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Jared Krichevsky Shares New The Predator Menagerie Artwork!

Following the uploading of his Predator Spider concepts, The Predator concept artist Jared Krichevsky has uploaded some more artwork he did of The Predator’s menagerie. This time we have a look at a creature Jared has dubbed the Preda-pede!

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Comments: 34
  1. Huggs
    It boggles the mind why they thought that predator dogs were a good idea.  Number One it was already done in the previous movie (and better I might add)

    That was the least of their problems. What they gave us is an entire movie made up of all the bad ideas you could ever come up with. Glued together in a hodgepodge of visual misery, smeared in narrative poo, and garnished with two middle fingers.

  2. Bob
    It boggles the mind why they thought that predator dogs were a good idea.  Number One it was already done in the previous movie (and better I might add)
  3. XenoHunter99
    More fun designs! I love the dog. The second hybrid beastie could be a Lovecraft monster or one of Barlowe's Extraterrestrials. I don't know what went wrong in production, but the artists did plenty of good work.  :)
  4. The Old One
    In total honesty, when William Hudson
    "Sir, is this going to be a stand up fight,
    or another bug hunt?"

    I can almost imagine he's referring
    to something like this creature...

    Credit; @JokersWarPig
  5. TheSailingRabbit

    You know what that is?

    That is a nope.

    A nope I don't want to ever see in the shower, or my bedroom.

    Ah C'mon. These things crawl up through my air vents by the nest load during the summer months. You can take em'. Let me see that war face woman!

    What would "last stand" Hudson think of such defeatist talk?

    I would've run screaming out of the bathroom before pushing him in there. There's be no time for talk.
  6. The Old One

    I don't think it belongs in the setting of The Predator, but it's totally terrifying.
    Honestly I could totally see it being a species on a colony world that the USCM may have had to wipe out.


    Getting closer to "thing" territory. The design from Predators is still the most sound, in my opinion.

  7. Dontgopostingmyheart
    Of course, "most " animals on Earth dont have four limbs and a skeleton, I misspoke (typed) but they're ubiquitous among higher animals.
  8. Dontgopostingmyheart
    That's kind of like saying its weird and unbelievable that most animals on Earth has four limbs and an internal skeleton. There are exceptions sure, cephalopods and insects but reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians all have four limbs and internal skeletons. Once life on a planet finds something that works, it sticks with it. If mandibles had evolved early enough in the development of life on Planet Predator than yeah, they're probably pretty common on that planet.
  9. Mr.Turok
    Its just slightly unbelievable, even for Predator lore, that every creature in their homeworld has to have mandibles to show "hey these guys are from Predator homeworld, see the mandibles show it".
  10. XenoHunter99
    Boooooooo. Everything from Predator World except for the Predator should have been cute and cuddly. That would help explain why the predators hunt on alien worlds.
    For all we know, that's true. Could be the Preds themselves were cute and cuddly until someone or something tampered with them. For all the material that emerged over the years, from what I can tell, the Predators remain somewhat mysterious.
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