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  1. Aceburster
    Quote from: SpaceMarines on Sep 06, 2012, 10:33:49 PM
    Quote from: Zenzucht on Sep 06, 2012, 08:41:26 PM
    I wish he had risen from the Prometheus wreckage as some Terminatoresque robot and then went to deal with the Deacon.. with the accordion :D :D :D

    I am sure one fan wrote here a story like this :D


    I must read this...


    Quote from: Aceburster on Jun 13, 2012, 04:44:34 PM

      Captain Janek raises his hands for the final rush in his long flight career. Suddenly a bright white light blinds him the second he can make out the intricate designs of the starboard hull on the Juggernaut.

      He awakens to the sound of conduit whipping and arcing around him and the low rumble of what sounds like another ship blasting into the atmosphere. "Why am i not dead?" he wonders as he regains his senses. Somehow he must have been blasted out of the control deck of the Prometheus and into an adjoining hallway. He remembers his two copilots and rushes toward where the control deck should be.

      The entrance is fused, no way in or out. He looks up and down the hallway, "no suits" he says out loud. With no idea what damage has been incurred its only a matter of time before the posionous air from LV-223 consumes what precious life Janek still has.

      Pacing up and down the hallway he thinks and rethinks a way of escape. At that moment he notices the lifeboat off in the distance. "I think I can make that with a suit! ...but" A glimmer of excitement fades as soon as it began. no suits...

      He slides down the side of the ship but is frightened by a familiar HONK! "The f***?!" as he jumps to his feet uncertain of what surprise awaits him. His accordion lying at his feet. After a slight chuckle he snatches up his favorite time waster and plays a few notes. He is reminded of Vickers. Shes probably on that lifeboat and completely unaware that he is still alive. And Shaw, she could be alive too!

      What he would do to spend his last two years trapped with Vickers and Shaw as the last man on the planet... and a frustrated HONK! from his accordion.

      But then it came to him! "F*** a spacesuit! I got an air supply!" A look of excitement rushes into his face.

      He makes his way to the emergency exit and looks above. "Deal lord, if you exist LET THIS DOOR OPEN" He takes a deep breath, stretches the accordion to its limits and hits the emergency catch on the door.

      Psshhhwwwww, it opened! Without a second to spare he ignores the cold and bolts toward the lifeboat. All he can think about is a nap and delicious Vickers. Halfway there... chest hurts need some air... HONK! as he inhales some of the air from the accordion. Not taking the time to look back.

      The air still has a bitter ozone taste to it but it wont kill him he thinks, as he crosses the 3/4 mark. HONK! not much air left in the accordions bladder but he thinks he can make it. He scrambles over loose rock and flaming bits of ship. His goal a few meters away.

      This is it! Punching the hatch button and finding his way into the airlock he can feel the cold and noxious atmosphere leaving his presence. He takes a minute to compose himself and catch his breath. Giggling quietly about his close brush with death he opens the inner hatch door.

      Spindly and covered in afterbirth, Deacon stands weakly but determined on his newborn legs. I slowly looks in the direction of horrified Janek. HISSSSS!!! Its inner jaw firing in a primordial display of agression.

      The alien rears as Janek screams "THIS IS MY F***ING SHIP!" HONK!   ... the accordion hits the floor in slow motion.

      Who wins? How does it go down?
  2. Zenzucht
    I wish he had risen from the Prometheus wreckage as some Terminatoresque robot and then went to deal with the Deacon.. with the accordion :D :D :D

    I am sure one fan wrote here a story like this :D
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