Untitled Alien Game

Date Released: Unknown…
Publisher: FoxNext Games
Developer: Cold Iron Studios
Formats: PC & Consoles
Genre: Shooter

Official Announcement

On January 17, 2018, FoxNext Game officially announced they had acquired the developer Cold Iron Studios and were developing a shooter in the world of the Alien franchise. Cold Iron Studios were founded in 2015 by CEO Craig Zinkievich, CTO Shannon Posniewski, and creative director Matt Highison, and its 25 employees are all joining FoxNext Games. Members of their development team have worked on many past titles including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Metroid Prime 3, Bioshock Infinite, Doom and Borderlands. As the developer has an history with online multiplayer games, it’s assumed that the new Alien shooter will be an an online multiplayer game.

“I am a personal fan of Cold Iron’s previous work, and all of us at FoxNext Games are thrilled to be working with them as they create an action-packed persistent world, steeped in the mysteries of this beloved ‘Alien’ universe,”

– Games president of FoxNext Games, Aaron Loeb

“Our background in building online worlds and taking established franchises to the next level in interactive entertainment is a precise fit with [FoxNext’s] product road map ahead.”

– Cold Iron Studios CEO Craig Zinkievich Zinkievich

Latest News

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Comments: 16
  1. Kinda hope it is an mmo, a split world free roam similar to world of Warcraft chose your side aliens or colonial marines, separated by language and distance, the hive works to expand and grow, taking territory is a possibility, start as a face higher and grow to a drone, air or player humans could be brought to the hive for chestation by ai or player drones. Work your way up to stronger versions of the species.

  2. If they stick to original alien features and marine weaponary and put all their concentration into the game and it’s story, it should be a good game

  3. @The Crusher,

    Sadly I doubt it’ll be anything like Isolation. Cold Iron is comprised mostly of MMO devs, and people who focused on online FPS type games. Something tells me it’s going to be an online only COD version of aliens with a slam dunk full of microtransactions and so on.

    Best case scenario if it’s online only? They make an MMO comprised of several planets where players play as USCM troops with various classes and like PlanetSide 2 have to focus on maintaining control on planets and continental zones. Even better would be the ability to have a Scavver character (Like Tarkov) who can find gear and stuff for your main (Marine). But that in itself would get tiring after a while and prolly wouldn’t be too popular since Tarkov and Planet Side 2 already fit those nitches.

  4. Or it would be prettier to be a facehugger and infest another player to have the options to stay insider the other player for as long as you want!

  5. Earlier in the comments I saw some say something about avp Extinction, as I child I played this repetitively even went out and got another copy, if this could be done in a fps with life cycles of aliens that would be awesome and even have kills streaks like cod and instead of carepackeges in cod you could spawn a fleet of facehuggers instead of dogs in cod world at war

  6. Would be a great time also for Fox to pay a visit to Obsidian and be like “Yo, sorry Sega fucked you over and that we let them make A:CM. Here’s a few mill to make that RPG you wanted to make. Cheers.”


  7. Heres to hope it won’t be cluttered with Micro transactions which every developer is trying to copy Team fortress 2 and Overwatch model. Seeing it is going to be multiplayer shooter this might be the case.

    I pray one day we will get an Aliens/AVP game with asymmetrical gameplay and concepts of Natural Selection 1 and 2 where each team has a base and resources. The best part about this concept is being able to build and work together in actual Alien hive which hasn’t been done yet. The closest thing was AVP Extinction on PS2. I wish everyday for game like that.

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