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PredAlien Spoilers / AvP Ending

It wasn’t long after I posted about the AvP Novelization that I received an email containing major spoilers about the PredAlien and the ending of Alien vs Predator. A person by the name of Gr8Kabuki visited his local book store and read the ending of the book. Anyway, I’ve posted what he had to say on the next page but be warned, if the book’s ending is exactly like the film’s ending, half of fans will be happy while half will be disappointed.

*** Spoilers Below ***

“As rumored it looks like there won’t be an appearance by anything but the predburster and then we may not see actually see it. The novel ends with the farewell of Lex and the sole predator survivor who departs back to his planet. Then it skips to a one page epilog describing Scar’s body laying in state on the ship. The author describes the predator’s grey skin moving as something is preparing to burst out. The book ends there.”

“I can’t believe that I am now in even more suspense than before. It’s possible that the writer was instructed not to fully do the final reveal or he may have written directly from the shooting script …generally this is the case. We’ll see in 6 weeks but I can’t believe that with all of the other evidence that we’ve seen , this will be the stinger that Henrikson described. Something was in that box marked hybrid in Prague.”

*** Spoilers Over ***

Well, there you go. He does have a point that the author may have been instructed to not reveal what really happens and let’s not forgot Paul Anderson did say there will be a hybrid in the film. I suppose this also backs up what Lance Henriksen said at the convention about the film leading off for a sequel.

