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AvP: The Movie Novelization

20040629 AvP: The Movie NovelizationThe Alien vs Predator Movie Novelization book was released earlier today across America (and on July 1st in the UK) and YautjaWarrior has emailed with his first impressions of the book:

“The Novelization of the AvP Movie is in stores. I bought it and there is a section in the center of the book with a few pictures from the movie. The commentary with the photos hints that the “Scar” Predator is the main predator for the movie. The pictures are pretty cool, and I’ve only read the first three chapters, but the book seems promising.”

It certainly sounds interesting but by reading the book, is it going to spoil the plot for you? Probably but reading a few chapters wouldn’t hurt to get an idea of what’s going on. If anybody else happens to buy the book, here’s the links to and if you choose to buy it online. As usual, send me any new info you may find and also thanks to YautjaWarrior for letting me know.

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