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Charon Part Five Released Online! – Alien Fan Audio Drama

Anarchist86ed is back with the fifth and latest episode of Charon, his Alien fan audio drama! You can check it out via YouTube, or you can download it directly!

“Administrator Carter is closer than ever to his prize, but will he crash and burn?”

You can find all five episodes of Charon available to download here. Charon is a spin-off from Anarchist’s other Alien audio drama called Alien: Solara. The previously released short dramas and main episodes are also available on Anarchist86ed’s YouTube channel. They all have direct download links for each release too.

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  1. Anarchist86ed
    Quote from: Corporal Hicks on May 21, 2020, 01:21:44 PM
    As always, enjoyed the work on it. Curious to see where the story goes now. As an aside, is someone from one of the Star Trek shows in the cast now? Someone sounded super familiar.

    Frack if I know. Maybe. What star trek show?

    I forgot to post the usual fun references. I'm sure the two people who care are upset.  ;D

    Easy street plays as Forrester finds the "gloppified" mercenary. A continued reference to the unfortunate merc put there by Kylen. He was always meant to meet a gooey end.

    The way to operations is a little cluttered, AKA barricades.

    "Why does the bloody thing sound like a toddler?" In Canon, Newt was only 6 years old even though in Alien 3 she was much older.

    "Head shaped like a canoe." Is how it was described in Alien: Out Of The Shadows.

    Complaining about not getting to spend much time at Hadley's is my way of dragging it out.

    Chase wrote and put together his Forrester post credits scene.

    McLaren mentions they're not looking for a Lou Gehrig baseball card, they're looking for a treasure. Unless you've never seen The Goonies, you're not going to get this one. Carter then informs them to keep the references to a minimum. Which was what someone said in a YouTube comment.

    "Fungus forest on his testicles." This is actually a personal reference to a friend of mine who watched ear fungus removal videos on the internet and wished a fungus forest would grow on his balls so he could scratch it with a screwdriver. He's... weird.

    Carter's access code is the coordinates to Earth. Also, there must be some kind of way out of here.

    Ever been to the Tech Noir club?

    5 day all expenses paid trip to Disney planet is apparently too expensive for Weyland-Yutani, a soon to be subsidiary of the the Walt Disney Company. Which it actually is now. In a way anyway. McLaren references, for the second time, that Wey-Yu is about to become a part of the house of mouse, just like Captain Anderson did in Solara.

    Kylen "John McClane's" it. Newt apparently never watched Die Hard.

    The readout sound effects are stereotypical 1980s computer read out sound effects.

    "Bastard got AJ". Ok, that was my way of referencing the person who nearly torpedoed this project. Petty I know.  ::)

    What's to come in part 6?

    Kylen and McLaren fly "The Snake" and stumble onto something Carter desperately wants. And Carter detects a very faint signal on one of the moons orbiting Calpamos as the company starts to take interest in his secrets.
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