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AvP Predator Weapon Props

Over at, a few pictures have been posted of some prop replicas featured in the Alien, Predator series and the Alien vs Predator movie. One is of a (unpainted) dagger and another of a spear and were featured at the New York Toy Fair 2004.

AvP Spear Prop AvP Predator Weapon Props

AvP Dagger Prop AvP Predator Weapon Props

There’s also a few more replicas listed: Alien Motion Tracker, Predator Helmet, Alien “Grid” Head, and Predator “Scar” Helmet. Some of these are from the Alien and Predator films as well as AvP but here’s a few of the descriptions from the article:

“Ceremonial Dagger – Predator’s 25 inch ceremonial dagger featured in this summer’s long awaited release of Alien vs Predator…”

“Predator Spear – Molded from the original prop, this highly detailed replica is constructed in cold cast resin with a metallic finish. A full 32 inches in length and 3.5 inches in diameter. It does not extend…”

“Alien “Grid” Head – This next generation warrior alien is fiercer than the rest. From the upcoming movie Alien vs Predator, this Alien features an acid etched grid on his smooth domed head – the result of his escape from a Predator net…”

Thanks to AvPWorld for the news.
Article Updated 19-02-04

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  1. skeptic
    When I look at some of the stuff Paul Anderson has done, I worry about this movie.  Event Horizon was a good movie - Soldier sucked.  Considering all of the updating he's trying to do, I fear greatly for this film.  He's trying to update the alien, even though this movie takes place **before** the other films.  I had the same problem with Star Wars episodes I and II.. older stuff should not look newer, better, and more advanced than the newer stuff.  While this does not apply to the Predator, it seems as though Anderson and crew are more concerned with what looks good as a prop, rather than what will look good as a movie.  Alien was an awesome movie, even though it was painfully obvious that it was a guy in a suit.  Then there's the problem of timeline.  I for one don't like the idea of screwing with the timeline by putting Aliens on earth after we are told (centuries in the future) that this species has never existed on earth.  But all of this is one man's opinion.
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