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Alien: Isolation in Official Playstation Magazine UK

The latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine UK is featuring a 12-page article on Alien: Isolation. Click on the image below to find new behind-the-scenes details about Sega and Creative Assembly’s new survival horror game.

“(…) One of the first things we did was make the [Alien] 9-10ft tall. From that we were like, ‘well, a 9-10ft tall bloke isn’t going to be able to walk around this space that’s designed for 6ft humans in a very convincing way.’ We ended up iterating on the actual physiology in the alien, so it kind of could work in that space. We built an alien that physically can’t work, and that informs how the thing moves, and how the creature chooses to behave.”

 Alien: Isolation in Official Playstation Magazine UK


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