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Prometheus “Mission Transmission #2” Viral Video

Today 20th Century Fox has released a new viral video for Prometheus titled “Mission Transmission #2”. It shows footage of Holloway being interviewed as well as several unseen Weyland vehicles. You can watch it below.

In related news, a couple of new concept art pieces from the film have been released online. You can see them here at the forums. Additionally a new prop image from the opening of the film can be found here.

Thanks to Taxemic for the link.

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  1. Ash 937
    Nice video.  There is an element of quirkiness in this viral that I wish we could've had more of in the actual film.  Holloway comes off just as he did it the film, unprofessional and flat.  This video would've been cooler if he was someone I wanted to know more about.  The viral video that focused on David is still the best one imo.

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