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AvP Movie Storyline Spoilers

Dark have posted a few paragraphs telling us a bit more about the plot in the Alien vs Predator movie. Take a look at this:

The film opens in the year 2000 BC, as a Alien before a Predator blasts the creature. In the present day, technicians at a Wayland Industries’ satellite receiving station make a startling discovery. A team of scientists is assembled and travel by an icebreaker ship to the Antarctic where a system of pyramids lies beneath the ice, seemingly proving archaeologist Wells’ theory that ancient civilisations emerged from one master race.

Inside the pyramids they discover human skeletons with holes in their chests and fossilised chest-bursters, while a sarcophagus room is discovered to contain advanced weaponry belonging to the Predators. Verheiden rashly initiates a process that sees a chained captive Alien Queen lifted from a vapour pool and begin laying eggs.

On the surface five young Predators arrive to take part in their trials, armed with new weapons including throwing stars that expand to six long blades. They kill the project’s drilling team and head into the pyramids, leading to an explosive showdown between the Predators, the Aliens and the humans.

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