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FX’s Alien Stops Filming During Strike & New Cast Member, Kit Young, Revealed

According to a new report from Deadline, filming on FX and Noah Hawley’s upcoming Alien series has stopped due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. It was previously reported that while it was believed several members of the series’ still largely unknown cast are members of SAG, and though might not cause an entire shutdown of production, it was expected to cause some scheduling difficulties.

Deadline are now reporting that all filming of the show has been stopped and the cast have been sent home for now while the production schedule is being amended.

“According to sources, the break was planned as the show’s production schedule was adjusted to account for the SAG-AFTRA work stoppage. Crew members are still working, and sets are still being prepared for when shooting resumes after the end of the strike, sources said.”

 FX's Alien Stops Filming During Strike & New Cast Member, Kit Young, Revealed

Deadline also report that Kit Young has joined the Alien series’ cast as the character Tootles. Young is a British actor best known for his role as Jesper Fahey in the series Shadow and Bone. Tootles, like Adarsh Gourav’s character Slightly, shares a name with one of the Lost Boys from Peter Pan which fits with what we also know about the character Wendy, presumably being portrayed by Sydney Chandler. Beware spoilers below.

Wendy is described as tall, athletic, and androgynous. Wendy is not a human instead she is a “Hybrid”, a superhuman who is essentially perfect. However, all is not as it appears with Wendy as she in fact has the mind of Hermit’s 10 year old sister Marcy. She learns how to live and control this new body under the tutelage of “Synth” scientist Kirsh and human scientist Dame Sylvia.

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Comments: 19
  1. BenditlikeBeckum
    I think the series potentially is making too much of a big deal of these new actors/actresses. Its not a big deal to me if this series just went floating onto shore like flotsam and jetsam do.
      What really matters most are the visuals. That said, this strike doesn't have anything to do with the visuals so at least if there was anything they wanted to do visually, now is the time.

    HR GIger's work helped in this regard. They spent some coin on him in the first movie. But what can't be done today as  intensely as he did, they at least have time for now. But it might not be what they have in mind sadly.

    Giger's nightmares are what makes us stay up at night searching for his stuff. At least it is for me. To not make a horror franchise based on horror is  a lost opportunity. I couldn't give a f**k about a strong buff female lead.......its been done before. Hey bionic women didn't last that long back in the day did it?

  2. jacobo1122
    It sucks that show had stopped filming, we waited long enough for it to even start filming :) But the most important thing right now is fight for writers and actors' rights. They deserve better, and I'll patiently wait as long as it takes. We should get Romulus to sweeten the wait, though I have concerns about it. During Strike there can't be any reshots and improvements to the movie, I hope that this won't affect quality of it.
  3. Nightmare Asylum
    Tootles is the name of one of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan, it seems. I'm guessing these derived names are going to wind up being codenames for the experiments/hybrids, rather than actual birth names, given the Peter Pan connection tethering them to one another.
  4. Gimitko
    The Lost Boys are coming together nicely.

    QuoteI hear his one-year deal for Alien would not impact his commitment to the Netflix fantasy series, which is awaiting word on a Season 3 renewal.

    May Tootles rest in peace then.
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