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Stan Winston School Takes a Closer Look at Prey’s Practical Effects

Stan Winston School of Character Arts has published an in-depth blog post about the practical effects of the Feral Predator in 2022’s Prey. Matt Winston, son of legendary special effects artist Stan Winston, spoke to Amalgamated Dynamics co-founders Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr about their contributions to the Predator prequel.

The article takes us through the build process of the ADI crew creating Feral’s costume including the sculpting, molding and painting of it. There’s a closer look at the internal animatronics of Feral’s head and the feature gives us a closer look at the primitive Predator technology like the net ball and self-destruct device.

 Stan Winston School Takes a Closer Look at Prey's Practical Effects

Eagan Tilghman works on the Feral Predator head.

There’s a few pictures showing how ADI blended bones into the wrist gauntlet and ADI crew member Victor Broadley carving in the iconic Predator symbols. Lastly, the article touches on actor Dane DiLiegro’s performance and things that could only be done with digital effects. There’s a few new behind-the-scenes stills throughout the blog post too showing the ADI crew preparing Predator actor Dane DiLiegro for shooting.

Thanks to ace3g for the news.

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  1. pmaz11
    Thanks for the post of that @ace3g! I've recently followed the Stan Winston School on fb & think I saw some of that post before, which is fantastic that they covered the Prey film 8)

    Also, I noticed looking online at a random TV spot from Canada I think. There was a new shot of Feral Predator dropping a spear into the spear gun. I snapped 2 shots of it from the TV spot below, anyone else see these?
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