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Posted by Darkness on July 4, 2003 (Updated: 16-Sep-2020)

Below you’ll find descriptions of all the different types of Predators and equipment that appear in the Aliens vs Predator Extinction game.

 AvP Extinction Predators Brawler
The Brawler is possibly the most expendable Predator to have and they have adequate abilities for face-to-face combat with enemies. One thing to note about this Predator is that the Predator’s effective range is short because it just has its Wrist Blades has weapons. Can also kill Facehuggers if they jump up to try and facehug him. When upgraded – Glory Strike – Causes extreme damage by a powerful hit and sometimes decapitate the target.
 AvP Extinction Predators Hunter
The Hunter Predator has the most infamous weapon, the Shoulder Cannon. The weapon will definitely come in handy – not just because of its range but because it can inflict a lot of damage upon opponents. Plasma blasts can also create a splash damage effect. When upgraded – Omnicaster – A bioscanner and multi-barrelled firing mechanism enables the weapon to analyse targets with plasma munitions. There are three kinds of plasma: Burst Plasma, Fire Plasma, which ignites targets and Dark Plasma which causes a controlled energy reaction.
 AvP Extinction Predators Disc Master
The Disc Master Predator has yet another powerful weapon – the Disc which inflicts masses of damage upon the enemy. The main disadvantage of the weapon is that the predator must wait for the Disc to return to him before he can strike again which leaves him open to enemy attacks. When upgraded – Nanovibronic Edge – Has nine discs with a high-speed molecular chainsaw around the circumference. Can throw three discs at one target which rips through its body.
 AvP Extinction Predators Spear Master
The Spear Master Predator holds a spear for defense and can take out multiple opponents that maybe nearby him. The spear’s sharp and armor-piercing and can kill many creatures apart from the Ravager. If he is surrounded by enemies, he creates a whirlwind, striking everybody around him. If it attacks while undetected, the predator gives the victim one sharp strike, killing him instantly. When upgraded – Plasma Glaive – This is double-bladed weapon with white hot plasma that can burn through enemy armor.
 AvP Extinction Predators Stalker
The Stalker Predator is the ideal sniper amongst all Predator species as he holds sharp spears. He has a very long range for killing and can easily take out enemies that are in hard-to-reach places. Each spear inflicts damage over a period of time. When upgraded – Bleeder Spears – Barbed harpoons that drains victim’s fluid levels to the point of death.
 AvP Extinction Predators Hydra
The Hydra Predator is one of the most powerful Predator species in the game with his Hydrashock Barrage which fires surges of energy at multiple opponents. If the Predator is controlled automatically, it can find and attack enemies by itself but if he’s manually controlled, this Predator uses everything it has got and strikes its firepower on a specific opponent. When upgraded – Warhead Swarm – Fires electroshock missiles with multiple warheads. When fired, it looks to see how many target are nearby and splits the missile into as many as three submissiles which hits different targets.
 AvP Extinction Predators Blazer
The Blazer Predator is the most terrifying and the most powerful Predator in the game. His weapon is called the Blazer Cannon which fires a heat beam at multiple opponents in one shot and it’s hugely effective against long-range enemies. Along with his wonderful weaponry, he has high endurance and even if he does get injured, he has the Medi-Comp to heal himself. The downside to the Blazer Predator is that he is unable to cloak leaving him vulnerable to attacks. When upgraded – Dual Blazers – Mounts two blazers on each shoulder to maximize attack.
 AvP Extinction Predators Vanguard
The Vanguard is extremely well armoured and carry’s a powerful weapon called the Plasma Scythe which is capable of killing an enemy in four hits. The unit does seem to be weak when dealing with multiple enemies so he won’t last long on the battlefield. A tip is to team up four upgraded Vanguards, line them up left to right and they’ll prevent all incoming fire from hurting the weaker units or objects. When upgraded – Killscreen Generator – The projection spires emit unstable streams of dark plasma that vaporized incoming enemy fire.
 AvP Extinction Predators Ancient
Ancient Predators appear at the end of the Marine and Predator missions. In the final marine mission, a few of them guard the Artifact and in the final predator mission, you control one which is the Nuke Carrier. This predator carries a blade for defense and can easily take down a Queen Alien in about 5 to 6 hits. Ancient Predators are also unable to upgrade themselves but they can stay cloaked for the longest out of all predator species for up to 900 seconds. The Ancient can do a small critical hit and can’t be detected by Aliens except for PredAliens and Hive Nodes.
 AvP Extinction Predators PredGun
The PredGun is a powerful weapon that predators possess and it fires blasts of plasma at any nearby enemies. While it is a excellent tool for defending your team, it also heals itself when the weapon is not under attack. The big disadvantage to it is that it has a relatively slow rate-of-fire so it means you’ll find it hard to deal with a lot of enemies at once. The PredGun can move on its own but it’s extremely slow and it also can’t attack enemies while in motion.
 AvP Extinction Predators Shrine
Like Marines gaining resources from a dropship and Aliens acquiring bodies, the Predators have a Shrine. From which they can get upgrades and this is based on how many credits you have. It’s attack, the Fireliner, is a multi-beam heat weapon and focuses small beams on multiple enemies. The Shrine also recharges predators’ energy supply. Unfortunately, the Shrine moves very slowly and is very prone to ambushes from other species.

Other Things

 AvP Extinction Predators Hostile/Delta Predators
Hostile and Delta Predators are just like the normal predators but you have to fight them. I presume they only appear on the predator missions and are identical to the regular predators above. Usually, there will be a leader referred to as the Clan Leader which you will have to kill.
 AvP Extinction Predators Predator Anti-Air Guns
These guns can be seen in Marine Mission 6 where you have to destroy five of them. The Predators used them in that mission to destroy any aircrafts but you never see them fire. They can move though.
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