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AvP: The Movie Novelization

20040629 AvP: The Movie NovelizationThe Alien vs Predator Movie Novelization book was released earlier today across America (and on July 1st in the UK) and YautjaWarrior has emailed with his first impressions of the book:

“The Novelization of the AvP Movie is in stores. I bought it and there is a section in the center of the book with a few pictures from the movie. The commentary with the photos hints that the “Scar” Predator is the main predator for the movie. The pictures are pretty cool, and I’ve only read the first three chapters, but the book seems promising.”

It certainly sounds interesting but by reading the book, is it going to spoil the plot for you? Probably but reading a few chapters wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of what’s going on. If anybody else happens to buy the book, here’s the links to and if you choose to buy it online. As usual, send me any new info you may find and also thanks to YautjaWarrior for letting me know.

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  1. SaNdMaNxX
    emperor some said that only one pred killz a few aliens i dunno if itz true but that cam from the novlesoooo i dunno i quess the others are there to sit and get there asses killed...
  2. Alien Emperor
    is it the Preds that will be loosing? i tought the aliens would be ass kicked, C'mon the preds can easily kill at least 10 aliens with their shoulder canon!    ;)  
  3. Variable
    I am sad about the whole alien deal. Only a pred kills a few aliens. Thats shit. Hopefully the movie will be different. The way it looks with the stuff I read it will be R. Hell Alien you are right. I gave in and read it. Its a hell of a book.
  4. YautjaWarrior
    I though the book was good... but the Preds were beaten too easily. Overall...out of 10, I give it and 8.5.  :)   Very... interesting ending though(a bit depressing too). Definately makes room for a sequel. A little bit of humor... but LOTS of gore... How this movie could be rated PG-13 is impossible compared to the book. (In the book, the pred rips the alien's brains out...) But this movie should be awesome, who ever wins...   ???   we lose.   ;D  
  5. batman
    right i can't help it. Im from england and not gonna see it for nother 3 an half months anyway. I want to know everything that happens so if anyone wants to send me a detailed overview of what happens in the book, i would very much appreciate it.  send it to:
  6. Hell Alien
    But mainly its even, just that finally the preds are not Gods that wont be killed by less than 5 aliens. The aliens are finally respected in this. Killing machines.  and they are finally using their tails properly. To stab, empale and slash. Very cool!!!
  7. Hell Alien
    Know what ya mean yautjawarrior, I skipped some pages to see the fights, and they are cool!!!   SPOILER!!!!!  But the preds are getting kicked in this, true scar got 1 alien in 2 devastating blows but the rest of tha pred are getting a hell of a time with the aliens. Like the pred that is getting shred and that actually see his own guts. Just to give ya guys a lil ideas on the way the fights are described.
  8. YautjaWarrior
    Crap... I picked up the book and decided to read just one more chapter, then one more page, then two more pages... the three more pages... Arrrrgh! I'M ALREADY ON CHAPTER 7!   :-\   IT'S SOOOOO GOOD! (sits in fetal postion, rocking back and forth)
  9. Hell Alien
    Sorry guys, no scans from me, I dont have a scanner. I wont be able to scan it for ya guys sorry. lol. But i think that I saw these pics somewhere else, on cards or on the net. I ll check it out and will come bak with something maybe,.
  10. Galmorzu
    Damn straight I'm going to read the whole thing when I get my hands on it.     8)    Besides the fact I probably won't even remember it by the time the movie comes out, or the fact that the book is usually so different from the movie in major spots as to leave me guessing when I see an actual movie, I really don't care if I know it or not going into the movie.  In fact I'll probably love the book just as much as seeing the movie itself.  BTW, I went around to all the big bookstores in my area and no one has this yet.  They say in a day or two, with Borders (in the US) saying "sometime next month".  I spoke to some young kid, and he didn't really sound like he knew what he was doing, but "next month" is in a couple of days, so that's not too bad.  Still, I'll try and get scans when I do manage to find it.
  11. batman
    for anyone who has the book. How long is it and what is the size of the print? Just by flicking through it how long wud u say the film is going to be at a guess?
  12. Variable
    People settle down. Do you realy want to read the whole damn thing? I mean there goes the ending. There goes the plot. There goes everything we have talked about and guessed about. We should all share this joy when the movie comes out. Not even everyone has the book. For all you people that read the next set of posts dont post nothing about it to all us that still want to see the movie. Sure I will go buy the book, Im dying in hear the book is driving me crazy. I will probably buy it today but I wont read nothin important.
  13. Sunderland
    I intend to buy the book, and read it before going to see the film for the following reasons.  1)  I'm in the UK and it doesn't open until 22nd October here, so it will be a long time between reading the book and watching the film.  2)  I read all of the Star wars books before the films came out and it didn't detract from my enjoyment of them one jot  Dale
  14. Ooman Smoothie
    I just read about the book like an hour ago on this site and... I am fighting the urge as well... I want the book, but i dont have any money. Though I could always mooch off of my woman... yesss.. hehehe.
    i am going to get the AVP novel but i'm not going to read it till i see the movie. i did the samething when both alien 3 and resurrection came out with the novels and i didnt read the novels till i saw the movie.
  16. Galmorzu
    I'm going to check out my local Barnes&Nobles/Waldenbooks/Borders tomorrow after work to see if anyone has it.  If they do I might be able to scan the pics for anyone who wants them.  The online stores all say the book is out tomorrow, but that doesn't mean anyone will have them on time, or get them at all, but here's to hoping.
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