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Final AvP Movie Poster Out

Both Bloody Disgusting and Empire Movies have posted the final poster for Alien vs Predator. Take a look:

AvP Poster Final AvP Movie Poster Out

What’s strange about it is that it lists AvP’s release date as 08.06.04 when it should say 08.13.04.

Update: As shadowpred pointed out in the comments board, this poster has been taken from AvP: The Movie Novelization book due out in July and the IMDb page has also been updated with the poster so I think we can safely say this is the final poster for Alien vs Predator.

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  1. alienworshoper
      :-\  the perd looks kinda fake. it seems to have too small of a head like it was added in the. plus it looks kinda cartoonish. its still a great poster though. p.o.
  2. Predgirl
    Hey everybody I just saw the final poster at my local theater when I went to the movies today and the date is August 13 so don't worry it is right.  Yes this is the final poster.
    I thought this poster was alright but i perferred the original teasers. I hope this is'nt the very final poster.  P.S. When the hell is the new AVP trailer coming online   ;D     ;D     ;D  
  4. XoGArchAngelAGen
    Hell yes!!!!!! with those new avp figures i'll finally be able to fill up the rest of my shelves!!!!!!!!! I've already got the stealth pred though, not that big of a deal.   ;D 

    But the Grid Alien looks practically the same!!! the only main differance is the green stuff on the head!!!   ??? 
  5. shakermakerman
    my predator S E is good quolity so i dont know how u say that hudson, bringer of death i do like the origanal alien im am a alien freek and i like all the alien designs and i cant see a problem with this one,one thing on this new design is i like the shoulders....grid alien= alien that has been cought in  a pred net then melted down with acid blood... ps the onley thing i dint like about the aliens in alien 4 is the noises they made
  6. XoGArchAngelAGen
    So what the heck is a Grid Alien?  ???   My friend told me the Inferno Alien was red.  :)   Whoa, I cant believe my questions were already answered!!  :D   That's awesome!!!  ;D  
  7. XoGArchAngelAGen
    Good day to you all. I am {XoG}ArchAngel{AGen} from Alien Vs Predator 2: Primal Hunt. I too, have seen this poster and I think that the predator looks quite distorted. It's obvious that it's fanart. As for the claw, I like the way it looks. It's just the fact that it's on the wrong hand. Other than that, I think it looks quite impressive. I have a question though. Have you guys heard anything about a "Battle Grid Alien" or an "Inferno Alien". A friend of mine told me that there was going to be Aliens like that in the movie. I don't think he is telling the truth though. The ALIEN saga doesn't seem like the kind of series that would make more than one bizarre kind of alien in one movie. If any of you have heard of these strange new aliens, please email me at: Or you could instant message me. My AOL screen name is: XoGArchAngelAgen. So feel free to talk to me anytime you want. I really enjoy talking to fellow friends of the Alien and Predator movies. I also play on AVP2:PH. So you could talk to me there maybe. I'm in the {XoG} clan. I'm the General of the Aliens. So unless I talk to any of you soon, I bid you all adieu.   8)  
  8. Poopie Pie
    The poster doesn't look bad; however, the movie is Alien vs. Predator,,,that's the poster should have had them facing each other for Christs sake!!  It would look so much cooler!
  9. Bringer of Death
    @ Predator, why it's already out over there?   >:D   we have to wait until July 20th for fricks sake!   >:D     >:D     >:D   And come on guys this poster inst that bad, is it?   ???   I personaly like some of the wallpapers from the actual site u can d load better, but they should have like a battle scene with a Pred a human and the Queen in there, that would be bad ass.   ;)  
  10. shakermakerman
    i dont have a problem with the poster i think its eye catchin and that what they want.. one thing its not cheesey i think the white reperence the ice, either way rool on october... yes i said OCTOBER NOT AUGUSE    >:D     >:D   HAIL KING ANDERSON
  11. Steve
    I think the poster looks cool in white cus it contrasts the dark colours of the Alien and the Predator, plus it's only truly white in the centre with what looks like circuit board like designs on the outside. The white in the centre represents the 'I' in the Aliens logo I assume and circuitry representing the pred I assume, creating a hybrid logo.  all that asside I just think it looks sweet   ;D  
  12. Killer_Kakashi
    Of course, there may be things added or missing in the novelization. I read the star wars attack of the clones one and tones was added to it that was, sadly not in the film.
  13. Galmorzu
    Well, as a novelization of the movie, it's basically going to be a minute by minute spoiler of the film, since it's basically the movie written as a book.  Novelizations aren't spoiler-free making ofs.     ;)  
  14. thinkugotachance
    this "movie novelization" thing, will that be just full of production photos and things of that sort, or just a full on spoiler pertaining to storylines that will define every minute of the film?
  15. Aliminator
    To El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos : wtf are you talking about? if you see the hulk in a GREAT theather, it's an awesome movie!!! the crushing and banging in great sound effects!!!  To Darkness: oh, i'm disappointed   :-\  , but a guy used your name though   >:D   and he kinda sucked at the game and lied he is darkness.   >:D  
  16. El Demonio Cazador de Trofeos
    Think about this.... usually there are a lot of movies that have great posters but they suck, examples:  Underworld: Excellent poster but the movie was weak Tomb Raider: Beautiful poster, crappy movie Star Wars Episode I....needless to say  Or others that have terrible posters but were great movies: Sleepy Hollow The Fifth Element The Matrix  and some that have terrbile poster and they also suck! Like The Hulk he he  Anyway I'm hoping this one has this awful Poster but turns out to be a reat movie my guess is that all the art of AvP has been done by interns who abuse of Photoshop, and suddenly someone noticed and tried to do something neat and ended up being this lame Poster.... sorry but I don't like it at all...... besides it look strangely familiar to some other movie's poster, check downloads of desktops  See ya!
  17. Aliminator
