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The Alien: Covenant Trailer Has Been Classified!

The Alien: Covenant trailer has been classified! 20th Century Fox have this week been teasing us with several new production stills that accompany cryptic numbers that everyone is scrambling to figure out and how it relates to the impending trailer.

We’re one step closer to the Alien Covenant trailer now as it has been rated by the German motion picture rating system – the FSK (spotted by Trailer-Track). What we do know is it will be 2 minutes 3 seconds long and it’s rated for people over 12 to watch.

20th Century Fox have been showcasing the trailer and bits of Alien Covenant footage at recent press events. The trailer reportedly isn’t attached to the new Assassins Creed movie due out tomorrow in the United States but it will surely be online in a matter of days.

 The Alien: Covenant Trailer Has Been Classified!

One current theory regarding the clues accompanying the new production stills is that it is a countdown in microseconds to the trailer’s release. This would put the countdown as ending on Thursday morning (2am GMT) or Wednesday night (9pm EST) for America. Thanks to Himmelblau, Look into my eyes and for the news.

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