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Posted by Darkness on July 4, 2003 (Updated: 16-Sep-2020)

Below you’ll find descriptions of all the different types of AvP Extinction Marines including the classes, equipment, vehicles and indigenous life-forms that appear in the game.

 AvP Extinction Marines Infantry
This is the most expendable Marine unit and you’ll be using a lot of these at the front-line for defence. In terms of weaponry, they carry the M41 Pulse Rifle which fires light armour-piercing rounds at targets. If he shoots from afar, he takes aimed shots and if he’s close-up, he doubles the fire. When upgraded – Heavy Assault Kit – Replaces weapon with M41A and M3 Armor with M4x Armor. Adds a grenade launcher which can damage multiple targets simultaneously.
 AvP Extinction Marines Medic
As you can tell from the name, these units have the ability to heal any Marine on your team from any predator or alien induced side effect bringing them up to full health. If you leave the unit alone, the Medic Marine will automatically heal any Marine nearby or you can tell him to heal a specific unit. Either way, Medic Marines will come in very handy for keeping you current troops fighting against enemies. When upgraded – Counterxenology – Can counteract side-effects such as acid-scarring, cystic tumours caused by Drones, Nausea caused by Runners, repeat haemorrhaging caused by Stalkers’ bleeder spears.
 AvP Extinction Marines Flamethrower
It’s not just the Flamethrower that’s the feature of this Marine unit, it’s also the suit that he is wearing. The so-called Ape Suit protects him from acid and fire and is helmet blocks facehugger attacks but he can be facehugged if rendered unconscious. His weapon is the M240B Flamethrower, capable of killing multiple enemies and is best used close-up. When upgraded – Cobalt Thermogel – This is a slow-burn flamethrower fuel that releases radioactive material into the air and poisons to cause long-term damage to target.
 AvP Extinction Marines Sniper
Just like the Silent Predator, the Sniper Marine is the ideal unit for killing from long distances. Apart from the distance advantages, the weapon is very accurate and inflicts a lot of damage upon the opponent. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a waiting time between firing one shot and the next leaving the Marine unit vulnerable to incoming attacks. When upgraded – The Sledgehammer – It’s a personal rail gun firing hyper kinetic slugs that use a controlled fusion reaction. Slugs can strike enemies through walls but slows down after passing through many enemies.
 AvP Extinction Marines Smartgunner
The Smartgunner sacrifices penetrating power for fire rates and accuracy. Carrying the M57 Smartgun, the gun can retarget an enemy after the original target has been killed. Excellent against Facehuggers but has trouble killing Praetorians and Vanguards. When upgraded – M57D Smartgun ‘Dirty’ Smartgun – Can fire rounds that shatter into many radioactive splinters inside the target. It creates high radioactive levels in heavy targets forcing them to lose health.
 AvP Extinction Marines Synthetic
A Synthetic is a human replication and is best used at the front of any exploration done by your Marine units. Also carrying one vital piece of equipment, the Motion Tracker which helps you find invisible Predators or enemies hidden from sight. It has a weapon called the M4A5 Pistol which is not a particularly good. It’s equipped with an industrial muscular system which allows it to carry heavy things such as Sentry Guns. When upgraded – Combat Modifications – Has enhanced locomotive subsystems, better ocular implants and the Synthetic can be brought back from the dead if a CommTech repairs him in time.
 AvP Extinction Marines CommTech
A CommTech Marine can request new Marine units and equipment to be transported to the site by a Dropship. When he calls the dropship, it lands near the closest dropship beacon which are mostly found outdoors. His weapon is called the MP9 which is a close-assault machine gun and is a reasonable weapon to use against light enemies. The CommTech has enough knowledge and expertise to repair robotic systems such as Synthetics, Sentry Guns, Exosuits, and Atmos. When upgraded – AURORA Control – The AURORA is a space-based system found on orbital cruisers and is able of autonomously destroying enemies.
 AvP Extinction Marines SADAR Trooper
The most powerful Marine out of the whole team, a SADAR Marine unit carry’s the M83 SADAR Rocket Launcher which inflicts masses of damage upon the enemy. There is also a splash damage effect which can inflict damage upon enemies standing nearby the original opponent. The disadvantage of the SADAR Rocket Launcher is the waiting time between firing one shot and the next shot and the unit must be a few metres away from enemy to fire a decent shot. When upgraded – M83AM SADAR AMAG – Penetrates heavy armor and disgorges multiple megathermal payloads.
 AvP Extinction Marines Sentry Gun
The Sentry Gun is a familiar weapon amongst players and as well as being well armoured, the M30 Auto Cannon means you can leave it to its own devices. They can withstand more damage than a human but they are especially good for defending bases as well as humans. A downside is that only a Synthetic can reposition a Sentry Gun from its current location. When upgraded – Huntbuster Revision – Has a built-in counterballistic system that calculates the cause of incoming fire and uses a beam cloak-defeating scanner to light it up.
 AvP Extinction Marines ExoSuit
The Marines’ Exosuit is very well armoured and can sustain a lot of damage so these units are ideal for defending other, more weaker units. Has Twin M103 Torrent Cannons and suit contains armor to deflect light projectiles. The systems are also protected from radiation and fire. When upgraded – Solid State Cannons – Has rail guns that fire simultaneously. The weapon can fire 1,000 rounds per second and kills most targets in seconds.

Other Things

 AvP Extinction Marines Civilians
There are some civilian people who are already on the planet who have no weaponry and can’t be controlled. Civilians are Mechanics, Miners, Scientists, Cult Leaders and Cultists. They are extremely useful to predators and aliens to get funds and create more units.
 AvP Extinction Marines Hostile Marines
Like the predators and aliens, the marines must fight their own species throughout the missions. The hostile marines have the same units as the regular marines apart from the CommTech unit and presumably the stats are the same for both.
 AvP Extinction Marines Dropship
The Dropship is a useful transporter unit to drop off more units for your team. The CommTech is the only unit which can control the ship and the marine can also tell the Dropship where to drop the units off.
 AvP Extinction Marines Atmospheric Processor
By fixing Atmospheric Processors (Atmos), you are rewarded with a lot of money which you can then spend on creating new units for your team. These Atmospheric Processors are found on the surface of the planet and play a crucial role in getting funds. One important note is that only CommTech units can repair the Atmos so it’s probably best to defend this unit at all costs.
 AvP Extinction Marines Oswoc
There are many creatures on the planet – they don’t attack you but predators and aliens may find them useful to get easy kills or hosts. There is a cattle-like creature called the Oswoc with 100 health points. When facehugged, it will produce a chestburster that will evolve into a drone alien.
 AvP Extinction Marines Kurn
This is a dog-like creature with 120 health points. When facehugged, it will produce a chestburster that will evolve into a runner alien.
 AvP Extinction Marines Krilitic
This is a scorpion-like creature with 150 health points and when facehugged, it will produce a chestburster that will evolve into a runner alien.
 AvP Extinction Marines Gyro’te
This creature has 3450 health points and they can only be found on the third predator mission. This creature is very powerful, fast as a drone alien and it can blow enemies back by roaring. It can also detect cloaked predators.
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  1. Gyro-te aren’t that powerful tbh. In order to even get to one, which is the objective of the mission you have to get through a marine squad and another predator clan. By the time you get that far, you’ll likely be swimming in corpses and upgrades if not also troops, especially if you take your time and also maybe utilize a stupid spam of stalkers until then.

    It’s pretty tough, until you realize you can quickly kill it with just disc masters at max pop. xD
    To be fair, those guys are almost op when spammed, and stalkers are even worse.

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