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Posted by Darkness on September 24, 2003 (Updated: 08-Sep-2023)

AvP Extinction Alien Tips

Below you’ll find many tips and strategies for the Aliens.

Transbreed & Purebreed Aliens
Drones, Runners, Warriors and PredAliens are transbreed aliens and different hosts produce a different transbreed alien. Praetorians, Queens, Carriers and Ravagers are purebreed aliens that can come from any host. Transbreed alien adapt to a target species, whereas purebreed aliens enable them to overpower it. To create transbreed alien, adult aliens attack an enemy until it is unconscious so a Facehugger can pounce on the victim’s face safely. A Chestburster will emerge from the victim’s body and turn into a cocoon and then turning into an adult alien. The alien it turns into depends on the host. To create Carriers and Ravagers, you need to transform a Praetorian into one by spending infestation points. This can only be performed when a Queen already exists and after Praetorians have been upgraded.

Creating a Queen
Aliens can spend infestation points to transform a Praetorian into a Queen. To create a Praetorian, you must first transform an Egg into a Praetorian Egg. A Praetorian Facehugger will emerge which can turn into a Praetorian from any host.

Upgrading Aliens & Infestation Points
All upgrades take place through the Queen Alien and will cost infestation points. You earn infestation points by rendering active enemies unconscious. Remember you don’t need infestation points to order units but to upgrade units. For a strong team, create hive nodes and create Praetorians.

Regeneration & Spores
All aliens can heal themselves when they’re standing on hive webbing. This is created when the Queen lays an egg sack or by creating hive nodes. There are two aliens that can heal themselves which are the Runner and PredAlien. So-called Roaming Regeneration doesn’t occur when being attacked. Hive Nodes, Runners, Praetorians and Queens emit spores that cover a creature for a time period. This allows you to track the creature and bring it back to the hive. Also, spores remove a predator’s cloak.

After hitting an enemy, acid damages it for some time before causing wounds. Kinetic Armor is less effective while being burned by acid and often leverages this effect by tearing into a victim’s wounds. Aliens are immune to the effect of their own acid.

Alien Strengths

  • Aliens are the most numerous species and can create new units for free.
  • They are physically tough and PredAliens, Ravagers and Queens are deadly.
  • It’s hard to stop the production of aliens because of Queen transformations by Praetorians.
  • Killing a Queen surrounded by masses of other aliens is no easy task.

Alien Weaknesses

  • If you slow down production of aliens, the enemy may take advantage of this.
  • Most aliens are melee fighters with a lack of ranged attackers.
  • Facehuggers and Chestbursters are incredibly weak and can easily be killed.
  • Can be hard to build up aliens if there’s a lack of hosts.

AvP Extinction Predator Tips

Below you’ll find many tips and strategies for the Predators.

Reinforcements & Upgrades
Predators can order extra units and upgrades by using their mobile shrine. If the shrine is destroyed in a battle, then there’s no other way to order more predators.

Honor Points (Credits)
You can earn credits in two ways. One is to kill enemies and the other is to collect skulls. Different enemies provide different rewards but generally the more dangerous the creature is, the more credits you get. Collecting skulls is usually worth more than kill. If you have a lot of expensive units on your team such as the Hydra or Blazer, you will get fewer credits than a team with cheap units.

Energy, Healing & Cloaks
A predator’s energy powers your cloaking device and cures damage and side-effects. Predators can recharge their energy by turning they cloak off and waiting for the bars to fill or by moving near a shrine which is much quicker. When healing, predators use up energy and use their medicomp to do it. Healing alien acid scarring can use a lot of energy so be warned. Regarding cloaking, most predator units can cloak but it dos use energy so you’ll lose it temporarily.

Revealing Yourself
Some enemies have sensors to remove your cloaking which are Synthetics, Sentry Guns, Alien Spores and enemy Predators with the PredTech vision upgrade. A predator can also be detected in the following ways: while attacking a target, collecting skulls and healing. Marines may not be able to see you but they can take a shot.

Vision Modes
By using vision modes, you can detect enemies beyond the field of view. There are three vision modes: Thermal to detect humans and wildlife, Electro to detect aliens and marine technology and PredTech to detect predators and their equipment.

The Shrine & PredGun
The Shrine and PredGun cannot cloak but are immune to all side-effects. They automatically heal when they are not being attacked and you don’t get credits for any kills made by these units.

Predator Strengths

  • Predators are very strong, powerful species with tough weaponry.
  • There is a variety of melee and ranged fighters to take out any target.
  • You also have cloaking and enhanced vision modes to sneak past humans.
  • Units can be ordered quickly.

Predator Weaknesses

  • There are fewer predators than humans and aliens.
  • Opponents can stop you if they manage to destroy all shrines.
  • The Shrine moves extremely slow.
  • Ordering units can be quite expensive.
  • Cloaking is not that effective because of Synthetics.

AvP Extinction Marine Tips

Below you’ll find many tips and strategies for the Marines.

Reinforcements & Upgrades
Marines order reinforcements and field upgrades via the CommTech Marine. He does this by calling a Dropship down on whatever visited dropship beacon is nearest his current location. You do have to wait a bit before the dropship arrives with the troops.

Marines earn credits in two ways: 1) they can repair Atmos with a CommTech and receive a continuous stream of credits while the Atmo remains operational, and 2) they can receive a small bounty for each slain enemy. There are a limited number of Atmos available during each mission, each of which provides a fixed sum over its lifespan. Accordingly, Marine detachments must ensure they maintain sufficient force levels to secure subsequent Atmos and complete their mission.

Healing & Repairing
Marines can heal their organic forces with the Medic. They can use their CommTech to repair robotic and mechanical troops and equipment, including the Synthetic, Sentry Gun, Exosuit and the Atmo. Healing and Repairing is free but they can only repair or heal one unit at a time so it’s gets time-consuming.

Finding Hidden Enemies
The marines can detect cloaked Predators with the Synthetic or Sentry Gun because they are equipped with special sensors. Synthetics can detect and highlight moving objects outside of its visual range and Sentry Guns can attack ranged enemies attacking from beyond the field of view.

Robotic & Mechanical Equipment
Marines have many robotic and mechanical troops and equipment. They are: the Synthetic, Sentry Gun, Exosuit and Atmos. These are immune to side effects such as radiation, acid scarring, virulence, spores, cysts and bleeder spores.

Marines Strengths

  • They can deliver the most concentrated firepower out of all three species.
  • Every marine is capable of attacking from range.
  • Many weapons can damage targets simultaneously.
  • There are more marines than predators and are good in numbers.
  • Repairing Atmos gives you lots of funds.

Marine Weaknesses

  • Marines are the most physically weak.
  • Finding and repairing the next Atmo can take some time.
  • CommTechs are vital to a team but are easily killed
  • Marines work better in the open than in confined spaces.
  • Troops have to get dropped off at a dropship beacon increasing transit time.
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