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NECA Shows Off Last NYCC DC Crossover 2-Pack – Green Lantern and “Sinestro Corps” Predator

Following the unveiling of their Batman and Aliens 2-pack for New York Comic Con, NECA is now showing off their last NYCC exclusive DC crossover 2-pack, Green Lantern and “Sinestro Corps” Predator!

Unlike the previous DC crossover 2-packs, the Sinestro Corps Predator wasn’t a part of a specific crossover event. According to the Green Lantern Wiki, he was a background character seen attacking Earth along with other members of the Sinestro Corps.

This action figure 2-pack is inspired by a classic comic book mash-up! In a 2008 story arc of the #GreenLantern comic book, the already fearsome Yautja join the Sinestro Corps to attack the Earth, armed now with power rings.

The set includes two brand new, 7” scale comic book based figures, both with over 30 points of articulation. Green Lantern features interchangeable head sculpts and comes with lamp, attachable burst effects and interchangeable hand. The Predator features two heads, detachable backpack, interchangeable hands, sword, spear and more!


NECA will be sharing details on how people can get their claws on both the DC crossover 2-packs at the end of the week, so if you’re interested make sure you’re keeping an eye on NECA’s Facebook page.

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Comments: 9
  1. Corporal Hicks
    QuoteFor those looking to purchase the DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics figures during our online Pre-sale, the #Batman vs Alien and Green Lantern vs Predator 2-Packs will ONLY be available as a bundle for $120.

    If you are attending #NYCC in October, the 2-Packs can be purchased separately at our booth(#110) for $60.

    You're forced to buy both packs if ordering online - which I think they did for SDCC too? You can buy individually in person.

    Quote from: Monster Man on Aug 22, 2019, 02:07:12 AM

    Is this the one they're referencing?

    I believe so.
  2. JokersWarPig
    Again I'm only really interested in the Predator because I'm a sucker for Borg's design. That being said, the fact that included the John Stewart head for Green Lantern is pretty cool. I grew up with him as my GL so I might actually keep that if I buy the set
  3. Nameless_1
    I'm going to have to pass on this one. The Lantern Pred is nothing but recycled parts, with nothing original except the ring and symbol.

    I get why they did it, it wouldn't make sense to bother with new sculpts for a limited release figure, there's just not enough there for me to warrant buying it.
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