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Alien: Isolation Post-launch DLC Details Revealed? [Updated]

A series of dialogue lines and mission objectives relating to five potential DLC packs for Alien: Isolation have now been discovered via the game’s files. The DLCs are referred to as Tech Comms, Sci Hospital, Hab Airport, Hab Shopping Centre and Penthouse in said files. Each DLC seems to be connected to a character alluded to in the main game, these being: Ransome, Lingard, Hughes, Axel and Ricardo.

alienisolationdlc Alien: Isolation Post-launch DLC Details Revealed? [Updated]

The content from the first DLC file seems to revolve around Ransome and his efforts to escape Sevastopol while collecting as much data as he can in his way out. The second DLC file references Lingard and her quest across the San Cristobal Medical Facility to destroy what’s left of her research.

If you’re curious to learn more about these, you can find further (spoilery) details here.

Previously, Creative Assembly announced up to five DLC packs as part of their Season Pass, available now for $29.99/£19.99. These packs are described as “five Survivor Mode add-on packs (…), featuring three new maps. Each map has its own set objective, challenges, a variety of enemy types to deal with, and a new playable character to discover“. This seems to correlate with the newly uncovered details above, but as of now the information in this post remains unofficial so take it with a grain of salt.

Update 13/10/14: We reached out to Creative Assembly and a studio representative provided AvPGalaxy with the following information about these files:

“We’ve got five exciting add-on packs currently in development for Alien: Isolation, the first of which is planned for release towards the end of October. The files found within the installation that you’ve seen are by no means final and may change during the course of the coming months.”

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