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Alien: Isolation’s Official Podcast #3 Released

Creative Assembly has today released the third instalment in their podcast series for Alien: Isolation. This time Jon McKellan, Catherine Wooley and Nee from Creative Assembly sat down to talk about how the studio has captured and recreated the 70s aesthetics and atmosphere from Alien for their game. You can listen to it below:

On related news, Kotaku has recently posted up an article on Alien: Isolation which includes already seen clips from the game’s demo but now in HD and without any audio commentary. You can watch them here.

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  1. NickisSmart
    Nick van der Waard, here. I see they asked my question, but what I was hoping they'd say  what the portable data storage would be like? Do people use CDs or magnetic tapes to carry data in a game that's based off 70s tech even though it's in the future? The answer wasn't quite as concrete as I'd hoped, but they seem to be hiding quite a bit about the game...
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