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25 Minutes of Aliens: Fireteam Gameplay Footage!

25 Minutes of gameplay footage from Aliens: Fireteam has now been released by IGN. IGN’s editor Ryan McCaffrey is joined by Cold Iron Studios’ CEO Craig Zinkievich and their Chief Creative Officer Matt Highison as the three of them play through one of the missions from the game. Craig is playing as the Demolisher class while Matt is the Technician. The video shows how the different classes work with each other.

The mission takes place on Katanga which is an orbital refinery in the outer rim. A group of Colonial Marines have got this distress call and have sent a Fireteam to investigate and perform a search and rescue. You are limited to three players only but you can solo the missions and  have two other bots along with you.

You can check out the different weapons and equipment the Colonial Marines have at their disposal. Look out for a few of the new Xenomorph variants including the Spitter which can spit acid and the Burster which appears to explode. It does look like Aliens: Fireteam is non-stop action. Thanks to Adam802 for the news.

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