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AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

A few people in the forum gave me an idea for a new article last week. Here’s a detailed and comprehensive guide to deleted/missing scenes in Alien vs Predator. It covers what was found on the DVDs as well as production stills and shots from the trailers that never made it into the final movie or the DVD. Check it out.

20070203_01 AvP Movie Deleted Scenes

There were also a few scripted scenes that I didn’t even know about. Such as the fact there was a brief fight sequence between Scar Predator and the Grid Alien and also the Grid Alien actually made it to the surface at the end of the film. You never know, we may see another AvP DVD by the time AvP2 comes out that has more footage on. But for now, you can check out my AvP Deleted Scenes article.

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