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Posted by Darkness on July 1, 2003 (Updated: 16-Sep-2020)

Below you’ll find descriptions of all the different types of Aliens and other related things that appear in the Aliens vs Predator Extinction game.

 AvP Extinction Aliens Egg
Alien Eggs are laid by the Queen Alien and can hold up to one Facehugger. When there is a body nearby, the Egg opens up to unleash the Facehugger on the prey. A Queen can spend infestation points to transform an Egg into a Praetorian Egg which will contain a Praetorian Facehugger. When upgraded – Adaptive Hyperfertility – Bigger Eggs that contain multiple Facehuggers.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Facehugger
Facehuggers play a very important role and help to expand your ever-growing hive. The user can either send the facehugger to a victim or bring the victim to them but they can’t leave the hive area for long. Using a Carrier Alien, you take six Facehuggers into battle and release them onto the enemies. There’s also the Praetorian Facehugger which come from Praetorian Eggs – they are more armoured and can roam from the hive for longer. When upgraded – Binary Parasitism – Develops a chemical trigger that causes the Chestburster it carries to split into twins but only for the Drone and Runner aliens.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Chestburster
Chestbursters are the next step in becoming a fully-grown alien and are as weak as Facehuggers. They are unable to move after they’ve broken free from the original host and must be protected at all costs. It only takes a few seconds for the Chestburster to transform into a cocoon state and then evolve into an adult alien but if it emerges from the host in the hive, it will be well protected by other aliens but if it emerges elsewhere, you must have at least one alien protecting it. The adult alien you get depends on what host you facehugged and Chestbursters cannot upgrade themselves.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Drone
Drone Aliens are probably the weakest species of Alien because they haven’t got much armour to protect themselves from heavy attacks. Drone Aliens are created by infecting Oswocs and can lay down Hive Nodes. When upgraded – Cystic Acid Spittle – Can spit on potential hosts where cysts invade the body and cause acid-induced wounds. Causes tumors that uses a host’s body to generate nutrients beneficial to transbreed Chestburster development. Adult transbreed aliens from cystically infected hosts are tougher. These cystic aliens have a red streak running along its head.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Runner
Runner Aliens are the fastest out of the group and they are not bad when it comes to fighting an enemy. They attack by biting the enemy and also have a different pounce attack which raises the damage of the first attack. When exposed to heat, its skeleton expands inwards causing it to burst and sends shrapnel into targets. It’s produced by Kurn or Krilitics. When upgraded – Virulence – Develops stinger-tipped venom sacs and when in contact with enemy, it injects spores into victim so it can track the weak prey.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Warrior
Warrior Aliens are the most versatile fighters and can easily adapt to the situation at hand. They are suitable to battle a wide range of opponents and are created by infecting humans. Its pressurized bloodstream means it can explode when killed with anything other than fire. Note there is a Cystic Warrior which can be created by upgrading a drone and bringing a human in for impregnation. When upgraded – Onslaught Genome – Develops hardened chitinous ridges that enable it to penetrate tough armors. It can continue even if limbs are lost and improves capacity to regenerate on hive webbing.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Carrier
Carrier Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they can hold a maximum of six Facehuggers on their backs. When it nears enemies, Facehuggers automatically launch themselves at the enemy with great accuracy. When upgraded – Supercarrier Genome – Can hold a maximum of 12 Facehuggers. If the Carrier gets killed, it bursts apart spewing acid everywhere.
 AvP Extinction Aliens PredAlien
The PredAliens are very strong in terms of armour but unfortunately they are very slow to manoeuvre about. PredAliens are created by impregnating Predators and have high endurance so they can withstand many attacks before they are killed. PredAliens can also heal automatically when they’re not being attacked. Note there is a Cystic PredAlien with 150 more health points which can be created by upgrading a drone and bringing a Predator in for impregnation. When upgraded – Predatory Growth Response – In combat, it receives growth hormones and when there’s enough, it transforms into a tougher PredAlien.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Ravager
Ravager Aliens are formed from an upgraded Praetorian and they are the most powerful aliens out of all the alien species. The downside to the Ravager is that once it kills its prey, the prey can’t be used as a host for Facehuggers. This means when a Ravager kills an enemy, the opponent is dead indefinitely. Possess Hull Blades that are very tough and can cut through anything. When upgraded – Colossal Resilience – Has a hard chitinous shell that deflects medium weapon fire. Can perform a rapid restoration process called regensis. A damaged Ravager can enter a cataleptic state so instead of dying, it will rebuild itself.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Praetorian
Praetorians are right up there with Ravager Aliens for being the strongest. They are very quick and can do masses amounts of damage to opponents. A Praetorian can transform into the Queen but only if the original Queen is killed. These aliens also release spores onto enemies to track them. When upgraded – Speciated Metamorphosis – Can transform into either a Carrier or a Ravager Alien.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Queen
The Queen Alien is the most important Alien on the map. There is only one Queen on your team which you must protect. The Queen can produce Alien Eggs by excreting an eggsack but she cannot move or attack enemies while on the eggsack. While attacking enemies, she completely kills the victim which means it can’t be used as a host to create more aliens. She also releases spores to track targets. When upgraded – War Empress – Improves combat abilities and becomes tougher. Makes nearby transbreed aliens in a combat frenzy therefore inflicting more damage on targets.
 AvP Extinction Aliens Hive Nodes
The Alien Hive Nodes possess the ability to restore health to aliens but only two alien types can make a Hive Node. The first is the Drone Alien and the second is the Queen Alien (through the eggsack) so make sure you have a few Drones in your team when travelling. They also cost 50 infestation points but Hive Nodes are extremely useful to have in the levels. Hive Nodes leech nutrients from the ground to create a hive webbing where aliens can regenerate and they make it possible for Facehuggers to venture further out.

Other Things

 AvP Extinction Aliens PredQueen
The PredQueen didn’t evolve from a PredAlien as I originally thought. It was created by Dr. Kadinsky of Weyland Yutani when he combined predator DNA with an alien queen’s DNA. The PredQueen acts like the regular Queen but has much more health – 2500 health points. It’s much browner in colour and appears in the final Predator mission.
 AvP Extinction Aliens K-Series Aliens
K-Series Aliens appear through the missions and have been engineered by human scientists. They are exactly like regular alien species but are yellow in colour. It is unknown if they have the exact same stats as regular aliens and also have the same abilities when upgrading themselves.
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  1. Also the Queen description needs to be changed still to say she can create comatose bodies. Her main use for combat is the massive knockback that affects all enemies save for animals which she instantly kills anyways, and heavy units like cannons/shrines and the exosuit, also other Queens and inability to really be staggered by anything.
    Also the damage she deals can more or less 2-shot a basic Marine.

  2. Pred Aliens can also more or less transform about 6 times, making their HP about 1500. They’re slower than other aliens, but god are they scary to deal with.

    Also the K-series are mechanically identical to the Original Alien series, or the A-series as I call ’em, just on the map where more than just you are able to kill the K-series, like the marines in that final aliens mission, when you kill the Queen, the aliens merely just die from attacking the Marines too often.

    I’m pretty sure the Queen can’t ever die from not deploying the egg sack often enough since that, even lore-wise, makes no sense, since the K-series are more or less identical to the originals even in the lore I believe.
    But also that’d be a slightly convoluted and useless thing to code, since the K-series isn’t hard to beat as Aliens, you just gotta control food sources better than them.

  3. Edit needed on Pred-Alien species.

    Says ” Note there is a Cystic PredAlien with 150 more health points which can be created by upgrading a drone and bringing a human in for impregnation. ”

    Human should be replaced with “Predator”.

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