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AvPGalaxy Podcast 08: Prometheus Blu-Ray

It’s been sometime since we released our last podcast but coming into 2013 and we aim to be back into the swing of things and as such, here is our first brand new podcast!

20012013_1 AvPGalaxy Podcast 08: Prometheus Blu-Ray

Episode #8 includes an interview with Charles de Lauzirika, the producer responsible for the Alien Quadrilogy DVD set, the Alien Anthology Blu-ray set and most recently the Prometheus set. He also recently directed the movie Crave. The discussion revolves primarily around his work on the Prometheus set. Make sure you listen!

You can find our previous episodes in the podcast section of the website.

Update 26/01/2013 Episode #8 is back online. Unfortunately the traffic upset my Dropbox and the account was suspended. Enjoy!

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