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Alien: Isolation in Official Xbox Magazine US

Alien: Isolation is featured in the March issue of the Official Xbox Magazine US. The 8-page article includes a couple of new screenshots showing the Alien model in more detail. Be sure to click below to see the images in full resolution.

OXM-AlienIsolation Alien: Isolation in Official Xbox Magazine US

On a related note, Creative Assembly is currently doing a Facebook competition to give fans free tickets to EGX Rezzed. The competition ends tonight at 23:59 GMT.

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  1. reecebomb
    On page 13 and 15, that tube coming out from the backside of the chin looks really odd. Did the original alien had it back in 1979?

    Yes the original had the "tube" coming out of his chin. I found this.

    Oh, cool. Hopefully that tube is dynamic and it stretches closer to the head when alien looks up.
  2. Ultramorph
    Im very skeptical about the A.I. I remember another game which advertised such a strong A.I. as well...

    I agree.

    Fans have rightfully ripped Gearbox a new one over their lies before Colonial Marines, but I think people may be falling into the same trap with Alien: Isolation. Creative Assembly has its own pretty notorious history of lying about their games' AI being great, only to ship games that are totally broken. Rome Total War II was the Colonial Marines of RTS computer games.

    I'll believe in this game if and when it's released and gets good reviews. Until then, I'm calling preemptively calling shenanigans on CA.
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