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  1. Just Me
    I just read the AVP Novelization in two days and I have some comments and can answer some of the previous quentions along the way so if you are interested, here goe:   ***MEGA SPOILERS****:  There were seven predators - one in Cambodia that fights an Alien in a jungle during a back story in 2000 B.C.(this scene may be cut in the movie - replaced by preds at top of pyramid), one in 1904 in the whaling station that slaughters some guys (hint of that scene in one of the featurettes where the guy is on the floor of the cabin backing up), and five during the present day in the pyramid.   There were two pred alien chestbursters, but none in the adult form.  One bursts out in front of Lex and Scar and gets killed by Scar.  And one which happened to start to (book only mentions his chest convulging) emerge from Scar after his dead body was honored and taken away on the pred spacehip.  There were several Aliens involved in fights throughout the movie but never gave an exact number.  But the end of the movie involved Scar and Lex escaping through the 2000 ft. ice tunnel while being pursued by hundreds of Aliens clawing up the sides, two of which were the Queen and the grid Alien riding on her back.  The book never once mentions anything about the three preds on top of the pyramid fighting thousands of Aliens.  The main Alien is the alpha Alien (Grid Alien) which is described as much bigger and meaner than the rest of the brood.  The pred catching the chestburster is Scar and he is catching it after it bursts out of Sebastions chest.  Lex shoots Sebastion in the head first though with a desert eagle. No blood in featurette.  Maybe it will be CGI added.  I hope!  Some things that sucked:  They don't mentioned anything of the predator vision in the book.  It is hardly ever utilized.  Same goes for the shoulder plasma cannons.  Actually Scar uses it like once and that's it because he doesn't receive it until the end of the book.  Some plot holes:  There were many close fights between pred and alien that metion tons of Alien spilled blood.  However, the acid rarely or never burns the preds except on a few occasions.  And YES the alien acid eats through the armor.  And NO the Pred blood does not neutralize the alien blood.  Quinn falls 2000 feet down thew ice hole and scrapes along the side with his axe along the way, grabs a few cables, but somehow survives the fall.  I found this to be stupid.  Lex Jumping the chasm and somehow grabbing onto some small ledge that she clings onto...this happens way too much in movies.  No one could ever hang on.  And where the hell do the hundreds of Aliens come from!!  The book never mentions this!  Yes a few people get embryos implanted and I can see if there were at least 10 Aliens...but 100s!!  Why the hell do all the Aliens start trying to eat their queen alive?  They aren't cannibles!!  I found this to be very stupid.
  2. batman
    r we gonna see the queen leading her army of drones then, cos that wud be a really cool image to see.  so there is one thing im confused by. Some people are saying that the aliens were killed cos one of the preds tossed a bomb at them and only the queen survived.  Yet others say they died cos of a pred's self-destruct. Yet if that were true how does the queen survive that?  Also one other thing, r the spears like the extending ones in pred 2? and what do you make of lex using the alien head as a shield cos that sounds like a terrible idea to me. does she use it?
  3. Hell Alien
    what did ya said? 1 pred would slaughter he queen?!  Ok ..........HOW !!?  with his plasma no choice or he is dead, and tha plasma will have to bee dead accurate and damn strong to kill the queen in 1 shot, cuz that will be about the time that the pred will have before he gets trowed away. The bitch is moving fast. not as fast as the others but fast anyway. Nah, anywyay if ya want to think that a pred would take out a queen then so be it.
  4. uhhhhh
    first of all, a king pred is just an old pred, super-highly trained, and of royal blood, that is the king of the "tribe" or "clan" if you will  would EASILY slaughter that stupid bitch! (queen) no offense though, just so damn highly frekin trained...
  5. Galmorzu
    lol!  Why do I get the feeling that Colin Salmon's death in this is really just going to be a nasty, cruel, inside joke?  He got diced by a laser net in RE, then now by a Pred net in AvP it seems.  Poor actor.  :-P
  6. Hell Alien
    Yautja!!!!!!!!!!1 why the hell did ya post that?? Weylan thing, let giv these ppl a chance of being surprised in this. Man if we continue like that, we will tell every details?. well ok then, IM goin to do a overview of tha thing. If that whats everyone wnt. no surprise then. lol
  7. JTrebat85
    The author may have changed the ending for his book.  But before Alien Ressurection came out I bought the comic books and the followed the movie pretty well up to the Half Ripley, Half Alien creature birthing from the Queen.  So that could be how it ends knowing Anderson.
  8. YautjaWarrior
    ~SPOILER~ batman- Hmmm... the coolest human death maybe Weyland's...but only because he torched the pred, but Weyland's assistant is literally slice'n'diced by a predator net.(very gory details   ;D  ) Technically, neither species won. Aliens were blown up by a pred selfdistruct, and the preds were all killed by the aliens. Interesting...
  9. Hell Alien
    SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Faye, 2. scar and another one. Dunno is he is the celtic, I think so but they dont describe any pred in this. exp the scar pred. The queen is hurt in her fight against the first pred that she slaughter litterally. So it is not at full strenght that the queen is goin on the 2 survivors. But she killed 2 preds. And we dont know if she die or not. I dont think so, since she was frozen and then got awake. So a icy bath wont kill her. I think.
  10. Me
