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Prometheus Viral Video: “Introducing David 8”

20th Century Fox has released a new viral video and image today, this time focusing on Michael Fassbenders character, David. David 8 is the latest android model from Weyland Industries and can “do almost anything that could possibly be asked of me” as well as “understand human emotions” without feeling them. Fox is also putting a full-page advertisement for David in The Wall Street Journal. Be sure to watch the video below.

Thanks to shamash for the heads-up.

Update 1: The websites & have been updated with plenty of new (locked) sections. Several news sites including have also posted new images showing a code in binary that will help you unlock “David’s emotions“.

Update 2: Make sure to check this section on the official website to read more about David’s emotions.

 Prometheus Viral Video: “Introducing David 8”

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