    To Rusty Nails: hmm, don't believe everything they said, use common sense. Facehuggers Hug BOTH GENDER, so, obviously, aliens only have one gender.  To Beeko: LOL, you just go to see DAY AFTER TOMMORROW because AVP trailer, LOL.
  18. Pvt Hudson
    uhhh the wristblades are on the right hand there buddy! they are supposed to be on the left arm! and who would care if it was the on the worng one anyways! im sure the preds have lefties and righties!
  19. Growler
    to beeko::  I'm not sure if your country is right before, or way after the time zone in hawaii.  I'm guessing your 24 hours ahead of the U.S.  Right now I'm deployed in a country thats 10 hours ahead of N.Y.'s and I'm in what used to be part of the former Soviet Union.   to AustrAlien:: I agree with you on the professionalism on the poster.  Pred's a little out of proportion just by looking at his head and shouler, missing dreds, blades on the wrong arm... the only good job in that whole poster is the Alien and the font.
    I think its ok but they could have made it better.  Also id like to say that the link AdamJZ posted had toys and busts of aliens and preads,but there was one of a Queen alien tiend down w like barbed wire of some sort, and the busts are normaly based of of stuff on the movie. Think about this, that tempal (yes i know im a bad speller) was a training ground for preads witch means sinse they were fighting Aliens they had to breed them (yes we all know they did that) witch ment they had to have a queen some whear in the tempal. Im betting that whean that queen chestburster came along thet tiyed it down and feed it to keep it alive (cinda of like some sort of slave). 100 years later all those people die out and the queen and her children go in to hyber nation. Another 1000 years later the people come along the hive awankens  the preads come along all hell breaks lose bla bla bla, finaly the main pread makes it to the chamber whear the queen is, he frees it they fight pread wins he esc, Lex and maby maby maby sabation-(not shur if thats right) and 1 alien esc.  Part 2 the alien falls asleep 2000 000 later the alien wakes up and ta da wev got alien5 !    ;D    what do you think?
  21. Bringer of Death
    This is one of the better of the posters out of either franchise, all the alien ones are pretty plane with just the ALIEN name and a logo of some sorts, the Preds also werent te greatest the first just had Arnie and a few other designs and the second had the city and the little saying that hes back w/ a few days to kill and what not.But this Poster has the best of both and actualy SHOWS the main 'stars' of the film we are actualy rooting for well i am anyway.Although the white is a little odd but it does give you a good idea of what to expect the creatures to look like wich is a plus for the people unfarmiliar with these series like the bunch of u have also said.I am actualy starting to noy mind as much about the Alien design, that pic looks pretty sweet, its noe giger creation but iy will have to do.And as for the Pred I guess they don't want to show how drasticly they lengthened the wrist blades until u actualy see the film.Oh well.Also I'm pretty sure we will see one or two more posters and i hope that they went back 2 the original release date like on this poster but I highly doubt it.So lets hope this trailer comes out on the 28th like we are bring led to believe my the Real Pred guy.I hope he's right
  22. flonge
    I think this poster is very good. For us who are used to the pictures it sure looks a bit typical, but for people who arn't fans this will probably get them curious enough to read some more about this movie... We hardcore fans are going to see this movie anyway! And when it comes to the whitening, it's not so scary, but it makes the creatures visible and at the same time it reflects the setting. I guess they'll make more posters though. There are many movies that have a lot of "main" posters. I like it!
  23. lifecall
    anyone else think that this poster is a piece of quarter ass shit? it looks like crap, i think the posters is where they cut the budget. if the poster is any indication on how good or bad this movie is gonna be, id say this movie is gonna blow cactus.  WHITE!!!?? ok there is snow in this movie, but its a dark movie, maybe they could have done a white thing aesthetically, but its jsut another alien side view photocrapped with a predator and the same lame old tagline.  that has to be the worst predator pic ive seen yet!, its like a blurry photograph or painting, and it looks distorted.  im sure a bunch of you drooling nerds will think this poster is da bomb. and it is da bomb, the bomb load of all the crap you've shat in a lifetime shot into the worlds largest fan. and on the otherside the canvas, or the PRE-poster setup. obviously the mess that results is this lovely final AvP poster with the rumored incorrect release date, suspicious much?
  24. TheStorm
    Adam just like LOTR they showed the final posters with out the credits on them, then when they sold them they had credits on them.   I believe this is the final poster. I hope it is as well, because it is super cool.  Usually they just release what the final poster will look like without credits, I know a lot of movies that did this LOTR included, so soon we will see it with credits.
  25. AdamJZ
    The poster may have been released on line, but not yet in theaters

    Empire is the same magizine that said that AVP will be PG-13, yet that info was confirmed false, this is mearly the 2nd teaser poster, ALL FINAL POSTERS HAVE CREDITS ON THEM, and since this does not, it is proof that this is not the final poster.

    and that poster was not released last september, two posters tatlook like either half of it did.
  26. izzet
    I felt ripped off! It was in wrapping so you couldnt look in the mag, and it had 2 sides of pics we've already seen, apart from one pic of a Pred holding Sebastian(?) up with someone else on the floor.
  27. Series600
    Ok, don't know why this has not been brought up yet, but there is a large flaw with the poster.  Look at the Predator.  Can you see what I mean?  Well, this poster shows the wrist blades being on the left arm.  Either they just flipped the picture, there is one Predator who has the blades on the other arm, or the poster is a fake.
  28. Shaneus
    Guys predator hunts in hot climates because he runs around in his jocks and wants to show off his muscley buff body. Predators are too stupid to invent pants and jumpers so must stay were it is warm.
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