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New AvP Conceptual Artwork

Five new conceptual artworks for Alien vs Predator have been found on in a portfolio for Richard Bennett, one of the storyboard artists on AvP. The one below shows Miller at the Whaling Station while the second features the throwing knifes (previously seen in the first featurette). The third and fourth are large black & white images with multiple storyboards on and the final one, features a cool shot of a Predator.

20040803_01 New AvP Conceptual Artwork

Four more are on the next page. Thanks to Craig for the link.

20040803_02 New AvP Conceptual Artwork

20040803_03 New AvP Conceptual Artwork

20040803_04 New AvP Conceptual Artwork

20040803_05 New AvP Conceptual Artwork

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  1. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    This artwork rocks. I really love the storyboards. Looks like a funny part when the humans see the footsteps in the snow appearing without seeing the Predator. Looks like the facehugger attack is gonna aggressive :p
  2. flonge
    I haven't seen or read anything about this movie that directly points out any reason for us to believe it will not k*** a** (the PG-13 ofcourse worries me... though)  Spilers ahead!!!  I was worried about that the book containing alot of scenes which ultimatly would be cut out from the movie. Untill I saw the casting list on IMDB and found out that at-least the scene from 1904 will be there since the character "Sven" is on the list.  I'm also wondering if the beginning from the book will make it to the big screen. Anyone with info on this would make me smile. :)  I hope all the parts from the inside of the pred's ship are being well done. I specially liked when the predators geared up for the hunt... It reminded me of Commando with Schwarznegger gearing up for his last fight on the island. I hope this gets to be in the movie.  With all the artwork being transformed into the movie I can't imagine this movie being anything else than very good!!!
    WOW, that freakin great! what would even be more better is if they bring that artwork to the big screen! its a whole new ball game drawing pictures and putting it on the big scene! yep but still I CANT F__KING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !  10 more days unit DARKNESS ARRIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR CRYS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
  4. HellAlien
    Hmm, nice pred, its lookin good for a lunch    ;D    This is very cool stuff, i think that we will maybe that pred during the flashback thing as well. Look at him, he is old style lookin. Or he is an elder coming to fight the queen or to get killed by it    ;)     And what the hell is that on his right legg?? a gun, a dagger of some sort? what?  To me its lookin like a lil gun. Cuz you see a kind of trigger and tha shape of that thing is like a gun.   Well we r not out of surprises as this movie is concern
  5. uhhhhh
    that pred is f**kin NASTY!  maybe he will make an appearance towards the end or in the flashback or something.  id love to see him, thats for sure.
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