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ADI Shares Concept Art Exploring Design of the Emissary Predators!

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. not only worked on the Fugitive Predator for The Predator but they worked on an additional two Predators known as the Emissary Predators which were ultimately cut from the film. While the Fugitive hewed quite close to Stan Winston’s original Predator, the Emissary’s were intended to be something completely different.

These Emissary’s have largely been absent from any of the behind-the-scenes coverage but thankfully ADI has just shared an awesome new video on their YouTube channel that shows the evolution of the design of the Emissary Predators!

Early drafts of Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s script, THE PREDATOR, had two characters called Emissary Predators. The Emissaries were of the Scientific Class, the ones who design the technology used by the Warrior Class. Our first instructions were to imagine them as older and wiser versions of the familiar Predators. Later they became fearsome, and eventually they were not part of the final film. Still a fun design challenge! Thanks to the designers who contributed to the Emissaries shown here in this video– Farzad Varahramyan, Ken Barthelmey, Bryan Wynia, Mike Larrabee and Steve Koch.

We recently had the chance to chat to ADI’s Alec Gillis about their work on The Predator for the AvP Galaxy Podcast. Naturally we asked him all about the Emissary Predators and their experience working on the new designs. If you haven’t already, be sure to give the interview a listen!

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