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Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s Cold Iron Studios Teases Mystery New Game

Aliens: Fireteam Elite developer Cold Iron Studios announced yesterday that they had appointed a new Studio Head and Game Director and teased a mystery new project. Elena Siegman is their new Studio Head while Kendall Deacon Davis is the new Game Director. Siegman has a wealth of experience in the business, previously working in big franchises like Guitar Hero, BioShock and Destiny.

Cold Iron Studios states they are still committed to adding quality-of-life improvements to the 2021 title Aliens: Fireteam Elite including improving matchmaking and the synthetics.

Alongside the new leadership, Cold Iron will be adding some long-requested updates to Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Cold Iron is committed to providing quality of life updates to Aliens: Fireteam Elite while hard at work on their next major project. Future updates will include many of the community’s most prominent requests, such as fixes to matchmaking and improvements to everyone’s favorite Synths, known by players as “Alpha” and “Beta”.

Cold Iron Studios does say in the announcement that the studio is working on a brand-new title.

In the meantime, the studio is in full development on a new title. Building on the success of Aliens: Fireteam Elite, Cold Iron is hard at work making a new experience for fans to sink their teeth into. More updates will be coming as development is further along.

 Aliens: Fireteam Elite's Cold Iron Studios Teases Mystery New Game

While it doesn’t specifically say their new title is a sequel to Aliens: Fireteam Elite or a new game in the Alien franchise, could a new Aliens game be on the cards in the future?

Cold Iron Studios was founded in 2015 but has been sold or transferred four times since then to various companies. It was initially purchased by Fox in 2018, and transferred to Disney along with FoxNext shortly after that. Then in 2020, Disney sold the studio to mobile game publisher Scopely before it quickly moved to Daybreak Games. Aliens: Fireteam Elite is still the only game that the game developer has finished and shipped.

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  1. BenditlikeBeckum
    If this is  a way to get our noodles going, its for sure an opportunity to see what the fans would like to see if you'd want to create NEW experiences. So, I for one would have to agree with the other bloke who mentioned a slower paced over the shoulder style ala Dead Space/ The Callisto Protocol. I'm with you on that.

    However since this is the Alien franchise I only expect it to be more 'involved' RPG wise maybe like Alan Wake 2's effort is worth looking into. Even Alan Wake2 is a game I want to play even though its not out yet. But if it were in the vein of 1979s Alien or Prometheus timelines with a  blend of AFTE with mechanics of Alan Wake 2, then I would only expect it needs a huge budget. A budget we have only seen with the likes of the Lora Croft franchise or the Last of Us.

    I wouldn't mind an expansion of AFTE but if it got more budget for a proper immersive experience then I think it would need an overhaul. I  like the gore elements of Colossal Protocol so it would mean a  tremendous amount of lore being made. I can see that. ALOT. Has anyone seen the Xenomorph serpeant? I really think Rudy should make his tremendous catalogue available to the franchise to develop some things because there is never a dull moment with his work. Its just going to collect dust.

    Think of the potential! Some fans are pretty bold when it comes to making the effort. The elegant nature of midjourney is that it is based of several neurological systems of information picked out from a database of ideas called a checkpoint. The acute ideas are very reminiscent of a real brain formulating and creating imagery. What you see here was trained on gigers works of art then slightly tuned into various ideas and by using his photos, new ideas were generated with extremely acute variations of what is already existing in the Giger art world.
    What you're seeing is a 'real' human-like dream. a dream only a human can actually comprehend. because like humans, midjourney or SD might only derail ever so slightly because like a human, it has a memory and its only drawing from it in subtle ways to which a neural network is capable of doing. This is called a "neurological simulation of an idea".

    But I get the past two games made a tremendous amount of loot for the Disney so I don't see why not.
  2. Still Collating...
    I wish them luck and hope they take the mentioned criticisms seriously. There's potential for so much more there. My personal preference is a better and smoother multiplayer experience. More than 3 players, better designed game modes, PvP where you can play as the Aliens, better voice acting, lip-sync, more cinematic and diverse missions in the campaign and less emphasis on the looter shooter style.

    I wish for better communication, since their approach is horrible as of now. I hope for new info on the game soon, but I doubt we'll hear anything for a while. Hope to be proven wrong.
  3. XenoPredAlien
    for some reason i always held hope for a synthetic xenomorph as a class in Fireteam i know it will never happen but i could hope lol would love to see what plan they have for Fireteam since now they are giving it some light and would be pretty cool to see what game they have in store hopeful for another Alien game
  4. Thatguy2068
    Quote from: BenditlikeBeckum on Sep 18, 2023, 12:12:00 PMIm wondering what they possibly will do with Mr. Beat and Alphalpha. Asides from maybe ping a spot and have them two fight for the ping spot, maybe allowing you to set their Classes onboard the endeavor? Then maybe they will take on a more dominant role in an offline campaign since classes might be able to offer more gadgets and such.
    Maybe this and we can set skins for the android, maybe something edgy? PlS I want this skin to be available.
  5. Buckchops
    How about building off of Fireteam and making it sandbox-style like GTA? That'd be hella fun to do in the Aliens universe...especially with vehicles.
  6. BenditlikeBeckum
    Im wondering what they possibly will do with Mr. Beat and Alphalpha. Asides from maybe ping a spot and have them two fight for the ping spot, maybe allowing you to set their Classes onboard the endeavor? Then maybe they will take on a more dominant role in an offline campaign since classes might be able to offer more gadgets and such.

    Either way, like Corp Hicks pointed out, it doesn't make sense to make another Aliens product based on one engine you already own (and so quickly since the release of the other). So chances are it will be a DLC...possibly another paid one and with a full campaign like pathogen if not more than one since they had to make a press release about it.
  7. Still Collating...
    Dark Descent wasn't completely broken, at least on PC. Worked just fine for most people, that's why it has mostly positive reviews. 86% on Steam, while Fireteam has 78%. Fireteam has been out longer, so that isn't fair, but the same then goes for bugs. Fireteam had numerous bugs at launch, floating Aliens going through the floor, the game breaking bug of a stuck Alien that meant you had to restart the whole mission and waste our precious cards. And after a year of being out, when they added crossplay, it worked horribly at first, with so much lag and constant disconnects. And that's more than a year after launch. Now I know why they didn't have that at launch, since they weren't able to implement it well even later.

    Both Dark Descent and Fireteam had a lot of bugs at launch and still have bugs. Dark Descent seems to have more problems on consoles for now unfortunately. But both games, on PC at least, were not completely broken on release and are both playable now for most users on PC at least. 
  8. Corporal Hicks
    While I'm extremely confident this certainly is a new Alien game, if it ends up being a Fireteam 2 I'm a little surprised. I know they had originally planned a lot more extra story content for Fireteam than we've got so it makes some sense they might put that all together for an actual Fireteam 2, rather than more content.

    But I'd also love to see something completely new. I know a lot of people have been wanting playable Aliens again so that would be interesting to see return.
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