    (Spoiler info from book) I read the whole book in 7 hours last night / today. Id like to point out a few things. Scar supposedly dies at the end by the Queen's tail impaling him through the chest, how could the fetus within his chest still survive at the end of the book? They also speak as though they are all within 10 inches of one another the whole graveyard battle, almost as if dodging was not an option. And when the hell was scar facehugged lol, all they spoke of was scar bieng fully armored until teaming with Lex and beating down alien ass. The other predator who actually gave birth in the temple had his facehugging described but scars was not, he was also with another pred the whole time prior to lex. The celtic pred was never desribed in the book, they refered to every predator beside scar as another pred, nothing special, atleast not until the end when they describe the dozen of preds hovering over scar's corpse.They did however refer to one pred as their leader while setting down for the first time. Multiple scenes within the trailers are not in the book. For example, they do not have the log splintering off the predator at the whailing station, there were no mercy or playful acts in the book when the preds were topside. There is a segment in the book with the coffin and the 3 plasma cannons within to which set off the pyramid mechanism and tools to use once they made a hand vs hand alien kill. Why just 3? Guess they assumed only 3 of 5 would survive to use them, im guessing the clip with the 3 preds hovering over a red tint must be the empty weapon coffin. The other part that concerns me is the books reference to the pred and aliens wieght, from part 4 AR on the ladder right outside the water the black actor and cripple held an alien corpse on them for quite awhile (alien was dead). In the AVP novel they spoke as if the alien wieghed 600 pounds pinning the preds and fatigue'ing them quickly, lol. Overall I liked the book but some scenes need tuning and Im sure they will for the movie. If the end of the movie is the same as the book then its just another P2 ending or atleast 99.9% of it bieng the same (this time the human is friends with the pred instead of a victories combatant*). If the pred does use wrestling moves on the alien I dont see why that would be a problem, not as if they are gonna box lol. Pred vs an alien with 2 arms and a tail isnt quite fair if they boxed instead of wrestled    ???    two thumbs up imo....only needs a movie counterpart polish.
  11. Hell Alien
    WEll first, J, I never said that I loved the idea of a female, I said that if done properly, it would be cool to see one in a movie. But the movie shouldnt be all around the female. Anyway, I dont want to see a female in this. lIKE i SAID, If they were goin to be a female in this, they would have done the 2nd movie with a female.  And about the preds gettin their ass kicked, true they do. Its almost like the preds were newbies and that they were not having any strategies. Even against the humans they are dumb. Yes I know they are newbies but they had sure a lil preparation. Otherwise, they would be dumb. But ppl, remember that this is just a novel, its not the real thing. Im sure that the preds in tha movie are goin to get like 5-6 aliens out. Maybe more, but not much more. But 1-1 they are unexperience and dont really know how to do the thing against the aliens. That is why they got killed. Cuz the aliens in tha novel are described as very unpredictable and agile. more than the preds. One pred is even panicing in 1 scene where he is facing 2 aliens, so he gets killed cuz of that. But in the movie, PA wont do that, woould be a damn big mistake. And I wouldnt want to see that either. He will do something good out of this and remember that this is a novel.
  12. Predlanguagemaster
    if all the teenage preds die except the scar and then the scar gets facehugged....what do you nthink would happen to the ship if the predators not steering it hmm.ship go boom!!!
  13. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    batman: "Alien 3 does contradict itself tho cos in the final draft script the queen embryo grows inside Newt yet when she dies it crawls out of her mouth and into ripley to further develop."  Not only in the screenplay, but in the comic Newt Tale it ends with a facehugger on her cryotupe.   The change of host is also in the Alien 3 comic:  In the movie, you can even see the facehugger on Newt's cyrotupe. Its fingers appear and then you see a very quick shot of a young blonde girl -> Newt   By the way, doesn anyone have an idea about my question?  A question about the ending with all those Predators and the impregnated, died Predator. Why the hell don't the Predators see that Scar Predator is impregnated with an Alien? I mean, they have those very sophisticated vision with which they can scan a person's body like Weyland or the pregnant woman in Predator 2. Then why can't they scan this Predator's body with it, and see the PredAlien inside?
  14. batman
    Remember tho in alien 3 the original chestburster came from a dead ox, rather than a living dog. It was only changed cos the real ox wouldn't work in the scenes so they scrapped it at the last minute. so it seems an alien embryo can live inside a dead host, tho it has to be alive when impregnated.  Alien 3 does contradict itself tho cos in the final draft script the queen embryo grows inside Newt yet when she dies it crawls out of her mouth and into ripley to further develop.
  15. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    A question about the ending with all those Predators and the impregnated, died Predator. Why the hell don't the Predators see that Scar Predator is impregnated with an Alien? I mean, they have those very sophisticated vision with which they can scan a person's body like Weyland or the pregnant woman in Predator 2. Then why can't they scan this Predator's body with it, and see the PredAlien inside?
  16. intheknow
