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Aliens Reunion Coming To In-House Con!

With many conventions and fandoms making the move to virtual conventions in this time of isolation, Aliens is not missing out on the fun either! Coolwaters Productions, the company that represents some of the cast of Aliens, has been running their own In-House convention with the casts of Superman, Ghostbusters and Star Trek having had live video panel events.

Now it’s Aliens time to shine! On the 13th of June (at 8pm GMT/12pm PST), Aliens’ veterans Carrie Henn, Cynthia Scott, Daniel Kash and Tom Woodruff Jr. will be taking to the computer screens to talk about their time on the film!

They Mostly come out at night, mostly!” is our “ALIENS” themed event for Saturday JUNE 13th. A live 1.5-hour panel featuring all four of our celebrity guests will start at 12:00 NOON PST (USA). Join actors Carrie Henn (Newt), Tom Woodruff Jr. (Alien Creature), Daniel Kash (Prvt. Spunkmeyer) and Cynthia Scott (Crpl. Dietrich) as they discuss their careers both on the set of ALIENS as well as other films and or TV series they have been in. Every panel features EXCLUSIVE content never before seen at convention! Our events are hosted by Coolwaters’ president, Derek Maki, and fans watching are allowed to send questions to the panelists that will be answered LIVE on air (as time permits). Join us for a unique look into the lives of your favorite characters! The ability to buy solo video chats and autographs from ALL guests is also possible!

 Aliens Reunion Coming To In-House Con!

General admission, so to speak, is available for $3.99 which gives you access to the panel and Q&A session. You can also buy autographs from any of the guests, which will be shipped to you. An Ultimate Package is also available for $325 in which you get access to the panel and Q&A, but also a 20 minute video call with the panel, an autograph from everyone, a shoulder bag and 30% off a purchase for a future In-House event. Head on over to the In-House website to get your tickets!

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    I'm not creative in this way, but cool for those inclined that way!

    QuoteHello all fans who are participating in the ALIENS live InHouse-CON event this Saturday June 13th. We are going to be doing a costume contest this Saturday and you could win a prize! We invite everyone to submit their BEST ALIENS costume via a photograph to Your costume should be HAND MADE not store bought! The contest is open to all ages and all ticket holders. The cast will choose a winner LIVE on the air. Tell us about your costume please! Explain details about it that make it stand out from others. Again no store bought or professionally made costume. All must be hand made at home. GOOD LUCK
  2. j0nesy
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on May 29, 2020, 07:13:50 PM
    Quote from: j0nesy on May 29, 2020, 02:06:46 PM
    just ordered mine too! did you grab any of the autographs?

    I didn't. Personal preference when it comes to autographs. They just mean more to me doing it in person, on specific items. I like to get people to sign my AvPG poster, or their CCG cards if they have. But I love they have them available for folk.

    i didn't get any either, totally get the sentiment behind having it done face to face, with specific merch  :)
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