i dont want to see Freddy vs Alien they dont fit together but i just thought of something we all want to see    ALIEN vs The Olsen Twins    ;D  
  2. Galmorzu
    Maybe they choose not to wear armor like that in order to have some risk involved in their hunts.  They can take quite a few rounds without being taken down even without armor.
  3. Aliminator
    lol, hell alien i sure mad!!! i dont know if alines are most prized or not, but i KNOW the pred armor is not acid resistance... becasue we never seen preds fight aliens, so we dont know, but about the wristblade thing, i think it's for human, and the spear is for aliens so they wont get hurt by the acid. and the intellgence thing, if they are smart and invent acid-resistence armor, they would smart to make bullet-proof armor too, but they didnt.(Predator Movie 1) And in Predator 2, the Elder give a 1757 pistol to Danny!!! that's before United States was born!!! that's enough time to develop bullet-proof armor!!!
  4. mars396
    Just got a thought. What if "Scar" gets face-hugged, and knowing he will eventually die, teams up with Lex to get her out of there (for whatever his motivation is for that) and in the final scene of AvP, his self-destruct malfunctions and the Predalien chestbursts, thus setting up the cute Freddy's-head-winking-at-the-viewers type ending ?
  5. Hell Alien
    Hey predqueen,  I`m not insulting you but I dont think you chestbusta is as great as the lil fella up there! its right to say that I didnt see it but man that is the best chestbusta out there! and not to say, i think that chestbusta was drawn more than 2 months ago!!!!
  6. Mr Nose
    Wow, this pic looks really really sweet, i cant wait to see what the full grown hybrid looks like; but in a sense i wanna wait to see it in the film first.  Sooooooo exciting!!
  7. Prequeen
    I have drawn AvP art and i created Predalien chestbuster first!About 2 months ago i drawn alien hive full of Predaliens and i also draw Predalien Chestbuster there!
  8. Hell Alien
    WHAT THE HELL!! are you talking about. OF CURSE the alien is the most prized prey!!!!!   >:D     >:D    The alien is the badest ass out there!!!!!! WHAT COULD BE WORST THAN FACING AN ALIEN?!!   ???   Facing a Gro tye ! !??( you know that thing from the 3r level of the pred campaing in AVP extinction) or maybe that is what we are seeing in the ship! A Gro Tye skull! anyway an alien take that sucka out in no time! he just have to jump on the Gro tye`s back and use his KILLA TONGUE!! and thats IT!
  9. Rusty Nails
    I vote for acid resistant armor as well, but Brianjrmav24; you shouldn't talk as it is actual fact, as all you're doing is just guessing and you're guess is just as good as any of ours.  I wouldn't agree about the xenomorph being the predatos most prized prey, not at all. Look in the predator ship and you'll see that big ugly skull in the middle, that would more likely be it then the one that's just hanging a little lower besides it, namely the xenomorph skull..  Just my two cents.  -Rusty Nails
  10. Hell Alien
    Yeah I  am a bigger fan of aliens but that pred is the coolest alien out there!! and the most intelligent! so if he go there chasing aliens not well prepare well he is TOAST!! and he would prove me wrong saying that he`s the most inteligent   >:D   that armor have to be acid resistant!! (but the thing saying his blood neutrelize acid is completely WRONG!!)
  11. brianjrmav24
    Look, whoever thinks that Predator armor is not acid resistant knows nothing about their technology. Their whole technology is built to counter the Aliens. The Xenomorph is their most prized prey, so you'd think, that logically, considereing how smart the Predators have proven to be, that they would construct equipment to counter an Alien, especially their acid blood. Heck, if the armor, made of an alloy called xerbinium by the way, wasn't acid resistant, why would they bother wearing any during an Alien hunt if they knew that their acid blood would melt it anyway. They've been fighting the Aliens for thousands of years, so to say that they dont know about the acid blood is absurd. I'd go more with the theory that his helmet got knocked off during a duel and the facehugger took advantage, but it'd be quite impossible for acid blood to melt xerbinium, the Yautja use it for a freaking reason!