    Jack244 | 30 Jun 2004 05:39 pm  Joe, you said there were 5 Predators. Who are they?   I know Scar dies by the Queen   Celtic dies by Grid Alien   In the trailer I think I saw one Pred getting killed by many Aliens and had the standard Predator mask.   Then there is the one with the gills who goes face to face with an alien in the trailer. How does he die?   And who is this 5th Predator and how does he die?    There were originally going to be 7 Predators in the latter part of the film. Remember, the pyramid scenes are back history showing how and why the Predators go there.There are three New helmet designs. THe "Celtic", the "plated", and if you look closely at the one spinning the spear at the end of the trailer it's the third variant. Looks lose to the original but has some detail on the jaw areas. It looks like the one wearing this helmet is also the one getting assaulted by all the Aliens. Scar wears the original with scars on it (think Balck Hawk Down: names on helmets for identification)
  17. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    "In the trailer I think I saw one Pred getting killed by many Aliens and had the standard Predator mask."  I thought this could be the end from the pyramid flashback, where the Aliens have overrun the 3 Predators and are almost killing them. One of them is able to activate its self-destruct mechanism  A friend of mine though it could the scene where the PredAlien is born from the Predator, but I doubt that if I see the news now.
  18. J
    Hell Alien, I've never like this idea of a female predator, now wait! am NOT sexist believe me but the idea of their being two genders gives them a 2 humanistic quality, no disrepect my man. I've always imagined them being born like a type of matrixy approach, being born and bred in2 the perfect hunting creature with just mind to hunt, hunt and hunt again !
  19. Jack244
    Joe, you said there were 5 Predators. Who are they?  I know Scar dies by the Queen  Celtic dies by Grid Alien  In the trailer I think I saw one Pred getting killed by many Aliens and had the standard Predator mask.  Then there is the one with the gills who goes face to face with an alien in the trailer. How does he die?  And who is this 5th Predator and how does he die?
  20. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    I don't have the time to read all the posts now, but I just want to say:  "I read Lotr return of the king novel before seeing the movie, And in the novel, Aragorn is dying of oldness, then arwen is dying of sorrow. ( well she let herself die ) and theres other things that were not in tha movie."  I thought this was filmed for the extended edition,
  21. J
    Yeah Alien Emperor, I see your point but hear me out hear. Perhaps if this ' king'  type predator was one few older generation of predator.You have :  1.Young junior type predator ( maybe those from the previous films, with shorter manes).  2.Standard type, Worrior versions.  3.The Elder, older versions   4.The ' King' type predator -     * MUCH larger than the warrior ( 9ft tall)    * More weapons ( a new typr disc that has a fusion look to the 1 from predator 2 and this new shriken type from the new movie).    * A LARGE blade type spear.    * Perhaps a dual type canon     * A mantis like hand blade, which like the standard p. blades could folds half in giving the predator more manevability.    * More visions.  I could spend ages describing to you this new ' king ', I'll design it and put it on the net, get some feed back from all you cats.      ;D  
  22. J
    Wait up folks!! I do LIKE  hell alien suggestion. Imagine for the sequel if and thats a big IF they did bring back the Queen the predators would want some kind of payback    Introducing a new type of predator, one that can go 1 on 1 with the Queen - A Predator King, bigger, more gagdets, smarter and MEANER !!!
  23. Alien Emperor
    hivecluster, the grid alien is a normal drone that has bin fighting with a pred and caught up in a net of a pred. that explaines the curves on his head and shoulders
  24. Alien Emperor
    I've got another predalien theory: I think that if a host dies when they'r inpregnant, the embryo dies a little too. But to stay alive it msut take over some fresh host cells, so if it's a pred that will be a Predalien, but if the pred stay alive, it will be a normal Drone. Anyone like it?   :-\  
  25. Shadow
    Spoiler Comment (If the Spoiler by Joe is correct)  If it is true that the predators are massacred and that Scar is the only one who manages to kill an alien I will be angry and disappointed. Hopefully it will not be so. Quite obvious that the aliens will manage to kill some preds but I mean with all their technology they can't even manage take out one alien while being attacked.   >:D   If you recall in Resident Evil (if you watched it), where the commando's were trapped in that room or corridor with the laser beams that killed the lot that were trapped in that room. Half the cast were than out of the movie. I hope Paul Anderson evades from doing something similar in AVP like Killing a few Preds off at one time if the post by Joe is correct when saying that Four Preds die without even touching an alien .   ???  
  26. Saint Sinner
    Aside from the fighting, what does it say about the Predator backstory involving the pyramids and stuff? Anything interesting there that is described? Like the Predator in the concept art who's holding the Alien head above him and stuff?
  27. izzet
    It's nice to hear that the Alien is kicking the Pred's arse in someplaces. At least Anderson hasn't undervalued them so there easily torn apart.
  28. joe
    Scar slices its arm off wioth his disk, kicks it on its ass and then slices its head off as he uses his disk as a dagger, then he skins it and bloods himself. Then he fights grid and kicks its ass into a pillar and the pillar falls on the grid alien, it gets out and they fight again in the ice grotto. thats where it says after lex kills an alien with some kind of gun that scar slices the head off another alien....celtic gets bit int he head by the grids inner jaws, dunno if its him tho they don't say. the other preds get jumped on from the ceiling and impailed by tails and shit
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