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PredAlien Spoilers / AvP Ending

It wasn’t long after I posted about the AvP Novelization that I received an email containing major spoilers about the PredAlien and the ending of Alien vs Predator. A person by the name of Gr8Kabuki visited his local book store and read the ending of the book. Anyway, I’ve posted what he had to say on the next page but be warned, if the book’s ending is exactly like the film’s ending, half of fans will be happy while half will be disappointed.

*** Spoilers Below ***

“As rumored it looks like there won’t be an appearance by anything but the predburster and then we may not see actually see it. The novel ends with the farewell of Lex and the sole predator survivor who departs back to his planet. Then it skips to a one page epilog describing Scar’s body laying in state on the ship. The author describes the predator’s grey skin moving as something is preparing to burst out. The book ends there.”

“I can’t believe that I am now in even more suspense than before. It’s possible that the writer was instructed not to fully do the final reveal or he may have written directly from the shooting script …generally this is the case. We’ll see in 6 weeks but I can’t believe that with all of the other evidence that we’ve seen , this will be the stinger that Henrikson described. Something was in that box marked hybrid in Prague.”

*** Spoilers Over ***

Well, there you go. He does have a point that the author may have been instructed to not reveal what really happens and let’s not forgot Paul Anderson did say there will be a hybrid in the film. I suppose this also backs up what Lance Henriksen said at the convention about the film leading off for a sequel.

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