  12. Hell Alien
    as for the adult predalien, I prefer to see it before I see the movie. that way if he is all f***ed up it wont be a very disapointing thing in the movie. But also if he`s nice well then if he`s the proud predalien version of that MAGNIFICENT lil fella up there then yes it will be disapointing to see him before the movie
  13. Hell Alien
    To SHADOW OF FUS Sorry but take a pred take his helmet off and shoot him in the face with a shot gun!!! result = splash!!! that result stand for every living BEEN !!!!! A SHOT GUN!!! FOR GOD SAKE!!!   ???     ???    as for the acid resistant thing if its not acid resistant then the pred is toast!!!    ???   imagine that!! a wrist b. swipe splash!! acid all over the place the pred armour melt then NO DEFENCE AGAINST AN ALIEN!!!!   :-\     :-\   MAN that pred is going to pray for his life
  14. Shadow of FUS
    Niether are Aliens.Actually,their alot more fragile then Predators are.Take out a shotgun and blow the aliens face off and it writhes round for awhile and dies but shoot a predator it just gets back up pissed.
  15. Aliminator
    Yes, the acid melt through ANYTHING!!! even pred mask!!! so it makes sense. And why why you would you say it's acid resistant? have you actually seen pred and alien battle before? (except comics) And PREDATORS are not INVINCIBLE.
  16. Hell Alien
    ther is only 1 thing that doesn`t make sense in that  the fachuga spit acid to get to kane but a pred mask and armour is not suppos to be acid resistant??
  17. Hell Alien
    Yeah a pred is far!! from beign invincible! he could have been caught in a fight with an alien who ripped his mask right off! or by making a fight honorable against a human he got his mask off and got suprise by an alien. many more possible ways are also possible!
  18. Predgirl
    Well remember the Predator might of lost his mask during a battle or it my got ruined too ?//.  So there is a chance and alien fachugger might of been waiting for the right moment.  In Alien the one guy had a space helment on and it got on his face.  So why couldn't it get on a Pred.
  19. ?//
    how could a face hugger (or whaterver they r called ) get on a pred, thy have maskes on. looks like thy r gonna make the preds look weaker than thy should be   >:D  
  20. Hell Alien
    The arms are like the ones in Alien(1) very little and more at the center of the body wich is cover of slime on the pic.But for the full grown FELLA!! I just hope that he will not be brown like the aliens in Rez!! I want Him almost black with a LiTTLE of brownish taint
  21. Vito
    well yea  Paul Anderson said that he have been working on this for more than 10 years, wouldn't surprise me if he contacted this Patrick Tatapulous, and asked him to make some concept art, that he could use to convince the ppl at Fox that he is the right man to helm AvP    ;)  
  22. xenoforge
    well, it just means, that Paul Anderson hired Patrick Tatapulous to produce some concept art, so he could pitch the AVP-Script to 20th Century Fox.  I guess, Paul Anderson paid Tatapoulos from his own money back in 2002
  23. Pvt Hudson
    hey rogerthat notice it says for Paul anderson! jeez movies take years to do not just 1 year! to get concept art and story boards etc etc so dont go around saying oh notice it says 2002 ! blaaaaaaah!
  24. Stryker
    it looks like those predators arn't as tough and powerful as everyone thinks them to be. I mean look at him for christs sake, subdued by something 10 times smaller than him.   ;D   I think that this predalien will add a new twist to the movie.
  25. Rusty Nails
    Hm, okay well the skin is kindof like the normal alien chestbursters, but I wonder what will happen with it when it grows into an adult - will the skin change to black or stay as it is?  Remember that discussion earlier about this becoming a rogue? Well I might just think that it will happen..  -Rusty Nails
  26. BuGsToMpEr
      ???  Well wadda ya know...well nice art work there! Lets just hope the film is as good as the drawings or ill just setle for reading the comics again lol  BuGz   :D  
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