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ADI Shares Predator Menagerie Concept Designs!

Following the first The Predator video in which they showed off their Emissary Predator designs, studioADI has uploaded a new behind-the-scenes video of The Predator! Like the Emissary Predators, the menagerie has been absent from pretty much all the behind-the-scenes material but thanks to the studioADI YouTube channel we now get a look at these cut creatures – which were dubbed the menagerie – that were a part of the original third act!

Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s early drafts of the script for THE PREDATOR called for a menagerie of alien creatures to break free from the crashed Predator spaceship. The idea was that a rogue group of Predators would extract DNA for their own use from a diverse group of specimens collected from across the galaxy. Our goal was to create designs that would not look like they came from a single source. To get a wide variety of concepts we brought in Brian Wynia, Ken Barthelmey, Luca Nemolato, Jordan Morris, Farzad Varahramyan, Adam Dougherty and Tim Martin.

As a side note, Shane and Fred always try to work a spider with a human head into every project they can. They’re like that. Our job was to try to make one look cool!

We recently had the chance to chat to ADI’s Alec Gillis about their work on The Predator for the AvP Galaxy Podcast where we asked him the various menagerie creatures. If you haven’t already, be sure to give the interview a listen!

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  1. Corporal Hicks

    Some commentary on some of the designs seen in the video.

    One of Kyle's concepts for the Hound >

    QuoteSome unused artwork for The Predator. It was really exciting to get to work on this character!
  2. Corporal Hicks
    I love that they didn't go down the dredds and mandibles on everything route. That was what I had been scared of. But from the sounds of it, that wasn't the mandate. These were the creatures the Predator had been harvesting from, not experimenting on.
  3. El Pistolero
    I Like the concepts. It looks like they tried to create some other species from the predator homeworld. But I think they would fit more in a Predators Sequel on one of their hunting planets. It would be nice to see other species hunt down by predators.
    Amalgamated Dynamics are a talented studio and I really like Tom Woodruff's work as a sculptor and suit performer, as this video attests.

    Even in the lesser ALIEN movies I like his practical ALIEN effects, AVP-R being my favourite. Heck even the most critical DVD reviewers called AVP-R trash but gave the extras disc with Tom Woodruffs work a 5/5 review.

    But these predator hybridizations concepts are just run of the mill stock to me.
    Videogames design as padding yes, trying to upstage the classic predator design no.
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